The "Hot Tub"

My friend Nora, me very demurely turned from the camera, and my little sister Michelle all enjoying a good soak in an outdoor bathtub....more

A Letter to 11-Year-Old Me

A love note (to my younger self and any other kid who may feel ugly or alone right now.)...more

Dear Men: Stop Skipping the Foreplay!

Dear Man With Whom I Have A Sexual Relationship, We need to talk. I know, I know, those are the four most disturbing words a woman can utter to a man and why didn't I warn you before I said that?! I can see that glazed, unfocused look starting to shadow your eyes and am well aware that you've already begun blocking the sounds coming from my mouth and are searching desperately for your happy place (Baseball, beer, Halle Berry. Baseball, beer, Halle Berry) but snap out of it! This is important. ...more
This is amazing, funny and soooo true. I guess all of our men need to go back to "foreplay class"more

Why You Shouldn't Kill Your 12-Year-Old

By Eve @   ...more

An Ode To Mom (Love Your Baby)

 (By Eve @

How to Make the Best Damn Taco Shells Ever

Okay, here is a recipe for the best damn taco shells you've ever had....more
bunsinmyoven  You just blew my mind. My husband is going to be so much more in love with me next ...more