Saturday Stuff (Edition 3)

Stuff to Read Okay, first of all, this is hilarious. BUT if you don’t find poking fun at God funny, then it’s not going to be hilarious to you so don’t read The 12 Craziest Most Awful Things God Did in the Old Testament This is What Sex Looks Like Inside an MRI Machine...more

The Pay It Forward Tampon

Last week I was in the staff bathroom at work and noticed an unused tampon at the bottom of the sanitary napkin machine, just sitting there all alone, quietly calling “take me, use me, love me, Fair Maiden…” as I walked by. I really should’ve taken the damn thing because I was right in the middle of my period and despite the fact that I am a thirty-one-year-old woman and have had my period for roughly twenty years, I still get surprised when, after several days into a menstrual cycle I forget that I have my period and go into the bathroom to find a horror movie being acted out in my crotch. This happens, without fail, every time I get my period, and I’m never prepared, and I’m always wearing light colored pants ....more

A Really Slippery Slope of Bathroom Products

The other night I was looking online for a toilet paper holder to replace the one that used to hang in our bathroom but now only half hangs in our bathroom because I have three sons and did you know that sons will destroy everything? Everything. I’m not joking or even exaggerating a little here ....more

Saturday Stuff (Edition 2)


A Very Cute Mutt

One of the most frequently asked questions we get about Layla is “what kind of dog is she?” At first I’d answer with what had been indicated on the adoption site: “Golden Retreiver mix” and then add in my speculation about the mix possibly being German Shepherd, based on her dark, wiry back fur and my secret desire to have a Retriever/Shepherd mix but then, without fail, the person would chime in with his or her own guesses: Terrier, Daschund, Lab, Hound,...more

And Suddenly We Were Dog People

This is part two in an unknown number of posts about the recent adoption of our new puppy. The first one’s here. For today’s Throwback Thursday post I’m going back, way back, to about five weeks ago, before we were dog people ....more

Princess Vagina Face

To those of you not following me on Facebook (what’s wrong with you?), I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of our family. Layla, or as she’s known in more sophisticated circles*, Princess Vagina Face, is the puppy we adopted almost a month ago but whom I have not yet mentioned here because I was worried that talking about her too much during the trial period that the rescue group gave us to make sure she was a good fit for our family would jinx things and then we’d have to give her back. Our reasons for not adopting a dog until now are many: Quai has historically broken out in hives around dogs he doesn’t know, our thirteen-year-old cat, Sophie, would have a heart attack if we brought another animal into her our house, and most importantly, because I’m not really a ‘dog person’ ....more

Saturday Stuff (Edition 1)

Okay I’m going to start a new column every Saturday to share some of my favorite things from the week. So if you’re bored and looking for some recommendations to get you through the weekend, here you go. You’re welcome ....more