Saturday Stuff (Edition 6)

Stuff to Read: Poor guy’s Been Using the Toilet Wrong His Whole Life That One Time At Walmart A List of Things That Scare Middle Class White Women With Little Threat of Ebola More Than Ebola You Think You Know What Teachers Do (Spoiler Alert: You’re Wrong) ...more

Train Book



This is my friend, Kim: We met a few years ago at work and I fell so deeply in love with her that I stalked her until she became friends with me. It was surprisingly easy because it turns out she’ll be friends with anybody and is so disarmingly adorable and nice that pretty much every person who meets her falls deeply in love so she wasn’t even too shocked by my stalking. She is one of the few people that really gets my weirdness and who doesn’t stop talking to me just because I send her text messages telling her what a nice poop I just had ....more

Grocery Shopping Helper


Saturday Stuff (Edition 5)

Okay friends, here’s your weekly list of stuff to read and watch on this boring Saturday when everyone’s abandoned the internet to do other things, like hang out with their families and go outside… Stuff to Read: On the Internet: Stuff You Don’t Want to Find on Your Phone After Your Kid’s Had It...more


One morning a few weeks ago everybody was getting dressed and ready for the day when Jim whispered “Look!” and pointed at Ro, who was standing calmly in the middle of the room, a statue amidst the tornado of movement around him, every ounce of concentration focused on stuffing his fat little hands into the pockets of the khakis he wore. Once they were firmly in there, he continued to stand, slightly hunched and unmoving, his face plastered with the bored expression of a teenager, like he hadn’t just made the most exciting new discovery of his little life. “Hey look, you found pockets!” I exclaimed, squatting down and giving him a kiss ....more

The Not Very Scary Mommy

I came home the other day and within thirty minutes had made two of my sons cry. It wasn’t that I was trying to make them cry; I was actually just trying to make them spend time with me but apparently spending time with your mom when cartoons are on is torture....more

I’m Not the Only One

I already talked about this song here but it’s becoming a pretty big part of our lives now so I wanted to write a little more about it. Watching the video for Sam Smith’s “Not the Only One” has become a nightly bedtime ritual in our house. Every night for the last month or so, Bear, Ro, and I cuddle up in my bed, read a book and turn off the lights at which point Bear starts demanding that I turn on “Not the Only One” ....more


Jim told Bear to go put on pants so they could go to the store. Instead he came back wearing a pair of shorts and four t-shirts. According to his logic, the more shirts he has on, the more powerful he is ....more

Saturday Stuff (Edition 4)

Stuff to Read On the Internet: Top Ten Ways to Feel Sexy as a Mom 9 Assholes Your Kid Will Inevitably End Up Friends With Is it just me, or are CrossFit terms a tad… questionable? Hey new moms, I’ve thought the terrible things too 17 Mom Confessions about F’ed Up Things Their Kids Have Done Books: Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s “Learned” I was first introduced to Lena Dunham when Jim showed me, in outrage, a dress she’d worn on the red carpet and I couldn’t understand why he was so offended. Actually, and don’t tell Jim this, I actually kind of liked the dress ....more