What is an 'American Blogger'? According to Some, Not Me!

I'm certainly no activist.  I have strong opinions, but I try to keep it light 99.9% of the time.  In a Facebook group I am in, this trailer for "American Blogger" was posted.There were comments on this American Blogger Official Trailer but Chris Wiegand has since disabled comments....more

Where Black Folks Do Dat At: Why The Cosby Show Wasn't as Fake as You Figured

I remember going on an college tour in the early nineties, and visiting a school in Maine.  It was the height of the Cosby Show/A Different World phenomenon, but apparently Maine was one place where it didn't catch on.  I was told that A Different World didn't air in Maine at that time because the residents couldn't grasp the idea of black college students. Sounded nuts to me, but whatever, right?Image: CarseyWerner.net...more
Mrs. Huxtable really had me convinced that it was possible to be a career woman, good wife, and ...more

25 Things You Can Do the Next Time Your Website Goes Down

Ah.... your hosting company has had an "issue" that they are "in the process of resolving".  Exactly what IS a "timely manner"? How long is that? When your website is down, and it is no fault of your own - many times your only option is to wait for service to be restored.  The hosting company usually stops answering phone calls, and disables all tech support when there is an outage or issue, so what is a blogger to do? I have a few ideas......more

Not Under MY Roof.... I Caught Barbie and Ken Shackin' Up

“Barbie and her boyfriend are sharing a bed…” announced my baby girl from upstairs, just as matter of factly.“What did you say?!” I yelled up the stairs.“Barbie and her boyfriend are NOT sharing a bed!” I yelled back up the stairs again.  “What is GOING to happen is - you are going to get Barbie and her boyfriend up out that bed, and get them married if you  want them to sleep in the same bed.”...more

We Could All Use a Little Credit. Write? Right.

Hey! I love your blog... Do you take credit? If you said yes, I promise you, you're not a sucker.  I'll tell you why......more
Gina I remember that feeling about six months in.... I was like, wait. This can't be it. This is ...more

Comedy, Education, Mayhem and Mimosas: When Blogging Conference Networking Goes Right

Shai: Where is everybody? We start in 5 minutes.Eva: I don't know, but I do know that Rae can stop liking these statuses on Facebook and log on already.... wait, she didn't get the invitation. Let me send that again.Shai: I have my wine ready. I wonder what Tanisha is drinking. *pours wine*Eva: Oh, there they are.Tanisha: I was here and waiting for the last like 20 minutes. I didn't know what happened. *sips wine*...more
@GinaMcCauley See you there! :)more

Child Labor or Labor of love: Why My kids Work

He jumped up and started slapping himself awake and running in place – a hilarious wake up dance from my middle boy, 6 years old at the time. “Is it time, mommy?”(can't see the video? Watch here...)“Yes,” I told him, barely containing my laughter, “you can go on and get dressed.”  It was going to be his first day “doing a real business” and he was beyond excited.  He and his siblings had spent the night before at the local shopping club picking out the items they planned to sell at the church yard sale.  We packed the car with tents, tables, chairs, a chalk board, a cooler, and all the candy, soda, and juice that they had purchased.  While other families were on the way to the park or little league games, we were setting up shop for the kids to try their hand at entrepreneurship.  All day we sat back in the chairs we had purchased to watch the boys’ soccer games, watching them yell, “Candy! Drinks! Drinks! Candy for sale!” Each person that came up and bought something from the kids put a smile on their faces and confidence in their hearts....more

Dear Racists, Was the Volkswagen Commercial YOUR Idea or What?

Dear Racists, Apparently, this Volkswagen commercial from the Super Bowl was indeed racist. Please tell us if this is some of your racist handiwork, or even something you would use to spread your racism. ...more
@Jessikerbakes  I agree.  I saw the ad and the first thing I did was turn to my husband and go, ...more

5 Ways to Nurture the Mind of the Organized Child

"Look what I did!"I blinked at the clock - 7:33 am....more

Shaka Hislop, ESPN Analyst and Former Soca Warrior Discusses Keeping His Children Connected to Caribbean Culture

As a media partner for the Caribbean American Heritage awards, I was able to interview Shaka Hislop, former Soca Warrior, international soccer player, and current ESPN Analyst. We talked about how he keeps his children connected to his Trinidadian roots while raising them in the United States....more