Variations on the Theme of Love: What It Looks Like Now

“There’s nothing new under the sun.” I remember my mom saying this often when we were growing up. And really, it’s true, and I’m not just saying that because as a mother myself I am legally obligated to maintain the illusion that everything that comes out of the maternal collective’s mouth is platinum. The more I grow and experience, the more I’m struck with that comfortably novel feeling of deja vu, that electric hair-standing-up-on-the-back-of-my-neck thrill that I’ve been somewhere before. ...more

How I Know the Apple Didn't Fall Far From the Tree

Do you ever have those moments when you look at your family and are all, Who AREyou people? Throughout our marriage, there have been occasional times when my husband will do something so outlandish that I have to perform a quick time-lapsed review of everything I know about him thus far and decide if the person staring back at me is the same person I married instead of some Polo shirt-clad impostor. Such crises in marriage often occur when your spouse does not speak favorably about Chili’s happy hour. ...more
I think about this often! Thanks for articulating it so well.more

My Toddler, the Artist

Y’know, I think I have fairly decent taste when it comes to home decor....more

The Reluctant Mommy Blogger

It happened again a few days ago. Someone asked me what I write about.I, naturally, wanted to jump into a hole....more

Proof That the Universe Does Indeed Look Out For Moms

Cee loves her pacifiers.Loves them....more

Child Labor

There was a time in our history when big families were the norm, when children were contributors to their parents’ coffers and not the yogurt-tube-slurping freeloaders they are today. Parents pumped out a new kid every year not out of any express religious obligation or even because they preferred the pitter patter of tiny feet to the sound of their own peaceful solitude. They did it because they needed an extra set of hands....more

Everything I Need to Know about Myself I Can Learn from a Buzzfeed Quiz

But recently, it occurred to me that all these activities are superfluous to my quest to get down at the marrow of who I am. Why give birth, suffer buyer’s remorse, and edit my memories for a blog post when I could just take a quiz that will point me into the direction of what is essentially me? Enter Buzzfeed. ...more
lauriewrites  Thank you so much, Laurie! You have very good taste, so if you were a fashion ...more

Snowed In

Last week was grueling. Well, OK, maybe “grueling” is a strong word. I didn’t plow any fields or anything. It was tiring, though. It snowed here again and B’s work was canceled for almost the entire week because the roads by his school 40 minutes away were so sketch. We couldn’t get out much because the roads close to where we live weren’t in great shape either, and even if we had ventured from our home, everything worth doing was closed.Three people – one a toddler – in an apartment. All. Week. Long....more

Meeting Mr. McFeely

Last week while C was watching PBS Kids, one of the commercials* mentioned that there was going to be a character meet-and-greet about an hour from our home. Now, I wrote a lot during my pregnancy that I was very wary of what I like to call “kid culture.” I refuse to eat at any restaurant featuring  a ball pit, and the idea of listening to The Wiggles in place of The Beatles or even Passion Pit just because it’s “kid-friendly” tears at my soul a little. We are a one-dinner family; if I can help it, I don’t make one meal for the grownups and another for the kid....more
Oh my! I would have melted into a giant puddle of public tears and gah! I am almost in tears ...more

Where All Points Meet

When I was in college, there was this phenomena that sometimes occurred when the lessons from one class aligned so closely with what I was studying in another that the big picture of life and history nearly knocked me over in its grandeur. It was often during those moments when I felt encompassed by authentic learning and growth. Things were clicking....more