Top 5 DIY Cleaning Products for a Healthier Home

Let’s face it: Raiding your stash of cleaning supplies isn’t the best way to feel like a domestic goddess. All those bottles and sprays in toxic colors with their lists of unpronounceable ingredients make you feel like you need to don a hazmat suit every time you clean the bathroom.But there’s a way you can channel your inner June Cleaver and revolutionize your cleaning routine (without vacuuming in pearls and pumps): making your own cleaning products from natural ingredients....more

Hiring a Handyman: How to Get the Job Done Right the First Time

Your patience and ingenuity with that funky self-assembly bookcase was, by all accounts, astonishing. People were talking about it for days afterward, and the bookcase in question is still standing....more

5 Benefits of Planting Your Own Food Garden

Most people don’t enjoy going to the grocery store. It’s a mundane chore you put off all week, and when you finally venture out on Saturday, all the produce is picked over. The muted, pinkish tomatoes sit blankly in their rows. The wilted lettuce doesn’t look very appetizing. You can’t even find an apple without an ugly bruise. Now try getting your kids to eat those fruits and vegetables. ...more
Maybe you should try growing collard greens or kale, those two plants don't require a lot of ...more