We All Pay #TheFemaleTax Just for Being Women

We pay a price for being a woman in the world. Earlier this week, on Equal Pay Day, many of us noted the financial burden we carry because of gendered business practices and policies. But the price we pay for being women is more than just financial: it's emotional, physical, and intellectual. As we at SheKnows began digging deeper into the results of our recent #TheFWord study on feminism, we looked at this price, and decided it made sense to call it #TheFemaleTax. ...more

How Do You Do Feminism?

Several weeks ago, we released the initial findings from our #TheFWord, study on feminism. We shared some "feminist personas" that represented how various members of our community related to "the F word." Female Carpenter via Shutterstock...more
Per the note at the end of the post the sample size above 64 (and below 25 for that matter) was ...more

Who Feels Left Out of the Feminist Movement?

Last fall, SheKnows Media launched a new initiative called ...more
Absolutely, Jenee. That message came through loud and clear. It's interesting to me that you ...more

Sarah Michelle Gellar to Keynote #BlogHer16: Experts Among Us

I'm so excited to welcome Sarah Michelle Gellar back to the BlogHer stage, this time as a keynote for #BlogHer16: Experts Among Us....more
Ah! Love SMG! <3more

Looking Back at 2015 & BlogHer Conferences

2015 is coming to a close, and planning for #BlogHer16 and #BlogHerFood16 is already ongoing and intense....more
Elisa Camahort blogqueendiane Thanks, I will!more

Powerful Women to Watch: Introducing the #BlogHer16 Advisory Board

Do you love to work with and be inspired by powerful entrepreneurs, activists, and executives? We do, too. And that's why we introduced a new Advisory Board last year to advise and support us as we produced our first annual conference in partnership with our new SheKnows Media colleagues. As we convened and brainstormed and were inspired by our advisory board, we took their advice and turned it into real innovations at the event. ...more
mktgmacgyver thanks, Cindy! A real honor to be on the #BlogHer16 Advisory Boardmore

EXCLUSIVE: Former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres on Women, Terrorism, and President Obama

Two weeks ago I had an amazing opportunity to head to Israel for my first time and keynote the "Women at the Forefront" conference produced by Saloona... the leading Israeli site and platform for women bloggers (with not too different a mission from BlogHer). The opportunity got even more enriching when I sat down with Saloona award-winner Shimon Peres, former prime minister and president of Israel, for a one-on-one interview....more
Grace Hwang Lynch Thanks. It was a profound experience, yes!more

Mayim Bialik of 'The Big Bang Theory' to Keynote at #BlogHer16: Experts Among Us

Welcome to our very first keynote speaker announcement for #BlogHer16: Experts Among Us, this August 4-6 in Los Angeles: Actress, author, advocate, web publisher, and neuroscientist Mayim Bialik....more
I am a big Mayim Bialik fan, especially since she did PSA's for CBS Cares for I Have a Dream ...more

Have You Always Wanted to Speak at BlogHer? The #BlogHer16 Call for Speakers and Ideas Is OPEN!

*Update: The Call for Speakers and Ideas closed on November 30, 2015.*A couple of months ago, we announced #BlogHer16: Experts Among Us,  is heading to Los Angeles for the first time! Today, we're opening our Call for Speaker and Ideas—and can’t wait to hear your suggestions....more
Done a few days ago! Fingers crossedmore