25 Things Every Mom Should Realize

Inspired by a post on Wall Street Insanity titled 50 Things Every Man Should Realize, I’ve found myself thinking about absolutes every woman—and especially moms—should realize. Having a child is a wonderful life path to choose, but it can also be tiring and it’s easy to lose perspective amid the Pinteresting of it all. To help us all keep the important things at the forefront of our minds, I’ve developed 25 Things Every Mom Should Realize about herself, men, kids, and life in general. ...more
Love the quote you end this post with! Sometimes I have to remind myself it really is that ...more

Five Signs You've Mastered Mom Stealth Mode

1. You take a full 60 seconds to simply close your baby's bedroom door while keeping the latch pulled as tight as possible, knowing that even the slightest click of metal on metal could wake the baby and nullify the entire 45 minutes of rocking and bouncing you just endured to put this screaming baby to sleep. ...more

15 Ways My iPhone is Like a Third Child

It’s always there. It always has something to say. It can consume time like nothing else in my life. Nope, it’s not my toddler. It’s even not my preschooler. It’s my iPhone. As sad as it is, it’s a constant part of my daily life. One that is actually with me more hours a day than my two children are....more

Accept On: Because Being Gay Doesn't Make You a Bad Parent

What would you think if I told you he drove six hours each way every Friday night to sit in the stands and support his son who never made it off the sidelines?What if I told you he learned military lingo, base names, and deployment details so he could relate to his oldest son, the Marine?What if I told you his marriage dissolved while his boys were young teens, but he chose to pay the mortgage on the house for six more years so his boys did not have to move homes?...more

I Can't Connect with My Daughter

Today the truth is just too hard to say aloud or to even write out on this blank screen that always allows me to explore my thoughts and feelings without regard to judgment or insecurities. But not today. Not about this. Not this truth. This truth breaks my heart and I fear that by spelling it out letter-by-letter, word-by-word, I am willing it into existence. Because right now I can pretend that this only is true in my heart and in my head. But by speaking it aloud, I have an irrational fear that she will feel the same way, too. And that crushes me to my very core....more
I absolutely feel the exact same way with my own three year old daughter. It hurts to think that ...more