Elaine's Idaho Potato Soup

I grew up on a potato farm in  southern Idaho and worked on the harvesters during the fall. I love the tubers baked, mashed, boiled, fried, in casseroles, and in soups. My Idaho potato soup recipe that has been published in several cookbooks. Add corn bread, a salad, and apple crisp for a festive fall meal. Ignore the carbs. Be happy....more

When Buoyant Boobs Become Tittie Tubes

   Gravity is the phenomenal force that keeps the moon in orbit and eliminates the chance of us floating off into space. A less attractive fact is that gravity has relocated my once-perky breasts down near my knees. It’s only a matter of time before I’m pushing them in a cart....more

Where Were the Good Songs of Summer?

 Back when songs had creative lyrics and tunes were memorable, we turned up the volume on our record players and cassette tapes and sang along with the Beach Boys, the Rolling Stones, and The Beatles. Most of the summer hits from our childhood are still popular today, and the melodies linger like old friends. In gloomy contrast, the forgettable songs of this summer make me want to kick a puppy....more

It's that Politically Hysterical Time of the Month

It didn’t take 28 days for the political circus to get bloody awful. Two days after a televised debate, a male candidate, Donald Trump, insulted female news anchor Megyn Kelly by subtly remarking that she must be on her period. If our Founding Fathers had foreseen such ugly stains on their fertile new country, they would have grabbed the first protective vessel back to the motherland of England....more
larkindesign AlexandreaMerrell We will have to agree to disagree.  I watched the clip and it was ...more

How to Tell an Enchanting Story

“Please tell me a made-up story, Tutu,” my wee granddaughter begs as I close her picture book and tuck her into bed. I mentally scramble for an image and suddenly a little old lady pops into my imagination....more

How to Publish a Book, Lose Weight, and Find True Love

 One day you wake and realize you’re an indolent cynic so you decide to close the box of donuts, get out of the bathrobe, and do something with your life. This can be difficult if you’ve never ventured beyond the corner bakery. If you’re committed to accomplishing a few big ticket items, here are some suggestions to try before you melt into a unused puddle of mush....more

How to Pack Light for the BlogHer Conference

All day I’ve been crooning my inner Sinatra: “Start spreading the news. I’m leaving today…New York, New York!” For a farm girl from Wendell, Idaho, going alone to the Big Apple is 85% exciting and 20% terrifying. (I’m not good with math.)...more
Perfect tips and just in time. Seeing a show - color me jealous!more

A Baby Died in an American City

A baby died this week after a police officer diligently performed CPR in a frantic attempt to save her life. According to initial reports, the baby had ingested lethal illegal drugs. No one recorded the officer’s heroic measures or sent a video to the media. When the baby died, the officer wept. Angel of Grief, Image Credit: Cathy Baird, via Flickr...more

In Defense of Grocery Store Cashiers

I chat with cashiers, visit with bank tellers, and linger at the Farmer's Market to talk with the friendly folks who barter their goods for my cash. For me, the exchange of serious business is better with real human interaction....more