Midlife Cabernet: Go Hang a Banana

The world is smoldering toward catastrophic self-destruction, so it’s only sensible that I take a brief moment of clarity to offer this lovely tidbit of advice before the final tragic calamity ignites the end of civilization. If you want to appreciate form and function, escape chaos and crisis, and experience inner peace, you should hang a banana....more

Midlife Cabernet: What's So Funny?

The words “Cook in your underwear” aren’t that funny. But in the context of a speech I gave last week to the Idaho Association of School Administrators, the phrase prompted 500 people to spontaneously laugh out loud. For a speaker and an incorrigible clown, it’s a delightful feeling to say a few words that cause people to explode with laughter....more

Midlife Cabernet: Learning from the World's Great Chefs

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Denise ElaineAmbrose Thanks, Denise. I finally discovered how to right click on the photo and ...more

Midlife Cabernet: Cruising the Slow Lane

Studley and I escaped for a few days and drove to the resort town of McCall, Idaho. While driving on the narrow, winding mountain road, we anticipated summer traffic and took our place in line behind campers, a tour bus, logging trucks, and pickup trucks pulling recreational vehicles and/or boats and commercial rafts. We were among the crowds wanting to get away from the crowds....more

Midlife Cabernet: Being Awesome behind the Waste Basket

Last week I attended the BlogHer ’14 Conference in San Jose with several thousand other women and a few brave men. For most of the conference, my photograph was hidden behind a waste basket in the exposition hall. It was the last photo....more

Yes, I Will Fly Again

Civilized people are shocked at the reports of the intentional murders of the passengers and crew of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17. What was gained from the evil attack? What admirable show of force was accomplished through causing the naked body of a dead women to fall through a peasant’s roof? Is this all part of an orchestrated, wicked plan to start the final world war?...more
My most remarkable flight was on a 13 seater out of the Serengeti.  You could see through the ...more

The Joy of Cooking (Twice a Month)


Midlife Cabernet: Kitty Shirt Causes a Cat Fight

   Skinny reality-TV starlet Bethenny Frankel recently posted a photo of herself wear...more