Two Shades of Grey


How to Speak in Public Without Puking on the Podium

I’m often asked to give keynote speeches to various groups because I have a gift for bullshit and I can use silly finger puppets and a bag of cheap props to make even the crabbiest audience laugh for a few minutes. ...more
Great tips.  And you didn't even resort to "picture your audience naked".  I always find that ...more

The Empty Nest is too Quiet after the Kids Return to College

 Many of my friends are lamenting their quiet homes after their children returned to college after the holiday break. This reminds me of a letter I wrote to my son as he was preparing for college a few years ago:...more

Grandmother's Ornaments


The Christmas Fort

 Two decades ago, before the popularity and distraction of video games, cell phones, and personal computers, children played outside. They rode bikes, threw balls to each other in the park, scouted for frogs in the ditch, and climbed trees. And they built forts....more

Sweet Traditions with Candy Trains

 Mix three wonderful items – kids, Christmas, and candy – and create some fun and lasting memories by making candy trains. They are magic because they disappear before New Year’s Eve....more

A Visit from Aunt Flo: A Spotty History of Menstruation

 Men can get away with belching contests, lighting farts, and peeing on the golf course. Women bleed every month for 40 years and suffer from moodiness, cramps, bloating, and pain. Personally, I’d rather trade activities with the men....more
Wow ...this explains a lot of stuff and it was a great read...thanks for this. Oh btw congrats ...more

Are You a Victim of CRAP on the Internet?


Recipe for Pecan Pie and Keeping it Real

 Pecan pie with real whipped cream has little nutritional value, but it makes my family happy and I’ve made the same recipe for the past 30 Thanksgiving feasts. An added pleasure is to see the joy on my granddaughter’s face as she licks the beaters, just as her mother did decades ago....more