Prom Dress or Pole Dancer Costume?


How a Fart Paid my Bills

Many writers are opposed to writing for free, and I don't blame them. It's nice to get paid for our work, and "exposure" won't pay the bills. But, sometimes a silly blog submitted on a prominent site can result in unexpected income....more

How to Thaw a Cold Childhood and Create a Warm Family

Grown-up Me traveled to a conference in Nashville last week to speak to a national gathering of women bloggers. I smiled with confidence and prepared to meet, greet, and tweet. Then I noticed the conference sponsor — a frozen food company introducing a new product — and Grown-up Me disappeared. A small child stood in my place....more
Thank you for sharing such a personal story.more

400 Blogs, One Daughter

 It’s only appropriate that I dedicate this blog to my daughter Emily Nielsen. It’s the 400th blog that I’ve published on this website, and it wouldn’t have happened without her loving guidance and encouragement.“Get off your butt, Mom, and write something,” were her tender words of motivation. They echo as a gentle melody that meanders through my memories. She truly cared about me....more

If the Shoe Fits, Celebrate

 Attention Shoe Manufacturers: Middle-age women have the resources and desire to purchase fashionable, comfortable shoes. Why don’t you make any?...more

Why You Should be a Swinger

Do you want to do something easy and fun that will make you weightless? Do you want to feel the breeze in your hair as you float through the air while laughing out loud? Go swing. You can do it alone or with a group of people of all ages. And, it’s legal!...more

My Troll Hates My Pubic Writings


The Joy of Traveling with Children (over age 30)

If given the choice between traveling with small children and having a root canal, I’d be at the dentist office sucking laughing gas before noon. I adore kids but the logistics of getting them more than 100 miles is too much to endure unless they can be shipped like golf clubs or crated like pets....more

Forget Kinky - Give me Coffee and Kisses

  The National Retail Federation predicts that $18.6 billion will be spent this year on Valentine’s Day gifts that include jewelry, flowers, candy, and greeting cards. However, many middle-aged couples ignore the hype and prefer a nice dinner with fine wine, a slow dance on the patio, and a tender look that says:“I will love you forever. Have you seen my dental floss?”...more

Let's Talk about Socks

 I love socks. I grew up in Idaho where the winters require boots and a collection of thick, colorful socks, enough to fill an entire dresser drawer. Also, my pitiful feet resemble hooves fringed with bald sausages, and they practically scream to be covered. I wore socks during childbirth because my feet were uglier than all the mess associated with labor and delivery....more