On Working Through Dry Spells

Last month I got super excited about writing about creativity all through March, and sketched out a posting schedule and topics I wanted to write about, but then, life happens. My flow was interrupted by the anxiety of waiting for my grandmother’s passing, by making travel plans, by traveling and being with family and all of the swirling thoughts and feelings that that entails, and by the busy schedule that awaited me when I came home....more

On Creativity

Drawings I made at age five....more

On Doing Things Badly

A lot of people talk about “failing well,” and I do love the concept. But, maybe this is just a linguistic quirk of mine, the word failure does not resonate with me a whole lot when it comes to creativity.I see failure as a binary possibility – pass/fail, success/failure. You fail a test, fail a class. It’s a kind of non-doing. You did not meet the criteria or measurement of success. You failed....more

Unschooling Your Spouse

 Having a different parenting style than your spouse is a common problem....more

The Freedom in Not Knowing

I didn’t get into unschooling for the freedom of it, though many people do. I probably hadn’t thought that much about freedom anyway, having taken for granted a whole range of cultural beliefs about how people need structure and order. I was drawn to unschooling because research supported it and I was persuaded from both a logical and intuitive stance that it was a good, probably the best, way for children to learn....more
At 15, I was sent to a school that practiced "self-directed learning", pretty much as a last ...more

Someday We'll Find It

One blog commenter recently challenged me with the phrase “if equality is truly your passion,” and that gave me pause. Is equality my passion, or was the death of Michael Brown just a news story that caught my attention for a few days? It was a fair question to stop and ask myself....more

I'm a White Mom, and I Care

On Monday night my husband and I couldn’t stop scrolling through social media and following the tragic story of Mike Brown. Mike Brown was an 18 year old boy from Missouri who was shot multiple times and killed by a police officer. He was unarmed and the only thing he was doing wrong at the time was walking in the street instead of on the sidewalk. And oh yeah, also, he was black. But maybe you guessed that already. This story did not get much (any?) press until the protests began to escalate into rioting....more

Food Rules: Setting Up a Self-Serve Pantry for Kids

You may remember a while back when I attempted an experiment in Family Style Eating. And how that didn’t work out so well. I loved the idea of giving the boys more power and control over their own meals and food portions, I loved the idea of letting them do more things themselves and learn by trial and error. But that particular endeavor involved a lot more error than seemed worth it!...more

Find Your Tribal War

“Find your tribe.”This is advice commonly given to new mothers. It used to be the tagline for Mothering magazine’s online forums (they’ve changed it to Connect With Other Moms, maybe indicating that mom tribes are on the way out – but members still organize themselves by the tribe system). Babywearing tribe? Breastfeeding tribe? Atheist/agnostic tribe? Choose one to find a group of “like minded mamas” where you will feel at home....more
LaurenBonk Thanks! I know, I always have that problem!more

I Was A Good Kid

I was a good kid. Well behaved, quiet. I talked early and read early. As a toddler I said excuse me to the vacuum cleaner when I passed by in the hallway, I’ve been told. I was soft spoken and got good grades in school....more