The straight Coop

I remember the days of my childhood back before video games and cell phones and being able to buy anything under the sun even from other countries thanks to commerce and the Internet. The memory I loved the most though is still helping my grandparents with the chickens....more

Hernando's solution

Left BehindA look at a solution for middle school students that have been held back two or more times.Parents understand right away when I say is there anything else that can help my child get through middle school? Children who are held behind in middle school more then two times become a major problem. For one they are older then their peers and usually feel isolated. Number two they pretty much seem to give up. Most people believe that kids who give up do so because they don’t care and they don’t have parents who take an active interest in passing....more

Keeping Your Love Life Strong When you have Teenagers

There are probably thousands of articles on how to keep your love life spicy when you have infants and just as many when you have young children and yet there seems very little in the way of us parents who are single and have teenagers.For those who don’t have teenagers or no kids at all I can’t help but be amused by some of the things I hear.“ You’re so lucky you can leave your kids home and go out and enjoy yourself. “...more

Great Sex Doesn't End at 40

I love a good steamy love scene on TV. Reading about BDSM in 50 shades of gray is enough to make me salivate. I sometimes think about making a "naughty" movie of myself for my lover. I must have about three sexy pieces of lingerie that I secretly bought (and didn’t tell anyone about) over the years. So what’s stopping me from letting loose?I’m old....more
Great post!  I think exercise with light cardio, light to medium weights and lots of Yoga which ...more

Self cutting

Sadly I hear all the time parents, peers, and even doctors the same old thing when someone is brought in for cutting themselves or doing self harm.“ It will pass. It’s just a phase. ”“ They just do it to get attention. ““ They think their so special just because they cut themselves. “It never fails to amaze me the misconceptions people have about this behavior. I’m going to pull a page from my book and add information from my time as a cutter.“ It will pass. It’s just a phase. “...more

Hair sticks and Hair Combs

Ornaments for your Tresses If there is one thing women can admit to is we go crazy over our hair. We do things to our hair that God never meant for hair to do. We curl it and crimp it with hot irons and strange oblong rollers. We color with dye that in all reality could make us bald. We spray copious amounts of hair spray in it and attempt to get it to sit up like a lap dog. Then once we are done we go out and gush over somebody’s hair with jealous zeal. ...more

Dancing with no Legs

Amy Purdy & Derek Hough Oh My Gosh!!! Not much can make me say those words but Amy Purdy and Derek Hough on dancing with the Stars is definitely worth the saying! For those who don’t follow Dancing with the Stars the show focuses on celebrities being paired up with professional ballroom dancers. The then dance through sets every week one couple being eliminated from each round. The winner gets to have a huge donation to their choice of charities....more