Radish and Apple Salad with Homemade Ricotta on Crostini

Such a pity…the poor radish is completely underrated. So often it's the only veg left on the party platter. The baby carrots, broccoli spears and pepper strips are all long gone, but the pretty little radish rosette remains. I remember as a kid my grandpa would eat radishes by the bushel-full. Each time we visited, he would try to convince my brother and I to eat just one. And one was enough for us....more

Cool as a Cucumber, Hot as Wasabi Tuna appetizer

I may not be considered a fashionista, maybe more a foodista....more

Break for Spring with Black Bean and Avocado Tacos

This past week, the Cowie Clan enjoyed a fun-filled week in Orlando Florida with Nana and Grandpa J. A spring break in the true sense: a few days of fresh warm spring air, a welcome break from the late winter we’ve been having (and continue to have) in the Midwest. As with most vacations, our week was full of indulgence and vacation-food overload....more

Celebrate Pi Day with Apple and Toffee-Peanut Hand Pies

We have a small obsession with pi and pie in our house. My son has been fascinated with the number pi for as long as I can remember. Few things in life are forever. I think the fact that this number goes on forever in some ways offers him an unmet challenge to memorize as many of the numbers as he can. Last year on a family vacation he memorized pi to fifty numbers, past the 3.14 most of us know. Ask him today and he will still be able to recite them back to you. ...more

Valentine 'Staches and Smooches Suckers

Valentine’s Day is in a few days and although there are some great valentine options for purchase, it's way too much fun to make our own. Over the years, my kids and I have enjoyed choosing which valentines to make and give to friends. Last year, we made iPod touch’s out of boxes of conversation candy with string and peanut butter cups for the ear buds....more

Cranberry and Toasted Pecan Bread with a Citrus Glaze

This Friday, February 1st is the 10th annual Wear Red Day, a national campaign raising awareness on the leading killer of women: heart disease. Thankfully women have started to realize that heart disease is a serious health issue not just affecting men. The cool thing is, each of us can make lifestyle choices that can positively impact our destiny....more

Three Cheers for Chorizo, Spinach and Sweet Potato Soup

Last year around “the big game”, I posted a recipe for a Chorizo and Lentil Stew that was outta this world....more

The Chicken Sandwich Goes Upscale, with Goat Cheese, Ciabatta, and Tapenade

The holidays are now behind us, but my mind keeps fondly wandering back to a couple of special homemade gifts that I received. One was a jar of homemade marinated olives from a dear friend that shares a passion for healthy, local, and sustainable food. Oh, how I wish I could’ve offered a few of these olives to you- they were so good! If I had to guess, they were marinated in olive oil, lemon zest, rosemary, and did I detect a hint of crushed red pepper? ...more
Thanks for the recipe! I just imported it to my @mealspring account and put it on the menu for ...more

A Sunday Road Trip to a Farm Reminds Us Why We Choose Local

No recipe today, just a story that will live in our hearts and memories for a long time to come. On Sunday afternoon, our family took a road trip to WIndcrest Dairy, a farm located about 45 minutes outside of downtown St. Louis....more

Don't Denounce the Sprout: Brussels Sprout Salad with Avocado and Toasted Pepitas

Show of hands: who would say that their favorite vegetable is Brussels sprouts?...Anyone?? The poor Brussels sprout usually does not get the love it deserves. As a kid, my mom would sometimes steam Brussels sprouts for our dinner veg. I would be playing in my room and the distinct aroma of cooking Brussels sprouts wafting in the air would make its way down the hall and permeate the entire house....more