Considering a Third Child? Read This.

 If you are even considering getting pregnant with a third child, it is important for you to know certain things....more

Acting Like a Baby

My five week old son is adorable and is the love of my life, but let's face it, some of his behavior is AT BEST questionable. This morning I spent a few minutes (or maybe more than a few... I AM on maternity leave and DO have some time on my hands) fantasizing about what it would be like if a "Freaky Friday" situation happened and me and my baby suddenly switched bodies....more

Petitioning the American Cancer Society's New Breast Cancer Screening Recommendations

Then I learned I had the BRCA1 mutation, and I discovered that I needed to be my own best advocate - in researching the options I had for preventative care, in fighting for coverage for the prophylactic procedures I was choosing, and in finding and communicating with health care professionals. The experience gave me even confidence in speaking up for myself. I don't like arguing for arguments' sake, but when something or someone is worth advocating for, I now feel justified in fighting a good fight. ...more
Personally, I would vastly prefer to see resources go to curing or eliminating breast cancer ...more

A funny thing happened on the way to my surgery

  I don’t feel like my life has ever followed a predictable script, and I see that as a positive. If I have developed any skill in life, it might be the ability to “roll with it,” no matter what curveball has been thrown my way.Well, it seems we have been thrown another curveball....more
Thanks so much, Denise! We are super excited!more

Jolie and Me

 Two years ago, when Angelina Jolie brought national attention to women who are BRCA mutation positive by writing "My Medical Choice" in the New York Times, I was just beginning to think seriously about getting my own prophylactic mast...more

Micromanaging a Microsurgery

The countdown has begun. My prophylactic mastectomy and reconstructive surgery is coming up awfully soon.My mind is going a little nuts with anticipation, anxiety, excitement… MORE anxiety.  Seriously, I have begun worrying about EVERYTHING....more

Standardizing Emmy

  Chris and I got called in to Em’s school today to talk to her teacher and pre-school director about some recent observations they have had regarding Emmy. When I got the email, asking if we had time to come in and talk, I totally panicked. Millions of questions ran through my head: Is Em acting out? Are other kids picking on her?...more
Hi, Jennifer! Sorry to be so late in replying! We DID go through with the screening, and learned ...more

Realistic Resolutions

  I am kind of OVER making New Year's resolutions....more

It's All About the Dada

So, for the first two and a half years of Emmy’s life, she was virtually attached to my hip. Often, she was LITERALLY attached to my hip, clinging to my neck with one arm, shoving her other arm and hand down my blouse to make sure her breast friends were still there, and locking her little legs around my waist....more