Tres Chic | Trend Watch - Patchwork Jeans

When I first saw that...more

I Will What I Want | Misty Copeland

Misty Copeland & Under Armour: A 1-minute Lesson in Perseverance For all those that have a goal, a dream, a wish--even an inkling of a thought of something better: ...more

Sexy Date Night Makeup Look

It's been a while, aye? Oh how I've missed you! ...more

Tres Chic | Hot Bikinis I Want Now

The pool opens in exactly 15 days and I can't wait (neither can MJ...he's been bugging us all winter about when the pool is going to be open). ...more

Beauty | Natural Hairstyle - Super Curly Flexi Twist Out

Since my hair has grown to a length that I don't actually like to deal with all the time, I had to figure out a way to keep it out of my face. ...more

Black & White | Style & Beauty Inspo

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Beauty Buys + A Gift

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Beauty | Smoldering Eyes Velvet Lips

I posted a date night makeup look on instagram not too long ago and got some responses about my makeup and the color of my lipstick. ...more

Beauty | Soap & Glory

Just on a whim last August, I purchased my first ever product from Soap & Glory--the Flake Away Body Polish...more

Natural Hair | Blow Out & Braid Out + Length Check

It had been a while since I'd straightened or even blew out my hair and so last month I decided I'd go for something a little bit different. ...more