How to Remove UV Gel Polish at Home

For my birthday, Chief treated me to a mani/pedi at my new favorite spa in Annapolis and of course I went all out and got the UV Gel Polish along with my treatment....more

Dark Holiday Glam Makeup Tutorial

'Tis the season to get dolled up and head on out to some holiday parties....more

Well, Hello There!

Since I'm back and getting into the full swing of things, I wanted to make sure I shared a little of what's been going on the last year and a half....more

Top 5 Best in Beauty 2014

This year, as far as products go, I kept things simple....more

Maybe I'm Crazy...

Maybe, I'm crazy....more

Change is Good

Pretty Girl Rock will soon be re-named and re-branded to Luxe Beauty Blog make your experience better. Thank you sticking in there with me while I haven't been posting. I'm working diligently behind the scenes to make sure everything is in place the way it needs to be ....more

Tres Chic | Trend Watch - Patchwork Jeans

When I first saw that...more

I Will What I Want | Misty Copeland

Misty Copeland & Under Armour: A 1-minute Lesson in Perseverance For all those that have a goal, a dream, a wish--even an inkling of a thought of something better: ...more

Sexy Date Night Makeup Look

It's been a while, aye? Oh how I've missed you! ...more

Tres Chic | Hot Bikinis I Want Now

The pool opens in exactly 15 days and I can't wait (neither can MJ...he's been bugging us all winter about when the pool is going to be open). ...more