Standardized testing: Solving your reliability problem

Where we left off, the reliability was unacceptably low for our measure to assess students knowledge of multiplication, division and other third and fourth grade math standards. We were sad. One person, whose picture I have replaced with the mother from our game, Spirit Lake, so she can remain anonymous, said to me: But there is nothing we can do about it, right?I mean, how can you stop kids from guessing? ...more

Mostly harmless

I often think we admire the wrong traits in people. On the long (three hour!) drive from Fort Totten to Minot in the snow, my mind had a lot of time to wander, when I wasn't concentrated on staying on the highway I could barely see under the ground flurries....more

The meaning of life, oysters and alcohol

I've been working crazy hours for so long, sometimes I forget what year it is. It's been good, but busy. Business is growing.You can read more about 7 Generation Games and our excitement here ....more

Standardized Testing in Plain Words (continued)

Last post I wrote a little about local norms versus national norms and gave the example of how the best-performing student in the area can still be below grade level. Today, I want to talk a little about tests. As I mentioned previously, when we conducted the pretest prior to student playing our game, Spirit Lake,...more

Standardized Testing In Plain Words

I hate the concept of those books with titles like “something or other for dummies”...more

Life from a different perspective

Last week, I was running late to a meeting so I parked at the last meter on the street in front of our building instead of across the street in the parking structure. When I came outside an hour later, there was a police car with its lights on, two cars that had smashed into each other coming around the corner - and my car! You know those accidents where one car hits another car that hits the car in front of it?Well, this car came to a stop about 18 inches before where I was parked.I hopped into my not-involved-in-the-accident car and drove off to my next meeting ....more

Believing vs Wishing

When I was 15-year-old brown belt, I lost in the national championships to a woman named Linda Richardson. She arm barred me. I got third ....more

You May Not Know This About Old Age

When I was in my twenties, nearing the end of my competitive years, Dr. James Wooley dropped by the club to visit. If you aren’t into judo, you probably don’t recognize his name as a two-time Olympian ....more

This Witch Hunt Looks Familiar

All of my life, I have been a woman in a “man’s field”. I was the first American to win the world judo championships back in 1984, one of the few women majoring in business at Washington University in St. Louis in the 1970s ....more

Statistics Answers the Most Important Social Question

Occasionally, when I am teaching about a topic like repeated measures Analysis of Variance, a brave student will raise a hand and ask, Seriously, professor, WHEN will I ever use this? The aspiring director of a library, clinic, afterschool program, etc. does not see how statistics apply to conducting an outreach campaign or HIV screening or running a recreational program for youth – or whatever one of hundreds of other good causes that students intend to pursue with their graduate degrees ....more