Super-Easy Outlier Check with Proc Freq

Sometimes, you can just eyeball it. Really, if something truly is an outlier, you ought to be able to spot it. Take this plot, for example ....more

How Not to Get Fired from a Software Team

I’m really busy here in Brazil. Honest. You think I am sitting here like this: But really, it’s like this: Still, I have taken time away to explain to you how not to get your sorry ass fired, so listen up niños ....more



Industrial Engineering Applied to Coaching

Today, I was walking along the beach explaining to my lovely daughter, Ronda, about learning curves, a basic concept in industrial engineering. ...more


This is very good friend, Dr. Erich Longie​ 's granddaughter. If you live in the northern plains - North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Montana - be on the look out for a four-year-old girl who goes by the name of Anna Marie Longie ....more

Yes, We’re Privileged

Well, I don’t know about you, but I am anyway, and I’m guessing if you are reading this that you probably are, too. If you read the bottom half of the internet (a.k.a. the comments section), you’ll find that any mention of privilege sets some people off … I’m not privileged! My parents didn’t have any money when I was growing up! ...more

I’m a stranger here myself

It was recently noted on our company twitter account that I’m out of town so often that I’ve come to resemble the Travelocity gnome in more than stature. I’ve been traveling on business for nearly my entire career. Despite the proliferation of Google hangouts, Skype, Webex, Go-to-Meeting, FaceTime and God knows how many other technological innovations, there are still a lot of situations that require me to head out of LAX to points north, south, east and west ....more

BJJ is not Judo

Last week, I went to the new Gracie Barra club in Newport Beach to work out with Tom Reusling . It was a lot of fun. Plus, it is in a great location just a half-block off of the beach ....more

PROC FREQ for data analysis (sort of)

Previously, I discussed PROC FREQ for checking the validity of your data. Now we are on to data analysis, but, as anyone who does analysis for more than about 23 minutes can tell you, cleaning your data and doing analysis is seldom a two-step process. In fact, it’s more like a loop of two steps, over and over ....more

Productivity tip: Don’t read your email

People often ask me how I get so much done. Over and over, I have found one of the simplest ways to increase productivity is by not reading my email in the morning. Some days, I don’t get around to reading it at all ....more