Bonus SAS Tips Before SAS Global Forum

I’m giving a talk on Preparing Students for the Real World of Data at SAS Global Forum next month. You’d think 50 minutes would be long enough for me to talk, but that just goes to show you don’t know me as well as you think you do. One point made in the template for papers is that you should not try to tell every single thing you know about the DATA step, for example, because it will bore your audience to death ....more

Persevere: The Second Most Important Lesson

No matter who you are or what you do, there are going to be problems.Just like a hero keeps fighting one second longer than a coward, a successful person is one who keeps working just a little longer than the one who fails.When I started my first company, I worried about making enough money to take care of my children. Now, the children are grown and doing well, the company is bigger and I have employees who count on me. I worry about making enough money...more

On empowerment: Two more things

As I mentioned last time, I am signed up to give a keynote address on empowerment at the Livingston Young Women's conference which is completely sold out. No pressure, there. Especially not since I just recently learned that the talk WAS on empowering the next generation.Never one to back down from a challenge, though, I boiled it down to five words.Forgive ....more

Five Things: My Talk on Empowerment

A wiser person than me when asked to speak at a conference would find out the topic before agreeing.What happened was Father Mike said I should be the keynote speaker at this conference in Livingston and he told the organizers that. I don't know what their excuse was but I went through years of Catholic school so when the priest says something, I pretty much agree out of habit. Add to that the fact that Father Mike both baptized Julia and confirmed her and it gives you some idea how long we have known each other.Turns out that it is not on careers in STEM, starting a business, writing software or judo ....more

Doing SAS in a Weird Way

If you came into my office and watched me work today, just before I had you arrested for stalking me, you might notice me doing some things that are the absolute opposite of best practices. I need about 10 datasets for some analyses I’ll be doing for my SAS Global Forum paper. I also want these data sets to be usable as examples of real data for courses I will teach in the future ....more

The Luxury of Every Day Problems

We were driving to the hospital to get some tests done and complaining about the traffic with Colorado Ave. closed for a couple of blocks for construction on the new train line. The Invisible Developer, brilliant, as usual, commented, At least we have the luxury of worrying about every day things ....more

What Does a CEO Do All Day?

As further proof ...more

Your Relationship Bank Account

In his classes for new employees, Dr. Erich Longie emphasizes, Think of your relationships on the job as a bank account. Every time you do something positive, whether it is help out a co-worker, make a sale or solve a problem, that's a deposit ....more

I take back every bad thing I ever said about hackathons

Some people may have said that hackathons are a stupid ass idea where a bunch of people who have can’t afford to buy their own pizza spend 48 hours with a bunch of strangers and no showers. Okay, well, maybe that was me. I take it all back ....more

Teaching Statistics and Epidemiology with SAS Studio

In case you don’t know, SAS On-Demand is the FREE , as in free beer, offering of SAS for academic use. How good is it? There really can’t be one answer to that ....more