You can write SAS programs using Dragon

One of my concerns not being able to use my left hand has been how I’m going to be able to continue coding. As my job entails a lot of coding, this has been a major worry. While I have yet to figure out how to use Dragon for JavaScript – I’m not sure at all what you would use for the less than symbol to tell Dragon to type it – and that’s just one example ....more

Judo tourism

There are a lot of small judo clubs in this country. I started judo at one, at the Alton YMCA. If you are at a small judo club, you may be the only instructor in your whole town ....more

This I believe: values

I was going to write about judo tourism, but something else has been on my mind for a long time, so I guess tourism is the next post.A mathematician who I know has on his blog and link that says "this I believe". His link takes you to the Nicene Creed. That's kind of cool but I thought I would give my values.There has been a lot lately that caused me to think about sports, martial arts, and values – everything from the Stanford swimmer who raped an unconscious woman to some appalling behavior at the Olympics to really good behavior everywhere from the Olympics to judo clubs in Wyoming.Just to lay it out there, here is what I value ....more

Dragon software for voice input

So this is attempt number two with voice recognition software. Now that I have my new custom splint on and I look something like Darth Vader with the robot arm I thought I had better not just keep doing the same thing that caused this problem in the first place. The arthritis in my hands has just been getting worse to the point where I just had my left thumb, reconstructed ....more

you can make anything into an opportunity

you can make anything into an opportunity. For example today I had this very unpleasant operation on my phone actually that was my thumb not my phone. as you may have guessed comma I am now writing using a piece of voice recognition software ....more

Dining with Judo Legends (and me, too)

If you miss it this time, well, you’ve missed it forever. A dinner party with a few of our U.S. Judo greats (and me, too), organized by our very own Hayward Nishioka (that guy above). If you like judo, history or just hanging out with really fascinating people, you should check this out.Speakers include: *AnnMaria Demars, America's oldest world judo champion*Hal Sharp, 9th Dan, Author and video producer*Gene Lebell, U.S. Grand Champion, Stuntman*Ernie Smith National Referee, Promotion chairperson USJA...more

A picture of a pretest: Statistical graphics

A picture says 1,000 words – especially if you are talking to a non-technical audience. Take the example below. We wanted to know whether the students who played our game Fish Lake at least through the first math problem and the students who gave up at the first sight of math differed in achievement ....more

Does Your Hand Hurt?

I'm having hand surgery on Tuesday and I'm pretty pissed off.(This kind of has to do with judo although it doesn't sound like it at first.) I'm not pissed off about the surgery. Oddly, I'm kind of looking forward to it because my hand has hurt so much for so long and this is supposed to fix it.What I'm pissed off about is that no one mentioned this until last week....more

Do Grandmas Need a Six-Pack?

I blame Jane Fonda.I remember when she came out with her aerobics video looking all in shape and said, "This is what 50 looks like." I remember my grandmas when I was a kid and 50 looked nothing like that. My grandmothers wore house dresses, not leotards, and the only exercise they ever got was from ironing.After flying from Los Angeles to North Dakota yesterday, I got up at 7 this morning (5 am Pacific Time), drove for an hour and a half to a meeting in New Town and after five hours of meetings, came back to the hotel, worked for another 2 hours, then I went hiking for half an hour. I came back to the hotel, worked some more and then did another 30 sit ups because I thought walking for half an hour wasn't enough exercise.All of which brought me back to the question -Do grandmas really need a six-pack?I'll be 58 years old on Monday ....more

You’re Not Getting Away With It, You Know

Hey, boys and girls, it’s that time again, for another episode of Mama AnnMaria’s Guide on How not to Get Your Sorry Ass Fired. Lately, I’ve run into a few people who think they are getting away with something because they are SO smart. (Hint: You’re not ....more