I Have No Guarantee For How You Raise Your Children Right

Actually, that title is deceptive. No one really knows how to raise children to be good men and women. Most parents do the best the can ....more

What is a fair rate of pay?

The heroine in Labyrinth (fun movie, by the way) complains , “That’s not fair!” and the Goblin King responds, “You say that so often. I wonder what your standard of comparison is.” Sunday evening and I’m taking a break from working on our latest game to offer another installment in Mama AnnMaria’s Guide on Not Getting Your Sorry Ass Fired. I was talking to my son-in-law, Mr ....more

My bullshit per day ratio has been exceeded

This past week, I have heard more lies and supreme hypocrisy than any time in my life. My bullshit per day ratio has set a personal record.I don't even know where to begin. There are those people who try to rewrite history, "Oh, it really wasn't that bad ....more

No Surprise, Children Don’t Understand Math

In the past, I have questioned the extent to which we really suck at math in the U.S. While I’m still a bit skeptical that the average child in developing countries is doing dramatically better than children in the U.S., one thing is pretty clear from our results to date, and that is that the average child living in poverty** in the U.S. is doing pretty darn bad when it comes to math. About a week ago, I discussed the results from a test on fractions given as part of our Fish Lake game evaluation. The pretest score was around 22% correct ....more

The Other Side of Bullying

When the subject of bullying comes up, I often hear people urging,...more

The Joys of Air Travel with Snorey Bob

Last week, which was the last time I had a free minute, I gave the bonus tip that it helps you sleep if before bed you start counting the things you have for which to be grateful.My lovely niece, Samantha, has pointed out to me that people do not appreciate the amazing world in which we live. Everyone gets off a plane and complains how miserable it was after FLYING ACROSS THE CONTINENT THROUGH THE SKY....more

Making Life Less Complicated: SAS Enterprise Guide

Sometimes, you can know too much programming for your own good. Yesterday, I was working on analyzing a data set and can I just say here that SAS’s inability to handle mixed-type arrays is the bane of my existence. (In case you don’t know, if you mix character and numeric variable types in an array, SAS will give you an error ....more

Dakota Math Results Coming In: Following my own advice

I tell clients on our statistical consulting side all of the time that if your conclusion is only valid if you look at this specific subset of your sample, with this particular statistical technique. You need to look for a convergence or results. Does the mean score increase? ...more

A SAS Mystery Solved – When FREQ and MEANS disagree

I’m preparing a data set for analysis and since the data are scored by SAS I am double-checking to make sure that I coded it correctly. One check is to select out an item and compare the percentage who answered correctly with the mean score for that item. These should be equal since items are scored 0=wrong, 1=correct ....more

More Advice on Life: Enjoy it While It Happens

"Advice # 4: Appreciate how great life really is."Most of us, if we have 99 things go right will be focused on the one that went wrong. Maybe that is a good way to make sure we don't leave sponges inside patients while doing surgery (hey, I got 99 of 'em, what do you want, perfection?) Still, we could all do with a little more stopping and thinking how amazing life is instead of grumbling over the small stuff.Today, I was really irritated because I had to fill out some very lengthy forms. I had to fill these out because my company received a $100,000 grant to develop a prototype of a game to teach statistics to children who are limited in English proficiency ....more