What's in the Ronda Rousey Basket?

If you go to church events even a little bit you are probably familiar with the baskets that are raffled or auctioned off.If you don't ever go to church then not only are you missing out on church (duh) but you are also lacking in cultural knowledge such as this.Basically, whoever is organizing the event (and every one of them seems to have my phone number!) calls up various people and asks if you can get together a basket of something.St. John the Baptist Catholic Church is having a Casino Night on January 24, 2015 (yes, Saturday as in tomorrow) from 6 - 11 pm.3883 Baldwin Park Blvd. Baldwin Park, CA 91706 There is also a silent auction and raffle ....more

I am tired: In praise of details-oriented people

Our Project Manager, Jessica,...more

I have no real problems

Here are my biggest problems today: I had to turn down a couple of paying gigs to concentrate on building games. Our latest game, Fish Lake, is coming out next week and we have already started working on the next one. However, people don't pay you for the games that are "coming soon", so I turned down work that would for sure pay for work that I hope pays off ....more

When You Think of South Los Angeles, Think of Gompers Judo

When most people think of south Los Angeles, I don't think this is the picture that comes to mind, but here it is, a great photo of our new judo room. There are some great kids in south LA and I am so privileged to have them on our mats. We got a room! ...more

Descriptives, Details and Death

I think descriptive statistics are under-rated. One reason I like Leon Gordis’ Epidemiology book is that he agrees with me. He says that sometimes statistics pass the “inter-ocular test” ....more

When a business incubator ISN’T useless

After I recommended a business incubator to an acquaintance, one of my co-founders protested, “But I thought you said incubators were useless.” I told her no, I didn’t say incubators were useless. ...more

Sometimes You Need to Move On

Somebody can be the best coach in the world but that still doesn't mean that they are the best coach for you. Somebody can be the best coach for you now, but that doesn't mean they will be the best coach for you forever.That was brought home to me today watching Ronda at practice.Ronda has gotten noticeably better.When she left Boston and started training in mixed martial arts, I suggested that she should still ask Jim Pedro, Sr. if he would coach her in judo ....more

You’ll never use what you don’t know

Frequently, I hear adults who should know better argue against learning something, whether it is algebra, analysis of variance or learning a programming language. They say, I’m 47 years old and I’ve never used (insert thing I didn’t learn here). Yes, that is true ....more

New Year’s Resolutions

According to the New York Times, 45% of people make New Year’s resolutions and although 54% of them fail, the percentage who succeed (46% , proof that I can subtract and understand the concept of percentages) is more than ten times higher than for those people who say they would like to change but don’t make specific, stated resolutions. I am one of those people who always makes New Year’s resolutions, and I usually keep them, putting me in the top 46% (woo-hoo!) ...more

What I learned this year

Today is a good day to reflect on what I have learned over the past year.To admire people who admit they are wrong....more