Let’s Talk about Multivariate Research Designs: Part 1

(There may even be a part two, if I get around to it.) Let me ask you a couple of questions: 1. Do you have more than just one dependent variable and one independent variable? 2. If you said, yes, do you have a CATEGORICAL or ORDINAL dependent variable? ...more

Sometimes the best time to make a difference is now

Maybe it is running a start-up gaming company, which can feel like it is consuming my life, but I often find myself feeling like I am wasting time when I am not working - coding, marketing, meeting with artists, preparing pitches for funding, testing.This weekend I spent two days with the students from Gompers Middle School judo program, from south Los Angeles. Yesterday, Ronda was on the mat teaching, along with Richard Elizalde from New Breed Jiujitsu and UCLA Judo, Josh Rodriguez from Mojica Judo and Mark Hidalgo. Today, Victor Ortiz (the judo one, not the boxing one) and I were teaching.When I start thinking I don't have time for this, I ask myself why I am so committed to making 7 Generation Games a success ....more

A Dating Site for Data Science

There may come a day (shudder) when I am called upon to find what my mother refers to as “a real job”. I’m not sure how I would go about it. For the past 30 years, here is how my career has gone ....more

Why I Don't "Just Ask My Daughter"

I run a company that makes games to teach math. They are also really fun. You can try a demo here, but trust me, the ones that are in the works are even better in every way.Whenever we are doing a Kickstarter campaign, looking for people to donate games for schools (or food for the world food programme, for that matter), or ...more

This Chart Should Bother You

This is the most depressing chart I have seen in a long time. Below are the results of our pretest on knowledge of fraction operations of 322 students in grades 3 through 7, attending schools on and adjacent to American Indian reservations. These are questions like, “Drag 6/1 to the correct spot on the number line.” Which was one of only two questions that at least 50% of the children answered correctly ....more

How not to get your ass fired: Part 1

I was going to call this new category for my blog “Mama AnnMaria’s advice on not getting your ass fired”...more

Making your PROC MIXED into REPEATED measures ANOVA

What if you wanted to turn your PROC MIXED into a repeated measures ANOVA using PROC GLM. Why would you want to do this? Well, I don’t know why you would want to do it but I wanted to do it because I wanted to demonstrate for my class that both give you the same fixed effects F value and significance ....more

7 Tips on how not to fail college math classes

I have been teaching at the post-secondary level since 1987, at schools ranging from a small liberal arts college in North Dakota to the second-largest non-profit university in the country. I’ve taught at private schools and public ones, and courses ranging from first year undergraduate to doctoral students. In all of those situations, some students aced the courses and some students failed ....more

What can I do to help that doesn't require much effort?

That title may sound like I'm putting people down but I am not. Often people say things like, "You're doing so much good work, what can I do to help?" However, I understand what people really mean, because I'm very far from perfect when it comes to helping a good cause. When I say, "Sure, I will help you raise money to save endangered turtles." or whatever it is you are doing, what I really mean is, I'll help you out as long as it's not too much of a pain in the ass ....more

Family Time and Mental Health

We had a baby shower at my house today for Maria and baby-to-be Ortiz. All of the sisters came, as well as the two cousins who live in southern California, a couple of the neighbors who knew Maria growing up and a few friends my daughters have known for a decade or more.There was Marina, who Ronda met at some junior training camp when they were 14 or so. Stacy was there, a friend Maria met at St ....more