Watch me work: Compress Function for Test Scoring

Did you ever fill out one of those online forms where you kept trying to submit it and got messages like, “You need to enter your phone number in the format 311-234-12234” or You cannot have any special characters in this field. That one really irritates me because, in fact, my last name has a space in it and many websites refuse to accept it. Take it up with The Invisible Developer, or his ancestors ....more

Watch me work: Data Project

On twitter, there were a few comments from people who said they didn’t like to take interns because “More than doing work, they want to watch me work.” I see both sides of that. You’re busy. You’re not netflix ....more

Swain/Dollamur is Our Fairy Godmother

Today was unbelievable. I cannot say thank you enough to Mike Swain and Dollamur .We have some great kids at Gompers Middle School and there are some great staff members at Woodcraft Rangers who provide us a lot of support, but until today, we did not have the greatest mats. In fact, they looked like this We have a few tatami in the middle and some very, very old gymnastics mats around these that are supposed to be a "safety area" ....more

Karma Doesn't Miss You

There is a funny sign going around on the Interwebz Hey, Karma - I have a list of people you missed! Actually, though, if you look a little deeper, you don't have to wait for karma to get those people. It's getting them every day ....more

Other people’s stuff: How not to get your sorry ass fired, part 6

It’s after midnight and officially the weekend so it’s time for the sixth...more

Incidence Rate: An example with Down Syndrome

How common is a particular disease or condition? It depends on what you mean by common. Do you mean how...more

You can never be around too many good people

It's been CRAZY busy here at 7 Generation Games. We had a grant proposal due this week AND the first testing of Aztech in an actual school. There is also a USDA proposal due in just about a month ....more

How to make the world better without winning the lottery

So ... Powerball is up to $1.3 billion and just like every time the amount to be won gets into the hundreds of millions, there have been all kinds of articles asking people what would they do if they won the lottery.Inevitably, people say things like; First, I would give half to charity. or I'd give 25% to the church ....more

Make Yourself a Birthweight Data Set

Even though Rick Wicklin (buzzkill!) disabused me of the concern that SAS was communicating with aliens through the obscure coding in its sashelp data sets, I still wanted to roll my own. If you, too, feel more comfortable with a data set you have produced yourself, let me give you a few tips. There is a wealth of data available on line, much of it thanks to your federal government ....more

Know Thy Data: The Most Important Commandment in Statistics

I was going to write about prevalence and incidence, and how so-called simple statistics can be much more important than people think and are vastly under-rated. It was going to be cool. Trust me ....more