An Attitude of Gratitude

It’s been a pleasure speaking to groups around North Dakota this past week, in part because I was asked a lot of intelligent questions, which really forced me to think about the answers. One young woman asked how I maintained a positive attitude when times were difficult, when my husband died, when there is a seeming unending pile of work to do, when my children are heading in what I think is the wrong direction. The answer is that I try every day to wake up grateful, and it really is pretty easy if you are realistic and honest about your situation ....more

You Have to Rescue Yourself

Everyone has a story and you can learn a lot if you just shut up and listen....more

This is not an abandoned blog

Years ago, a friend of mine was in college and had an old, beat up car that leaked oil on to the street where it was parked, which, for some reason annoyed her elderly neighbor. When we returned from a trip overseas competing for the U.S., there was a notice on her car – the neighbor had reported the car as abandoned and we got home just in time to stop the city from towing it away. As a joke, the coach got her a bumper sticker that read, “This is not an abandoned vehicle.” It’s almost two weeks since I last posted ....more

Gompers Judo Christmas Camp: With a LOT of help from my friends

Just when you need more faith in humanity, your friends come through. For those of you who like to hear good news, here is what is up with Gompers Judo My friend, an anonymous benefactor bought Adidas judo gis for everyone. Many of our gis initially came from friends whose children had quit judo or outgrown their gis ....more

Random: What you don't see at a judo tournament

On Sunday, somewhere between working, mass, dropping Maria, Eric and children at the airport, I managed to fit in an hour to watch the Mojica Judo Tournament in Baldwin Park....more

Is it sick to get this excited about data analysis?

The results are in! The chart below gladdens my little heart, somewhat. One thing to note is the fact that the 95% confidence interval is comfortably above zero ....more

SAS Tip: Preventing Disaster When Variable Lengths Differ

Over the weekend, I wrote a post showing how SAS can be used to make what appears to be a complex problem quite simple. First of all, am I just being dramatic? Seriously, how can having your variable lengths differ be a disaster? ...more

Messy Problems Made Simple with SAS

Some problems...more

It Stripped Me of Everything I Knew

I've been trying to cut back to working 10 hours a day. I figure that makes 70-hour weeks and our investors should be happy with that.In my spare time, I have been reading and I even watched one movie with my lovely family. I try to read non-technical books in the evening, that have no professional benefit whatsoever ....more

I never made a Halloween costume but here is some code I wrote

Many years ago, I was walking through the exhibits at the county fair with my late husband (he was alive then, that’s why he...more