Too bad you can't come to the judo legends dinner – but here's kind of my talk

(The judo legends event is sold out, but if you had a mad desire to know what was going on there, here is the outline of my talk which Hayward Nishioka ...more

What I learned about management from judo

You may not know, if you only read this blog for the statistics content or...more

No pain, no gain? Not exactly

The first time I won the national championships my motivation was to prove everybody wrong that that I couldn't do it. The last time I won the national championships, it was for practice. Even though I competed for 14 years, I can't remember a day that I wasn't really happy to be on the mat ....more

Critics, ass holes and how to tell the difference

I appreciate criticism. I really do. For example, we were recently green lit on Steam, which made me very excited....more

What makes the difference in a classroom?

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post that showed student achievement was not what made a difference in whether students persisted in playing our games. With the exception of a few students who were very low achieving, e.g., non-readers in fourth-grade and up, there was little difference in the pretest scores of students who gave up at the first math problem and those who persisted. What did make the difference, then? ...more

Quit blaming your parents!

I've been reading a good book, Rules for Aging, and one of his rules isAfter 30, quit blaming your parentsThis chapter only has one sentence. "Better make that 25".I was amused reading this chapter but not in a completely happy way. Recently, I have run into four people who really really need to take that chapter to heart ....more

Retirement in judo and life

When I was competing, I knew people who were far past their prime but still went out for the major tournaments and usually lost. These were competitors who were very good at one point but when that point passed they didn't have anything else. So they kept competing ....more

A tale of three people

I was going to write more about graphics using SAS but I realized it was a Friday before a three-day weekend and most people don’t want to think about work – and that is the point of this post. Many of the people who I know have done a far better job planning for retirement financially than they have planning for anything in their life other than work. So yes I guess this is one more post about work-life balance, of which I personally have none ....more

You can write SAS programs using Dragon

One of my concerns not being able to use my left hand has been how I’m going to be able to continue coding. As my job entails a lot of coding, this has been a major worry. While I have yet to figure out how to use Dragon for JavaScript – I’m not sure at all what you would use for the less than symbol to tell Dragon to type it – and that’s just one example ....more

Judo tourism

There are a lot of small judo clubs in this country. I started judo at one, at the Alton YMCA. If you are at a small judo club, you may be the only instructor in your whole town ....more