What I learned from my favorite paper at SAS Global Forum

At first, I was thinking it wasn’t right to have a favorite paper, but then I realized that was idiotic. It’s not like these papers (or their presenters) are my children. My favorite paper was, Statistical modeling for large complex data: Five new directions from SAS/STAT software If you’re not a statistician, props to you for reading after that first sentence, especially since some of the lessons apply to any conference ....more

Erasing the stigma: Ronda lends another helping hand

Last night, I was asked to introduce my daughter, Ronda, at the Erasing the Stigma awards....more

Parents are Allowed to Have their Own Dreams

In the past month, I have been in five cities and three states and met a lot of people. Lately, I’ve had conversations with several families that have adult “children” living at home in their 30s, 40s and even 50s. By then, the children’s girlfriend/boyfriend and children are also living in the home ....more

I'm Visiting Tulsa and Giving out Armbars for Mothers Day

If your mom would like arm bars for an early Mother's Day present, tell her to come to Tulsa. Continuing in my slacker tradition of letting other people do my blog posts for me, here is the information on a clinic I will be doing on May 7th at the Tulsa Judo Club.I almost NEVER do clinics. In fact, the criteria these days is pretty much that I have known you since I was 12 years old or the answer is, "No", because I am super busy getting out Forgotten Trail, doing a site visit in North Dakota, presenting result on how effective our games are in teaching math all around the country , hence the blog slacking.It just turns out, though, that I HAVE known Martin Bregman since I was 12, so off to Tulsa I go ....more

Answers to Ronda Questions

I have been CRAZY busy with 7 Generation Games work the past few weeks - at the National Conference of Teachers of Mathematics in San Francisco , then, at the SAS Global Forum in Las Vegas where, among other things, I presented the factor analysis of the Fish Lake pretest as part of the post-conference tutorial and then on to Grand Forks, North Dakota where I talked about the importance of including teachers and students in developing educational games.So ... not much blogging and a young woman writing a term paper asked me questions about Ronda. Since she is a judo black belt and used to compete against my little Julia years ago, of course I answered her ....more

Visual Analytics are EVERYWHERE: SAS Global Forum Continued

The nice thing about going to SAS Global Forum is that it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Long after I have gone home, there are still points to ponder. Visual analytics is big and not just in the sense of there is a product out called that which I have never used but that every presentation, no matter how ‘tech-y’ now makes very effective use of graphics ....more

SAS Global Forum Random Post 1: Statistics

If you did not go to SAS Global Forum this week, here are some things you missed: Me, rambling on about the 13 techniques all biostatisticians should know, including the answer to: If McNemar and Kappa are both statistics for handling correlated, categorical data, how can they give you completely different results? The answer is that the two test different hypotheses, apply different formula and are coded differently. McNemar tests whether the marginal probabilities are the same ....more

The Number One Piece of Advice for Stress Relief

Whenever you find yourself overworked or tired out, it’s easy to get upset out of all proportion when something goes wrong. The usual advice to avoiding stress ...more

Family texts

Do you ever have those ideas that you talk about forever but never seem to do anything about? Well, one of those I have had was making a book of our family group text. I am admittedly biased, but I think my family is hilarious.Witness most recent post from me:Emilia and Joy's grandson were playing in the pool.Him: Ha ha, you can't shoot me because I am invisible.Emilia: Actually, no, you're not.(Shoots him with water pistol.) Ronda: Yay! ...more