Will it matter in 2026?

I doubt I'll ever do this but it's an interesting thought .... You hear about people writing letters to their younger selves giving advice, or finding a diary from 15 or 20 years ago and marveling about how much their lives have changed. I was thinking the next time I get really upset about something, I should write a letter to myself to be opened 12 years from now ....more

FINALLY we look like we know what we’re doing

Yes, I do realize that I’m probably far more excited about our new website coming on line that is normal. Several points here on a Friday night: I completely disagree with those entrepreneurs who say, “You sell the sizzle not the steak” when what they mean is that they really don’t have a good product but just a good story a.k.a. a line of bullshit. I think we have benefited from never hiring anyone in our company who has experience as a middle manager ....more

Virtual Machine vs SAS On-demand for Academics

I’ve been pretty pleased with SAS Studio (the product formerly known as SAS Web Editor), so when Jodi sent me an email with information about using a virtual machine for the multivariate statistics course, I was a bit skeptical. Every time I’ve had to use a remote desktop connection virtual machine for SAS it has been painfully slow. I’ve done it several times but it’s probably been like in 2001, 2003 and 2008 when I was at sites that tried, and generally failed, to use SAS on virtual machines ....more

You Reap What You Sow: Thoughts on Parenting

My friend stopped by to ask if our family was going to enter a team in the Didi Hirsch Alive and Running Walk/Run for Suicide Prevention. It's the sort of thing we would do, except that I'm in Kansas City that weekend with the kids from Gompers and Ronda is in Brazil right now so I don't know what her plans are. Maria is busy being pregnant ....more

What do you want?

It’s still technically the weekend so I’m not blogging about statistics until tomorrow....more

It was a good day for uchi mata

Judo at Gompers renewed a little of my faith in humanity. "Every day is a good day when I'm on the mat." It's beginning to feel that way. Today, 1980 Olympic team member Steve Seck dropped in unannounced for a visit ....more

Really Teaching Statistics to Middle School Students

The new common core standards have statistics first taught in the sixth grade, or so they say. I disagree with this statement because as I see it, much of the basis of statistics is taught in the earlier grades, although not called by that name. ...more

Santa Monica City Council 1:30 am Vote against Ponies

So, I was at the Santa Monica City Council meeting at 1:30 am and I must admit I was probably at my least articulate because I was SO pissed off.Seriously, who has a vote on someone's business at 1:30 IN THE MORNING.As you might imagine, about the only people who stayed around for 8 HOURS to speak about pony rides were me and some people who gave testimony like this: "We have gotten rid of human slavery, now let's get rid of animal slavery.""I am an empath and I can feel those ponies are unhappy.""We can't have a petting zoo because animals in cages are nervous.""Ponies are meant to run free in the wild.""Children can go to farms or animal sanctuaries to see animals." In the end, the city council said that even though they found NO evidence of animal cruelty, no citations had been issued against the pony rides owner, all health documentation was on file, they were going to hold a Request for Proposals anyway because, in the words of one of the motion authors, Gleam Davis, "We don't want controversy in our city." So, basically, they are closing down a young woman's business because some people protested even though they found no validity in the accusations. As I said, I was not at my most articulate because I was just livid to see all of the worst stereotypes of Santa Monica being anti-business and local politics being run determined by a few extremists right in front of my eyes.No, I'm not going to run for public office. In fact, the only reason this was wasn't a COMPLETE waste of time is that I was able to write most of a proposal while sitting there and I now know three people I will never vote for ever again (see below) and which campaigns to donate money to the opponent.--------If you'd like to give them your opinion, feel free to emailcouncil@smgov.netOr maybe you can tweet #keeptheponies...more

Let the kids ride ponies for crying out loud!

I cannot believe that I have to go down to the Santa Monica city council meeting tonight to speak out against this idiocy! See the happy little girl on the pony? That's my granddaughter ....more

No wonder kids hate math

I’m working on a section of a game that teaches fractions. If a player misses the question about where to meet up with the returning hunter, he or she gets sent to study. There is a movie that plays before this about needing to get back to the camp before dark ....more