Pride, Perseverance, Math and Martial Arts

Fairly often, someone says to me, You must have been really proud of Ronda when she won XXX...more

Why CEOs are Rude and Investors are Jerks

I certainly understand how you could think that all CEOs are rude and all investors are assholes but it’s really not quite that simple. This occurred to me today as for the 4th (or was it 5th?) time in a row, I told someone talking to me that I had to go because I had a meeting. It wasn’t one long-winded person, either ....more

Mama, What’s an Accelerator?

First, the big, exciting news, if you have not heard it...more

Popping the Ronda Bubble

First of all, if you came here thinking this was going to be a post trashing Ronda you can stop reading now because I'm her mom so of course I think Ronda Jean is a whole cupcake of amazing, frosted with awesome sauce and sprinkles of sweetness on top. However, I think some of the people she hangs out with are douche bags.I remember reading a few articles that described how some of the highest profile athletes and entertainers get so fucked up. They talked about getting 'sucked into the bubble' around people like Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and other highly successful celebrities.Didn't anyone ever look Elvis straight in the face and say, You're fat and you do too many drugs ....more

Really want girls to code? Give them money

Just finished the second week of the Boom Startup Ed Tech accelerator, which is GREAT. I am learning a lot and plan on working insane hours for the next few months to put it all into practice. We have had to answer...more

Why You Should Apply for Investor Funding – Whether You Need It Or Not

A few months ago, in between everything else in my life, I had been working on applications for accelerators and an executive summary for investors. While money is always a good thing, I was surprised by the unexpected benefits. The questions asked by investors are the same ones you should be asking yourself ....more

What I Learned about Life on My Birthday

It was seven years ago this week that Ronda won a bronze medal at the Olympics. I wouldn't even have realized that if I hadn't gotten a message on twitter from the Judo Inside people congratulating me on the anniversary. It was a day of mixed feelings - disappointed when she lost in over time to drop her into the bracket to fight for the bronze, excitement when she won the bronze medal match ....more

Why Present Your Data at a Software Conference?

I read this in a review of a study on teacher expectancy effects but it could really apply to so many other studies. If these results bear any relationship at all to reality, it is indeed a fortunate coincidence. Those of us who choose careers in research like to believe that it is all like everyone learns in their textbooks: hypothesis, data collection, analysis, results, conclusion and *PRESTO* knowledge ....more

Plotting Agreement with Kappa Plots from PROC FREQ

In assessing whether our Fish Lake game really works to teach fractions, we collect a lot of data, including a pretest and a post-test. We also use a lot of types of items, including a couple of essay questions. Being reasonable people, we are interested in the extent to which the ratings on these items agree ....more

How I Learned $100 Million Wouldn't Make Me Happier

Let's talk about money. There are a lot of people who think that if they are happier when they make $20,000 a year than when they make $10,000 that making $40,000 will make them happier yet. They might be right ....more