Factor analysis of parcels: part 1

Where we left off, I had created some parcels and was going to do a factor analysis later. Now, it’s later. If you’ll recall, I had not find any items that correlated significantly with the food item that also made sense conceptually ....more

Training to beat the world

Let’s assume you are over 15 or so. I just don’t believe someone at twelve or thirteen should be training to beat the world. Whether or not a person can win isn’t the issue with me ....more

Parceling Items in Factor Analysis

First of all, what are parcels? Not the little packages your grandma left on the table in the hall when she came back from shopping. Well, not only that ....more

Wrong Turns on the Road to the Top of the World

I came across a file with three blog posts I had written years ago and never published. I must have jotted it down in when I was stuck in an airport back before they had Internet everywhere, and forgotten about it.Here is the first one.NOT THAT YOU ASKED ME: It’s a long road to the top of the world and most of you are making wrong turnsI have read a lot of the advice about winning at judo lately, and I find that much of it does not agree with my own experience. Below are my recommendations for the road to the top of the world.1....more

Minimum Sample Size in Factor Analysis & Other Small Sample Thoughts

Someone handed me a data set on acculturation that they had collected from a small sample size of 25 people. There was a good reason that the sample was small – think African-American presidents of companies over $100 million in sales or Latina neurosurgeons. Anyway, small sample, can’t reasonably expect to get 500 or 1,000 people ....more

Children need our love the most when they deserve it the least

In a very random life event, I was asked a lot of questions recently by people exploring making a movie about my life. This is not the interesting part, because in Hollywood people are always talking about making movies that come to nothing … The interesting thing was how many times the answer to a question was, Sister Marion, my sixth-grade math teacher. I was not a very prepossessing child ....more

Four daughters, a dolphin suit and a caged weasel

I was listening to the Moth podcast today - recommended by my daughter, Jennifer and well worth the time, by the way - and a man was telling a story about rowing across the English Channel in a bathtub.He even wrote a book about it called All at Sea: One Man, one bathtub, one really bad idea.Listening to it, I had a very good idea. He made the point that you could do something really hard like climb Mount Everest or circumnavigate and the British public will say, "Pssh! That's not that hard" (The above is how I imagine British people talk.) However, he says, climb Mount Everest in a dolphin suit or walk around the globe carrying a caged weasel and people will say, "Woo-hoo ....more

More than Ordinary

What's your podcast about?That's a question we've gotten from everyone from family members to friends in the entertainment industry since Maria and I have been locked into my office for the past week recording our first nine episodes.It's about self-improvement without all of the new age-y bullshit.The podcast is about being more than ordinary in parenting, education, sports, careers and life in general.We start out talking about our personal lives so that you know a little bit more about why we might have some insight into being more than ordinary.As Maria commented in the first podcast, people often think they know us or our family because they read something on the Internet, followed us on twitter, or read a blog post or two. ...more

We Can’t All Be Mothers but We Can All Be Mentors

Since I already called my mom on...more

Podcasting as a strategy in world media domination

It may be that I have a face made for radio. (Listen to me on the radio here) Regardless, one cannot have world media domination with just one channel. Hence, in our never ending quest to acquire minions - ahem, players for 7 Generation Games - Maria and I will be starting a podcast soon ....more