8 Tips to Make Breastfeeding Work

Try these 8 best practices breastfeeding tips to increase your chance of successfully nursing your baby. ...more

The Very First Pre-Seed Baby

Pre-Seed® is giving away these awesome Pre-Seed Baby onesies! Too bad I didn’t have this for my son, who was the original FIRST Pre-Seed baby  or as I used to call them “Seedlings.” Seeing these onesies made me want to share my favorite Pre-Seed stories. Of course, my all time fav is right next to me in this picture. ...more

Menopause Meltdown & My Movie Making

When I was asked to be a featured Scientist in the National Geographic documentary “The Great Sperm Race” (Sizing Up Sperm) a few years ago I was in full peri-menopausal meltdown, but I didn’t know it. I thought I had just lost my mind....more

Breastfeeding and Sex Can Co-Exist

Most of us love having the giant full breasts of a nursing mom, but milk leakage is part of it! Find out how breastfeeding and sex can co-exist....more

How To Stay Monogamous

Modern Americans appear to be serially monogamous. For those who wonder how to stay monogamous in a relationship, it can be helpful to look for “triggers” for cheating within relationships. Research shows that these most commonly move one member of a couple from being content in a monogamous relationship to the cheater/cheated column. If these exist in your life and marriage, be aware and proactive to keep your love strong....more

The Ever Changing Human Pair-Bond

In spite of the intense displays of life-long passion our media tells us we should find in our partnerships, the human “pair-bond” has actually meant different things at different times throughout human history....more

Suicide in Older Men is Often Triggered by Low Testosterone…Know How to Help the Men You Love (or Yourself)

My family is mourning the loss of Robin Williams today. I don’t pretend to know Robin’s health history, but I have had over 6 men in my life suddenly commit suicide after battling unresponsive depression in the fall or winter of their lives. Low testosterone levels in aging men are linked to anxiety and major depression that is often unresponsive to common therapies. But there is hope......more
Malm61 Agreed that the mood elevating effects of sex steroids is not just a serotonin mediated ...more

Does it Really Matter if I Breastfeed?

Breastfeeding impacts children’s health, women’s health, and our economy. Here's why it is so important for you and your family to make at least 2 visits to Healthcare Providers before giving up on breastfeeding:...more

Why We Need To Make Breastfeeding Work

Sex makes babies, mommies make milk for babies, and babies are supposed to drink this milk. But it’s not always that easy....more

Drowning in TTC Tips? Separate Fertility Fact From Fiction

Do you know if age, timing, sex position, lubricant, health, or lifestyle impact your chances of getting pregnant?  If you are TTC, you have probably heard many tips and have a hard time telling which ones may actually help. Let’s separate fertility fact from fiction for your best chance at getting pregnant! ...more