Talk yourself into being turned on

Have you tried talking yourself into being turned on? A recent study suggests that women who tell themselves that something is turning them on, are more likely to get turned on.  Share what you say to yourself in the included anonymous survey....more

Prepare to Parent Teen Boys & Their Electronic Access to Porn

New electronics for your teen boys this Christmas? With growing scientific evidence showing heavy internet porn causes changes in brain development and poorer adult sexual function, parents MUST protect their young men. Keep computers out of bedrooms and park smart phones at night in central areas....more

Survey Results: What led you to orgasm with a partner

What led our community to orgasm with a partner?Last week’s survey had some interesting findings. Let’s look at what the men and women of our community shared!WomenStarting with the gals, we had over 200 women complete the survey.What led women in our community to orgasm with a partner?...more

Why You May Be Having More Orgasms Soon

A recent study found that 91% of men & 64% of women orgasmed during their most recent sexual encounter. Find out how who we are impacts our chances of an orgasm!What most frequently leads you to orgasm during sex with a partner? Take my poll at the end -- Just 2 questions!...more
What led men in our survey to orgasm with a partner? For straight men:1% did not have an orgasm ...more

Try Out the “Seven Stages of Foreplay”

Need a way to spice up boring sex with your partner but unsure how to ask for it? Ask him to try making the Seven Stages of Foreplay part of your lovemaking …This way you all can cover most of the bases most of the time!...more
New data... orgasm rates are higher for couples who use a wider variety of sexual play during ...more

How Women’s Arousal and Orgasm Really Work

Everyone needs to see the new movie Sex Science and the Ladies (Special Viewing access code in this post). This movie teaches everything you have never learned before. True anatomy of the clitoris – check. An explanation of the false and confusing language of vaginal orgasm, clitoral orgasm, G-spot orgasm – check. Discussion of what kind of touch really arouses women and why – check....more
Thanks- the free link ONLY works through NOv 14th. Don't miss this and make sure your girls see ...more

Sex for Women in Mid-Life, Some Want New Adventures, Some Just Need it to Not Hurt

Last night at a campaign party a group of women in their 50s to 60s, who I had never met, were gathered around sharing small talk. As always happens when I am somewhere, people ask what I do, and the conversation quickly turned to sex....more

Everybody’s Marriage Stinks Sometimes, Including Mine

Last week we had a BIG fight. The big chill lasted for several days. “Perfect” I thought, I had just written a book telling the whole world how amazing DH was, in bed and out; and how we had sex if we were fighting to make sure none of our quarreling was built up sexual tension. Of course, I knew we were never having sex again and I ruminated for several hours on how embarrassing this all would be with the new book release. During this time we discovered a book about stress relief for men and Irritable Male Syndrome . ...more
Dr E EmiliePeck Any time. I understand how hard it can be to write these types of entries up, ...more

Should you have sex with someone you fear this much?

This new scrotal condom reduces skin-to-skin contact in the scrotum and pubic region. I don’t think of myself as a prude by any stretch, but my first reaction was “Eeew – Yuk” to having to use a Scroguard for sex. But  I am wondering if (as is so common with us humans) I am missing the realistic functionality and superior safety of this product . What do you think of the Scroguard?...more

How To Teach Teenaged Girls About Masturbation

Why should parents teach teen girls about masturbation? It can save their future marriage or at least help them have fun on the way. Girls who don’t learn about their sexuality early in adolescence are more likely to confuse their own emotional need for intimacy with their physical sexual feelings of desire. ...more
So true...equality and satisfaction :)more