Buying Your First Vibrator: A Beginner's Guide

From Hitachi Wands to Jack Rabbits, the world has provided us with a wide array of toys to choose from. But where does one start? This is a beginner's guide to vibrators covering the different types, speeds, sizes, and price ranges among them. ...more
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Twitchy Palm Spanking Paddle Review

Here is my review of the Twitchy Palm Spanking Paddle (Pinkcherry link) from sex toy retailer ...more
I think it's hysterical that 50 Shades got its own sex toy line, but still pretty awesome. ...more

50 Shades of Lust Contest

Ola Readers! I am hosting a 50 Shades of Lust Valentine's Contest with the amazing sex toy shop ...more

Fashionistas Nipple Suckers Review

Review of Fashionistas Nipple Suckers by Icon Brands ...more

$250 Sex Toy Shopping Spree

Full Details of this CONTEST are available HERE! Have you ever wanted to be a Sex Toy Reviewer and get sexy swag in exchange for reviews? Well, here is your chance to win $250 worth of adult products just by submitting your original reviews....more

Luxury Sex Toys are tres Chic

Swarovski Glass Range – Violet Piece by Shiri Zinn ...more

Lyriana-for female sexual enhancement

I am often a bit skeptical about products for women that claim to “heighten sensitivity” and improve orgasms.  There is no equivalent to Viagra for women thus far on the market, yet many women suffer from Female Sexual Dysfunction.  Well, Lyriana just may be what women have been looking for. I received my Lyriana topical gel for female sexual enhancement a few months ago from the Lyriana website.  The instructions on the box say to use the gel once a day, applied to the vulva for at least four weeks: hence the delay in my writing this review.  Although I do not suffer from FSD, I have been using it on a regular basis to see what, if anything, it would do to increase my libido. ...more

As Seen On Oprah–Sex Toys

Dr. Laura Berman was once again featured on Oprah’s Best Life Series this week, but during a special Friday evening webcast.  The focus was still on creating intimacy between couples, but it was a little bit more racy than the daytime show. This time Dr. Berman brought her whole bag of sex toys with her, some of which shocked Oprah.  Read more and find out where to get Oprah’s Recommended Sex Toys at Pop My Cherry. ...more

Good Clean Love

Research studies believe that over 40% of women have at one time in their lives suffered from sexual dysfunction and the most common concern is vaginal dryness which is associated with arousal response and pain during sex.  Add to this the fact that the majority of personal lubricants on the market contain potentially harmful chemicals and irritants. What’s a girl to do? Go natural, that’s what.  It doesn’t make sense to me to use lubricants that contain potentially dangerous petro-chemicals that have been linked to cancer, or products that contain parabens, synthetic fragrances, propylene glycol and other ingredients that can irritate the sensitive tissues of the vulva and vagina.  I try to eat organic vegetables and buy locally grown products, so why would I not treat my sex life with the same love and respect? Read the rest of the article at Pop My Cherry. ...more

The Doctors Recommend Just in Case Condom Compacts

Well it looks like daytime talk shows are all jumping on the bandwagon to promote sexuality and sex products for the masses.  Earily this week I reported about the Aphrodite Vibrator Massager as seen on Oprah.  Now the daytime hit show, The Doctors is having an all sex show called Between the Sheets that airs today. This episode of the show covers many important issues including erectile dysfunction in men, the Sex Patch for women, anorgasmia and safe sex.  Featured on the show are Just in Case (intimacy) Condom Cases: the perfect solution to carry and store condoms safely and with style. ...more