The Four Month Jellyfish

Does anyone remember a few months ago when I was trying to find something to hang above my bed? (I totally don’t blame you if you have no idea what I’m taking about.)...more

How to Make a Lego Table

I’ve been so concentrated on building the new house that I haven’t done a project in a good long while. I finally have one for you today though! Last month Levi (my middle son) turned four ....more

Darin and Jody’s House – it’s our house, but different

This summer when I started blogging about building our house, I mentioned that some good friends of ours are building the exact same one. In case you just went “WHHHHAT?”, here is the paragraph about it from that post… “We have some very good friends, Darin and Jody, that bought land shortly before we did. One day the four of us were sitting around talking about our future homes (probably sometime around last Thanksgiving) we realized something…we wanted basically the exact same thing, we have the same taste, and each want to do a lot of work ourselves to save money ....more

Picking an exterior paint color

Who here loves paint? Do you love staring at all the different colors selections at you local paint store? Buying a gazillion...more

Walls and Stuff

Last time I updated y’all on the overall house progress the framing had just been finished, and it looked like this… And now, it’s looking a little more like a house. Walls! Windows! ...more

The Fireplace Conundrum

I feel like this is something a lot of people struggle with…if you have a fireplace, where do you put the TV? The same wall? A different wall? ...more


So our builder mainly uses PlyGem...more

Corralling the Entryway Chaos

I’ve mentioned this before, but we have a serious shoe problem in this house. There is plenty of shoe storage in our closets, but that’s not where the shoes live. No, they live by the front door ....more

Framing is complete!

If there was ever a post I was super excited to write, it is this one. Our house is framed! YAY! ...more

Sliding Door Media Center

So my sliding barn door failure isn’t the first barn door hardware Adam and I have DIYed. About 18 months ago this beauty was created… I never blogged about it for two reasons… I don’t have a single picture of the process. I know I took a boatload of pictures but they seemed to have disappeared…I’m pretty sure I accidentally deleted the entire folder for this project ....more