Wantable Accessories Box, December 2014

This is the first Wantable Accessories box I have been disappointed in. Products in the box: Brooke Ring, $18 These stackable rings are nice. They almost fit my ring finger ....more

Sunday Stash and Standouts plus a FAIL

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Birchbox Man, December 2014

Wow this month’s Birchbox Man smelled good! Products in the box: Coolife Le Premier Parfum, Retail Value $175, Sample Value $17.50 This smells wonderful. It is very strong though ....more

Ipsy Glam Bag December 2014

This month’s Ipsy Glam Bag was disappointing. Every time I get a disappointing bag the next month is amazing though. So I’m looking forward to January ....more

Enjoy High Quality, Low Stress Dinners at Home

(Family Features) With today’s busy schedules, it’s not always easy finding time to shop for ingredients, prepare and serve a homemade meal. Fortunately, you don’t need to sacrifice quality, taste or variety to find convenient and delicious dinner solutions to enjoy.  Keep reading for ideas on how to create a delectable dinner without any added stress to your day. Convenience without Compromise Grocers are increasingly stocking their stores with a variety of ready-made meals in response to the growing demand for convenient, quality prepared foods. You’ve likely seen new options popping up in the deli and produce sections in the front of the store, but don’t miss out on the selection available in your grocer’s freezer section as well ....more

Sweet & Smoky Roast Chicken

From Chef Matt Gordon Prep time: 15 minutes Cook time: 75 minutes Servings: 4-6 ...more

Easy-to-Make Italian Meals

(Family Features) In an effort to squeeze in valuable time together, more families are zooming past the drive-thru and heading home to the table for simpler, satisfying and more wholesome dinners. Busy schedules can make dinnertime a challenge for many families. With sports practices, dance rehearsals and after-school activities galore, many parents are doing well by just getting their little ones to the right place at the right time ....more

Take the Stress out of Holiday Shopping

Between your regular daily activities and all the parties and family obligations, the days leading up to Christmas seem to fly by at a frenetic pace. And somehow in all that, you still have to find time to get your holiday shopping done. These tips and techniques can help relieve stress and keep you on track through the holiday rush ....more

Tree-ific Holiday Treats with Kids

Trim the Tree Cupcakes (Family Features) For many adults, the holidays are transformed by the chance to experience the wonders of the season through the eyes of children. There’s no better way to elicit a merry twinkle all around than by creating festive holiday treats together in the kitchen. Getting kids involved in holiday baking and decorating is a perfect opportunity to let their imaginations run wild, and colorful frosting and candies are a great way to brighten up holiday treats ....more

Finish 6 By Christmas Update

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