5 Reasons to Make Sex about her Pleasure

Women are pleasure creatures. Our senses are more sensitive than men. In general, women have more discerning taste for food, can see more colors and distinguish between colors, we have far more sensitive skin and emotions. Nature didn't stop there. A woman's clitoris has twice as many nerve endings than a man's penis. Those nerve endings are there for a reason!!...more

21 Reasons to Have More Sex!

Sometimes for us ladies it is good to be reminded that sex is good for our health, wellbeing, looks, and our hearts . It's totally doable to adjust our attitude and forgo a few more minutes of sleep or watching TV in lieu of some good romping in the hay, all in the name of healthy living. In addition to the possibility of great pleasure, sex is important for many other reasons. Here is a list of a few of the many benefits of having sex and orgasms....more
Fantastic psot! I love all these reasons and certainly have experienced the benefits.  Keep calm ...more

What do Men Need More Than Sex (For Bonding)

In the dance of the male-female relationship, men need something more than sex in order to open up their hearts. Men need to be admired and respected for who they are by a woman who will be kind to them. From the time of their boyhood, men live in a world where they hear, “No, don’t do that.”Don’t run in here.Don’t touch that.Don’t cry.Stop teasing your sister.In adulthood it becomes:...more

Sex Expands Your Creativity

We are in the midst of great reform. No longer are you a silent partner in the bedroom. Road blocks, beliefs and traditions have morphed to allow you to show your man all that you are born to be sexually and creatively. You are a caring, connecting, imaginative being that brings joy, love and life to the planet. You offer insight, intuition and softness, compassion and beauty....more

In the Heat of the Moment

What do you want more than anything else from your lover?There is a good chance that what will turn you on the most is his undivided attention on you!...more

Deep Intimacy

Being penetrated body, heart and soul requires your lover to do some considerable probing while you open at a profoundly personal level. Giving your man access to your innermost lusciousness requires your security clearance, but provides you valuable benefits:...more

In the Heat of the Moment