Hearty Quinoa Chili

The chilly days are coming to a close for us AZ folk, so I'm trying to get in as much cold weather fare as possible! With game day this weekend, I thought I would share...more

Essential Oils for Toddlers

Good morning, friends! If you've been reading this blog for awhile you know that I'm a big supporter of doTerra essential oils. Obsessed would be putting it lightly because I use these on the daily and swear by them! ...more

My Valentine

Happy February 1st! The countdown is on to Valentine's Day and Odette had the best time making her Valentine's Day cards this year. The older she gets, the more fun it gets! ...more

Valentine's Smoothies

Valentine's mode is in full swing in our house lately including plenty of pink crafts & treats! Today, I wanted to share this super simple smoothie with a Valentine's twist perfect for your loved ones. For the last few months Odette has been majorly opposed to anything healthy ....more

5 Reasons to Stop & Play with Your Kids

Twenty Sixteen is off to a great start and I'm loving being more present with my daughter! Taking time during the day to stop and play with her has always been enjoyable, but I've been putting more effort into doing this lately. Not only is it a ton of fun, but it's amazing all the little things you will notice that you hadn't before ....more

Trader Joe's Favorites

Good morning! It's been awhile since I've done a healthy foods post, so I thought I would share a few of our favorites from good ol' Trader Joe's! This is one of my favorite places to shop for healthy & organic groceries and they have the BEST prices ....more

National Popcorn Day

Good morning, friends! Did you know that today is National Popcorn Day?! With winter days and cold temps upon us, there's no better time to snuggle up with your favorite movie and pop some popcorn! ...more

McCormick-Stillman Train Park

This past Friday we surprised Odette with a little trip to the McCormick-Stillman Train Park in Scottsdale!...more

Love Day

Valentine's Day is already in ONE month! Since taking down our Christmas tree, our house has felt so bare and I'm...more

The Napping Secret

Good morning! I previously mentioned that Odette stopped napping. Yikes! ...more