Summer's End

Happiest Labor Day to everyone! We've certainly worn our fair share of red, white and blue this weekend and finally bought a flag! {Thank you Safeway for having flags 75% off this weekend!}...more

Labor Day Cones

Happy Labor Day weekend!! Today I wanted to share a quick, healthy, organic treat that is so easy to make and would be a perfect addition to this weekend :)...more

DIY: Potty Prize Box

Today I wanted to share a DIY for potty training that only takes about 5-10 minutes! I just finished making a Potty Prize Box and I think it turned out sooo cute!...more

Snapshots Of Our Weekend

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a nice relaxing weekend :) Ours was the perfect mix of having fun, eating yummy food, relaxing and getting all of our errands done in between! Here's a few snapshots from our weekend:...more

Pretty Pinning

Happy Friday lovelies! As I sit here waiting for my little family to wake up I'm pinning away on Pinterest :) I could spend HOURS upon HOURS on Pinterest! Couldn't you? Maybe it's just me but it's my ultimate source of procrastination. Beautiful pictures are so inspiring and I just love really great photography. Here are my favorite pins lately:...more

Cha Cha Cha Chia

**No, no this isn't a post about the 90's Chia Pets. I unfortunately never had one; I know such deprivation lol! My husband had one though, so I must live vicariously through him I guess. Today's post is all about CHIA SEEDS. It wasn't until the last few years that I finally started incorporating chia seeds into mine and my family's diets. Before then they were foreign to me but I kept hearing about all the different health benefits from Pinterest and other blogs!...more

Baby Reading

Today's post is all about reading to your little one! I never in my wildest dreams thought my baby would be such a little book worm at such a young age! At only 15 months I continually find her flipping through her books! Our stories are WELL LOVED and by that I mean chewed on, spit on, and read a million and one times. I thought I would share all of our favorites so here we go:...more

We Heart Carter's Sets

Good morning! Today I wanted to share a look Odette wore last weekend from Carter's baby! These sets are great because they can be worn two different ways. It's so nice to bring the second shirt in my diaper bag in case of any food spills. I paired this outfit with some silver sandals that we picked up at Payless last week. They are so adorable and go well with just about any outfit she has! Here's the outfit Odette wore last weekend:...more

Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy

I recently saw this quote on Pinterest and I love it! It is quickly becoming one of my favorite quotes of all time in fact. Over the years I've gotten a lot better at not comparing myself to others. Although there are still the occasional days I even have to stop myself from comparing when I'm on Instagram, Pinterest, or even working on this blog....more

Meatloaf Monday

Monday morning, we meet again! When a long, busy and fun weekend ends the last thing I want to do is think about Monday night dinner. This is such a delicious and EASY recipe that you can mix up in 5-10 minutes, put in the oven and be done with dinner! Bake some potatoes or simply cook a bag of frozen veggies and you've got a home cooked meal without all the hard work :)...more