Mix & Match Your Kitchen Countertops

We all agree that kitchens are one of the most important spaces in a home.  They are the central hub for families.  How they are designed can affect the home's sell-ability.  So the kitchen design not only has to be functional (task oriented) but also aesthetically pleasing.  One great kitchen design decision that creates interest, is to mix and match your kitchen countertops....more

Home & Interior Design Growth Trends

I recently read an article in one of the leading to-the-trade magazines that three home & interior design growth trends are larger homes, accessibility, and outdoor living spaces.  While the demand for outdoor living spaces have been increasing every year, what somewhat surprised me was the larger home trend.  Being an advocate for universal design & accessibility in the home, I knew that this trend would become more and more popular as the Baby Boomer generation began to age....more

Not Your Typical Man Cave: Family Rooms with the Ultimate TV Cabinet

College football season will officially begin tonight.  And I know many of my Texas friends are getting ready to watch their Aggies play in Columbia, South Carolina.  What is the most important aspect of football season when not attending the game?  Why, the perfect location to watch the game at home, and that TV location is of utmost importance.  Most of our TV's are placed either above the fireplace or in a TV cabinet....more

In the Kitchen: Backsplash Tile Design

Since kitchens generally are the center hub of the home, every detail should work together to reflect the kitchen's overall style.  One small, but very important detail, is the kitchen backsplash.  More often than not, tile or stone is the material choice for kitchen backsplashes.  Kitchen backsplash tile design can be simple and basic or complex....more

Dramatic Black Floors

Black interiors are back!  We have seen black walls increase in popularity, but if that's too much for you, try going black on your floors.  Black floors add depth to a space, and is a timeless look....more

Design Decisions We Love: Sconces on Bookcases

Built-in cabinets have been used in interior design for centuries.  It's a great way to display favorite personal items and treasured accessories, art, etc.  But only until the 20th Century did we have electricity in homes across the nation.  What a better way to display our beloved items in a bookshelf than to highlight them with light?  Have you ever thought to use sconces on bookcases?...more

Laundry Room Storage Details: Cabinet Accessories

Who loves to do laundry?  I'd wager many of you would prefer to do something else.  But what if you could design your laundry room to be custom made to your needs?  When designing a laundry room that is fun and is practical for chores, I believe it will make you more likely to enjoy that dreaded laundry.  Other than being a task oriented space, laundry rooms are used for storage.  Laundry room storage has now become customizable to how you use the space....more

Butler's Bar Design Ideas

In many of our new construction homes, homeowners are wanting a designated bar area, a butler's bar.  Clients and homeowners are using these butler's bars, otherwise known as butler's pantry, for actual bar libations and/or for extra storage....more

Adding a Pop of Color in the Kitchen: Colorful Ranges

With the trend of monochromatic all-white or all-gray kitchens in such a high demand, we are becoming creative with adding pops of color in the kitchen.  There are many ways to incorporate color in your kitchen from window treatments, material selections, and accessories, but lets take a look at using colorful ranges to incorporate that pop!...more

Why Choose Large Rectangular Tile

Large rectangular tile has become one of the go-to field tiles for size.  We have seen a rise in rectangular floor tile in the past two years, and quite frankly I do not think it's going anywhere.  We are seeing it used on bathroom floors and shower walls as well as in laundry/mudrooms and kitchens....more