Laundry Room Storage Details: Cabinet Accessories

Who loves to do laundry?  I'd wager many of you would prefer to do something else.  But what if you could design your laundry room to be custom made to your needs?  When designing a laundry room that is fun and is practical for chores, I believe it will make you more likely to enjoy that dreaded laundry.  Other than being a task oriented space, laundry rooms are used for storage.  Laundry room storage has now become customizable to how you use the space....more

Butler's Bar Design Ideas

In many of our new construction homes, homeowners are wanting a designated bar area, a butler's bar.  Clients and homeowners are using these butler's bars, otherwise known as butler's pantry, for actual bar libations and/or for extra storage....more

Adding a Pop of Color in the Kitchen: Colorful Ranges

With the trend of monochromatic all-white or all-gray kitchens in such a high demand, we are becoming creative with adding pops of color in the kitchen.  There are many ways to incorporate color in your kitchen from window treatments, material selections, and accessories, but lets take a look at using colorful ranges to incorporate that pop!...more

Why Choose Large Rectangular Tile

Large rectangular tile has become one of the go-to field tiles for size.  We have seen a rise in rectangular floor tile in the past two years, and quite frankly I do not think it's going anywhere.  We are seeing it used on bathroom floors and shower walls as well as in laundry/mudrooms and kitchens....more

It's All About the Details: Custom Bathroom Mirror Design

How strange would it be if our bathrooms didn't have a mirror above the vanity?  Can you imagine getting ready without a mirror to look into?  It is strange to think about not being able to look into a mirror in a bathroom.  Since mirrors are a necessity in bathrooms, think outside the box with your bathroom mirror design....more

Gorgeous Gray Bathrooms

As I've mentioned before that gray is our go-to neutral and isn't going anywhere anytime soon.  Last month I posted on gray kitchens, and today I thought I would extend the gray color palette to the bathroom.    Gray bathrooms are becoming more popular, with the desire to create a clean-lined, transitional to modern space....more
FemalePainters Pretty! We just hired someone to paint most of our interior gray. -Momomore

Thinking Outside the Box: Painted gray trim

So we all know that gray is the color palette homeowners are gravitating towards, and from what I've seen in the industry and in my own opinion, gray is not going anywhere for a while.  We are seeing gray in our fabrics and furniture finishes as well as on the walls, paint & wallpapers.  Recently I posted on incorporating gray into your kitchen (here)....more

Seeing Double in the Bedroom: Twin Beds

Designing bedrooms are so much fun, especially when designing homes that have several bedrooms.  Selecting the style and color palette for those rooms are determined with who is using the room and what that person wants or needs.  As a designer, I always want the homeowner or family member who uses that space to feel comfortable and relaxed in their bedroom.  Typically we see queen beds in guest bedrooms, but there is something to be said for using twin beds in a room....more

Americana Inspired Spaces: Red White & Blue

Did anyone watch the game last night?!  What a game!  Even though we lost, I'm so proud of our boys.  They represented us well.  And what a perfect week for Americans to show their pride, during the week of the Fourth.  It was great seeing so many fans sporting their red, white, and blue so proud.  Let's continue to do so to honor our nation's birthday on Friday.  Below are some Americana inspired spaces to help get you in the patriotic mood....more

White Bathrooms: Clean & Crisp

White kitchens have been very popular in the past couple of years, and another popular place for an all white color palette is in the bathroom.  White bathrooms have a clean and crisp feel while allowing the space to seem more open and spacious....more