Five Reasons to Binge Watch Transparent This Weekend While It's Free

1. The price is right. While you may be saving a buck not paying for Amazon Prime, you are also not watching Transparent, and that makes us sad. We do not like to be sad. But before you feel profoundly guilty for depressing us, you should know that Amazon is offering access to view Transparent for FREE this Saturday for 24 hours via their streaming app or online! If someone offers you something for free, you take it. Well, not if it’s herpes or something illegal, but a series all the people are talking about? Yes! ...more

Send in the Clones and Binge Watch Orphan Black

Season 2 of Orphan Black airs April 19th and you may be asking yourself, “Self, should I binge watch the first season so that I'm ready to tune in to Season 2, or should I let this series pass me by like I did (insert series everyone tells you to watch but you’re too far behind now to ever catch up)?” Well, we watched all 10 episodes of the first season in a couple of days last week and we have some thoughts. ...more
Totally worth binging on to catch up.more

Obsessing Over Sneak-Peek Pics from Orange Is the New Black Season 2

Fans of Orange Is the New Black are wondering if they can make it until the Season 2 premiere date of June 6th. Netflix is keeping the anticipation alive by teasing audiences with a few shots from the new season. Three little official photos are pretty slim pickings for an audience whose appetite can now house an entire season of a show during a marathon viewing weekend. But what are fans to do but obsess over the details in these pics? ...more
I. am. so. excited. Incidentally, a friend told me yesterday that I remind her of Piper. I ...more