What Happened to #BringBackOurGirls?

The feminist in me woke up a little pissed off this morning.Maybe I didn't sleep well. Maybe I have read WAY too much on FlipBoard and Facebook this weekend (We have had sick kids for four days, so I have spent a LOT of time in bed with a feverish person on top of me reading on my laptop and phone)....more

James Foley: A True American Hero

We are a culture consumed by superheroes.There is no denying that in recent years American movies have been filled with men in fancy suits fighting for justice, battling the powers that be and falling in love with the most beautiful women along the way.My sons have some plastic action figure version of each of these heroes littered throughout their rooms - generally underfoot. Lunch boxes blare their bravery from my pantry. T-shirts proclaim their victories from my closets and drawers....more

On Breaking the First Rule of Parenting

Yesterday, at work, I broke the first and most cardinal rule of parenting: I swore I would NEVER do something with my children.Immediately realizing my mistake, I rushed home, poured a glass of wine and raised it up to the gods of parenting and asked that they unhear my foolhardy words. I begged that this dose of Karma will somehow pass me by.But I know how this parenting thing works. I have had toddlers. I have SWORN certain behaviors would never, ever happen in my house. And then, they did. Then I felt pain and remorse....more

13 Rules for Boys (and Men) on Talking to Women about Appearance

In preparation for ballet pictures my daughter and her friend were applying make-up, or rather I was applying make-up on two squirrelly girls. They were their gorgeous selves - if somewhat made up....more

Does Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Deserve the Bill of Rights?

In early May, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's lawyers asked that statements he made immediately after his arrest be thrown out of his trial because Tsarnaev had repeatedly asked for a lawyer and was denied. This headline caught my eye and raised the question in my mind; Do terrorists deserve the rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights? ...more

The Real Cost to Climbing Mt. Everest

Once or twice a year the Western World turns its head toward Nepal to glance for a fleeting moment at that country and its great mountain. April and May are the prime newsworthy months in Nepal, as the climbing season on Everest opens during this short window. ...more

What Will It Take to Free the Missing Nigerian Teens? #BringBackOurGirls

On March 8, 239 people went missing on Malaysian Flight 370. At least nine countries have tried to find the plane and learn their fate. On April 16, 276 teenage girls were abducted from their school in the middle of the night in Nigeria. The leader of the group that claims to have abducted them is now saying he will "sell them in the market"—and as of yet, no nation has yet stepped forward to help find the 223 girls who are still missing. Here's one small thing you can do....more
@bandoque @Mchete13 @JorgetheBull These are all good points, worth consideration. What troubles ...more

The Malnourished Housewife

Lately, I've been listening to many podcasts and radio segments about women in the workforce.Simultaneously, I am living these challenges as I try to re-enter the workforce after taking time off to raise and homeschool my children....more
Thanks for you comment PatienceSharp . I am so glad to be a present part of my children's lives. ...more

A Rose By Any Other Name: Why I Won't Ban 'Bossy'

It has trickled down to me through various news sources that as a mother of a girl, I need to add another 'To Do' to my already complicated parenting list.I must now 'Ban Bossy.' Apparently to raise a strong woman I must first and foremost avoid the word 'Bossy.' Yet I turn to my old friend Shakespeare and wonder, would 'A rose by any other name smell as sweet?'...more