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Life, Love and Adventure’s 2014 Bucket List

Every year my bucket list changes, usually because I have knocked a few places off my list! Sometimes because I find about new and exciting places that make take priority over others. I doubt I would be able to travel through all these places this year but hey, a girl can dream, right? :)So, starting a new & fresh year means it’s time for a new year bucket list!(In no particular order)...more

Life after Travel

Travel changes you, I am pretty certain anyone who has traveled the world would agree!Since the first time I started traveling I saw things differently, my perception of life changed.Traveling is a HUGE eye opener! Leaving my home country of Canada and traveling to some countries where a person’s monthly income is the amount I just spent on a coffee or a family of 8 has 1 pound of rice to share between each other… for a week!!...more

Monkeys of Costa Rica & Fact

Costa Rica is such a beautiful place in the world to explore; I highly recommend it!! I’m pretty sure that 90% of all the wildlife I have seen in my life is from Costa Rica, no joke! Costa Rica has something for everyone, beaches, ocean, wildlife, hiking, snorkeling, diving, ziplining, bungee jumping and much much more!!I wanted to touch on my favorite genus of animal, Monkeys! My first interaction with a real monkey was in Costa Rica, almost every destination we went to in Costa Rica we saw a different kind of Monkey!!...more
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Why I became a Travel Blogger

Travel blogging does not always mean making tons of money, getting ‘free’ trips to locations around the world, ‘free’ accommodation or many others things you may think it means. I say ‘free’ because a fellow travel blogger, Kelly Ella Maz made a great point, “Nothing’s quite for ‘free’” It’s usually more so an exchange, not free. :)That part takes hard work and commitment, but it is possible!...more

Positive or Negative? It's all about Perspective!

Perspective: A mental view or outlook.“Happiness is not a possession to be prized, it is a quality of a thought. A state of mind, perspective.” Perspective is an important skill to acquire. If used in a positive way it can benefit you greatly. Well, at least I am a firm believer of this. There is a positive to every negative, you just have to look at things through a different perspective!...more
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Taking Advantage of Being Home Part 1: Visiting the Climbing Wall

I wrote a post a couple days ago about positivity and taking advantage of being home instead of mopping around during the cold winter. I made a goal for myself to take advantage being home by getting out and checking out what our town has to offer. A brand new climbing wall just opened up and we were invited by some friends to check it out with them. I really wasn’t sure what to expect, mostly because I had only climbed an indoor climbing wall once. I had no idea what belaying was or much to do with the sport at all....more

NaBloPoMo #7: Dominican Republic & All Inclusive Travel

We picked up our trip package today for our upcoming adventure in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic....more

Daily Post #6, NaBloPoMo - I love my Job(s)!

So, before you all think I am crazy I will assure you that I am telling the truth. I truly do love my job. :)Where do I work? I work at a tattoo shop called, Happy Monkey Tattoo. I am not a tattoo artist but I help with the designing process and I am also the receptionist. I help clients day to day to meet their needs; I also try to help the artists out as much as I can. ...more