Alzheimer’s Frustrates Physicians

Alzheimer’s and other progressive diseases of the brain are devastating. They are also profoundly frustrating for those living with the disease, their family and caregivers, and for the healthcare professionals who manage their medical care. Recently, I came across a New York Times essay by Dr ....more

Japan Struggles With the Challenges of an Aging Population and Declining Birthrate

In every corner of the world, countries and their citizens are struggling to care for their elders....more

We’re Living Longer. Is That Good?

Americans are living longer....more

Alzheimer’s Disease Researchers Identify PART, Primary Age-Related Tauopathy

A scientific team announced late last year it has identified yet another type of neurological disease....more

What I’ve Learned About Alzheimer’s Disease

The more I learn about Alzheimer’s disease, and other diseases of the brain, the more angry I become....more

Aging Parents and Memory Loss: The Holiday Eye-Opener

During the month of January, the phone lines are always busier than usual at the Alzheimer’s Association. The holidays are over and adult children have returned to their own homes after visiting aging parents and other relatives. During these visits, these middle-aged kids have often experienced an unwelcome eye-opener: Their elderly relatives are showing signs of memory loss and need help ....more

What Julianne Moore Didn’t Mention in her Golden Globes Acceptance Speech

I was rooting for Julianne Moore to take home a Golden Globe on Sunday night and cheered when she did just that....more

The Four Lessons of Festivus

What modern holiday made its debut on a popular television show in the late 1990s?  Seinfeld devotees know the answer.  Festivus!Today, Festivians around the globe commonly mark the holiday on December 23.  The celebration comes with a catchy tagline, "Festivus for the rest of us," and little else.  Yes, it is a holiday about nothing.  Yet, for many, like me, it is enough.  Festivus famously allows people to make of it what they will....more

Are We Forcing Those With Memory Loss to Relinquish Driving Too Soon?

Last week I wrote about memory loss and driving....more

Alzheimer’s Disease and When to Have the Driving Conversation

Imagine how you would feel if you could no longer drive. The ability to get in your vehicle and go where you want, when you want is no longer available. Your freedom, autonomy and mobility are gone, and suddenly you must count on others for all your transportation needs ....more