TED Ed: Alzheimer’s Tutorial

I’m a big fan all things TED-related....more

Alive Inside, A Documentary About Memory Loss & Music is Nothing Short of Remarkable

Watching the documentary, Alive Inside, I couldn’t help but think: What a simple idea, and why didn’t I think of that? Filmmaker Michael Rossato-Bennett chronicles individuals with memory loss who are revitalized through music. It’s an idea that costs very little but makes a huge difference for people those with Alzheimer’s or other progressive brain diseases....more

Famed Fantasy Writer Terry Pratchett Dies From Early Onset Alzheimer’s

Sir Terry Pratchett died yesterday at his home in England....more

New Study Reveals: Amyloid Found in the Brains of Young People

If there was ever a convincing argument for donating your brain to Alzheimer’s research, this is it....more

How to Have Those Difficult Conversations

If I could change one aspect of my Alzheimer’s caregiving journey, it would be how I handled difficult conversations. Both of my parents had Alzheimer’s disease, first my dad and then a decade later my mother....more

Alzheimer’s: The Worldwide Epidemic

Alzheimer’s disease affects people in every corner of the world. The global estimates are 35.5 million people now living with the disease, with the largest number in Asia (15.9 million) and the lowest numbers in Africa (1.8 million)....more

Alzheimer’s Frustrates Physicians

Alzheimer’s and other progressive diseases of the brain are devastating. They are also profoundly frustrating for those living with the disease, their family and caregivers, and for the healthcare professionals who manage their medical care. Recently, I came across a New York Times essay by Dr ....more

Japan Struggles With the Challenges of an Aging Population and Declining Birthrate

In every corner of the world, countries and their citizens are struggling to care for their elders....more

We’re Living Longer. Is That Good?

Americans are living longer....more

Alzheimer’s Disease Researchers Identify PART, Primary Age-Related Tauopathy

A scientific team announced late last year it has identified yet another type of neurological disease....more