The Four Lessons of Festivus

What modern holiday made its debut on a popular television show in the late 1990s?  Seinfeld devotees know the answer.  Festivus!Today, Festivians around the globe commonly mark the holiday on December 23.  The celebration comes with a catchy tagline, "Festivus for the rest of us," and little else.  Yes, it is a holiday about nothing.  Yet, for many, like me, it is enough.  Festivus famously allows people to make of it what they will....more

Are We Forcing Those With Memory Loss to Relinquish Driving Too Soon?

Last week I wrote about memory loss and driving....more

Alzheimer’s Disease and When to Have the Driving Conversation

Imagine how you would feel if you could no longer drive. The ability to get in your vehicle and go where you want, when you want is no longer available. Your freedom, autonomy and mobility are gone, and suddenly you must count on others for all your transportation needs ....more

Thankful for Mummy

My mother died one year ago today....more

The Human Brain: A Three-Pound Wonder

The human brain....more

When Mom, Dad or Someone You Love Has Alzheimer’s: What to Buy for Christmas

It’s almost mid-November and the holidays are fast approaching....more

Glen Campbell’s Legacy: “I’ll Be Me”

I love documentaries, and often pick one over a regular movie....more

Alzheimer’s Abuse Caught on Take in Winter Haven, Florida Nursing Home

Captured on video: Two nursing assistants at Palm Gardens Nursing Home in Winter Haven, Florida repeatedly hitting and abusing a 76-year-old man who is in the latter stages of Alzheimer’s disease....more

Atypical Types of Dementia: Hippocampal Sparing Alzheimer’s Disease

Earlier this year I started hearing about a variant type of dementia called hippocampal sparing Alzheimer’s disease, which results in symptoms far different than Alzheimer’s disease....more

Alzheimer’s Awareness and Support Goes Local. What’s Happening in Minnesota

As our population ages and no cure or effective treatments for Alzheimer’s are in sight, it is apparent we have to do more to accommodate those living with the disease and their caregivers. The challenge is how to build awareness and understanding...more