What I Refer To As Pride And Your Personal Train Schedule.

Caveat: This is like but not like "When Good Times Want to Head to the Dark Side". Honestly, some shit just needs reiterating, especially when you're in the POF pool. #gah...more

How To Deal With Acts of Random Dating.

First of all, let me publicly acknowledge that I am as fucking random as the day is long. Like totally. I’m the equivalent of a human non sequitur in my own life…it’s just how I roll, dude. I could attempt to connect the dots but it may or may not form a coherent picture to myself let alone anyone else so I don’t even try anymore. If you love me anyway, awesome possum! and if you’re simply confounded, join the club. ...more

Why Crying’s Not Allowed On A First Date.

There was just something about him…Danny 2.0 sent me a long and thoughtful message on POF soon after all the sound and fury and ridiculousness of the 22 year old 37 year old. He wasn’t really my type and most of his pictures left me cold but there was one to which I was curiously drawn so I replied. Immediately. Well, Danny freaked out and made some stupid crack about “Wow! That was fast!” so I let it go, thinking: “Huh. ” It didn’t match what he’d first said, let’s put it that way. ...more

How Do You Come Back From Nowhere?

The title is a rhetorical question and refers to dates or even non date connections that have that unfortunate rubber ball quality. I say unfortunate because it’s never someone you WANT coming back to you or you wouldn’t have thrown the fucking thing in the first place, am I right? ...more

Why I Wanted To Smack Him. HARD.

Now we come to the guy who made me realize that compromising to just go out on a date rather than be alone was just fucking whack. Also, that going much younger wasn’t always going to work out in my favour and finally finally, if the date is at WHOLE FOODS, maybe going to the washroom and not coming back should have occurred to me. Either that or just saying no in the first place. Oh beautiful, clever, devilish hindsight....more

When Good Times Want to Head to the Dark Side.

Okay. First of all, let’s agree that most men are the fucking WORST at breaking up. Or is it that they’re the fucking worst at breaking up with ME?? Am I the only woman in the world who doesn’t realize it’s even happened because no one TOLD ME? I didn’t get the memo or the email. Even a mofo TEXT would have been better than thinking someone is still there when it’s really their dust....more

What About Confident Men Turns You On?

I love a confident man!!! Who doesn’t?Not arrogant.Not self-important.NOT a fucking douche....more

How Serious Is It, Doctor?

After the age of fifty, is it more or less important that any relationship you have is “serious”? ...more

Why Truth in Advertising Is Not A “Whatever, Dude”.

Advertising: “Techniques and practices used to bring products, services, opinions, or causes to public notice for the purpose of persuading the public to respond in a certain way.”Huh. ...more

Why It Bears Repeating: Don't Fall For False Intimacy.

Do you know how sometimes you’ll always remember someone just by something they said? You meet them only once and their face fades and their details are lost but you’ll forever reference them in your brain by this one sentence? Well, Danny’s sentence is this: “I’d give my right arm to be with someone like you.”Sigh. ...more
Thank you - I have to agree wholeheartedly. "Settling" does no one any favors. xo Lucymore