When Good Times Want to Head to the Dark Side.

Okay. First of all, let’s agree that most men are the fucking WORST at breaking up. Or is it that they’re the fucking worst at breaking up with ME?? Am I the only woman in the world who doesn’t realize it’s even happened because no one TOLD ME? I didn’t get the memo or the email. Even a mofo TEXT would have been better than thinking someone is still there when it’s really their dust....more

What About Confident Men Turns You On?

I love a confident man!!! Who doesn’t?Not arrogant.Not self-important.NOT a fucking douche....more

How Serious Is It, Doctor?

After the age of fifty, is it more or less important that any relationship you have is “serious”? ...more

Why Truth in Advertising Is Not A “Whatever, Dude”.

Advertising: “Techniques and practices used to bring products, services, opinions, or causes to public notice for the purpose of persuading the public to respond in a certain way.”Huh. ...more

Why It Bears Repeating: Don't Fall For False Intimacy.

Do you know how sometimes you’ll always remember someone just by something they said? You meet them only once and their face fades and their details are lost but you’ll forever reference them in your brain by this one sentence? Well, Danny’s sentence is this: “I’d give my right arm to be with someone like you.”Sigh. ...more
Thank you - I have to agree wholeheartedly. "Settling" does no one any favors. xo Lucymore

Why I Call It the Goose and Gander Conundrum.

Life went on after Mr. Fruit Plate and I went on more first dates, none of which took for months. In fact, it began to feel more like a job search gone bad than a merry romp through fields of potential long term mates. I began to despair and wonder if I was really cut out for this online human crap shoot. ...more

How To Date As Bill Murray

I’m a single, 52 year old woman and I LOVE Bill Murray. Hard.When TIFF announced they were making September 5th Bill Murray Day, I wondered: what took so long? Bill Murray the actor – readily smirkable, always dead pan – and Bill Murray the human – unreachable by agents yet randomly appearing at karaoke parties and ball games – are greater than the sum of his parts. Hello....more
DatewithLucy TY for the RT, IndieItGal MondayBlogs!more

"Dude: You Are Not Your Fruit Plate", said the Zombie.

This is what I wanted to say to the American chef after almost five fucking hours of an interminable first date. FIVE HOURS. I wasn’t physically attracted to him or his personality. At. All....more

Love Me Don’t Leave Me Part Two – The Dating Years

In part one of Love Me Don’t Leave Me, I write about how close to the bone several of the toxic childhood schemas were for me and the general effect of issues thereof for many years. I mention my current strong, healthy  relationships – thank God - and how I got married as one person and got divorced as another when I’d salvaged enough of my true self from my primary pain. What I didn’t delve into was how, until recently, I feel “my story” was a third wheel on most of my dates. #Goodfuckingtimes....more
michelle_skeen Thank you! Reviewing LMDLM made me look at my own stuff with new eyes. It's a ...more

Love Me Don’t Leave Me – A Book Review and My “Story” Part One

So. A few months ago, suddenly Susan, I was asked if I would review a book about overcoming childhood abandonment issues to build lasting, loving relationships by Michelle Skeen, PsyD disconcertingly named: “Love Me Don’t Leave Me”. Honestly, I do understand the value of a catchy title but this one had me picturing myself blurting out those words as my first date got up to go to the washroom. Never to return. I’ve not yet had the urge but then I’ve only been online for a couple of years. ONLY....more