The No Show That Showed Me I Could Love

So. Before I elaborate on my ongoing relationship with Edith, I’m going to wedge in Sean Henry. Though not in chronological order, emotionally this is where I divulge about a sacred contract I never even met who shifted my entire perspective of dating. Permanently....more

Can You Fall For Someone Without a Single Kiss? aka He Was My Edith Wharton

So. I met E. after a completely single summer, being both Ingmar Bergman interior shot and Danny 3.0 forward....more

Dating PTSD Is Real

Notes from three years ago:Suddenly Susan, I’m all like I’ve been given a Novocaine shot to the heart. I just don’t give a rat’s ass...about ANYTHING. Not not dating. STILL. Not being/ becoming a nun. AGAIN. Not even about Spanky. I’m really just numb. Very ho hum pig’s bum. Like, what the fuck? ...more

Do Your Exes Boomerang Like Mine?

When I write a post in real time versus years later with the keen eye of hind sight, it’s a whole other like out of body experience, dude. Just saying. Because I’m telling you as it happens and really? Who can make this fucking shit up? #notmemanSo. This is my rumination about the approximate 80% return rate of men I’ve spent any amount of time with as well as the final installation of my Danny 3.0 tryptic. Oh, how apropos....more

Note to Self: Great Sex Is NOT Love

You know, it’s so funny to I re-read my copious notes from when I was in the very thick of whatever emotional rodeo I was participating in at the time. It’s very clear to me now how much of a teenager I was in POF years then and how much shit mattered to me. My angst and anxiety meter was never off/ often off the fucking charts. #exhausting ...more

The Gift That Keeps Giving

So. Here’s the up to date skinny:I am still not OVER over Danny 3.0. Though I’m not actively mourning the possibility of a real relationship with a potential kindred spirit, I’m also not NOT. Got that double negative which as we all know is actually a positive but in this case, not so much? That is to say, he’s not consciously living in my every waking moment anymore but he’s certainly still commuting in on a regular basis #hopeisafourletterworddude...more

Compromise at First Click

Warning: if you’ve never had the unique and exceptional pleasure of personally experiencing online dating for any length of time, this phenomenon maybe a tad surprising for you. Or not. FYI, living in a PlentyOfFish(POF) world, it’s a pretty big fucking bummer to write about but then, that’s my job as Lucy – to breathe and bleed intel from the front lines, just for you. You're welcome.To be on the same page, some definitions of compromise are:...more
Welcome to the world of dating after marriage, kids and divorce. Starting over ONLINE is whack, ...more

He Didn't Take the Rejection Well, Let's Just Say That

This is an awkward post because it’s like a long and unpleasant – mostly just for me I hope – postscript to two other posts: “Yo, Dude. I’m Not Dutch” and “Just Talk to Me; Communications 101”. It’s also embarrassing because I have to out myself AGAIN as the fucking worst when it comes to taking my own hard won advice. Times two!...more

Just Talk to Me: POF Communications 101

So. Yesterday encompassed a “full range o’ dating” in which I messaged with my new favourite online guy Bourbon St., fancy dinnered it with the American on our second date and then sexed it up with Fable in my newly rommateless apt. All within like a 16 hour window. Honestly, even for me it was a first. And here’s the thing: when I reviewed everyone and everything, the most enjoyable interaction, pound for pound, was with the guy I haven’t met yet. ...more

Yo, Dude...I’m Not Dutch.

I had a weird experience times two guys just recently and I feel like I wanna share it with y’all because that’s how I roll. #obvs Now, you know I’m over 50 years old so not only does that mean I’m right next to almost fucking ancient but it also signifies that I come from a more traditional dating era. For example, just using that word is very Jane Austen of me though let’s face it, I’m actually Bridget Jones all the fucking way. ...more
And I AM fucking ancient I guess. I once met a guy for coffee and we were standing in line and ...more