Compromise at First Click

Warning: if you’ve never had the unique and exceptional pleasure of personally experiencing online dating for any length of time, this phenomenon maybe a tad surprising for you. Or not. FYI, living in a PlentyOfFish(POF) world, it’s a pretty big fucking bummer to write about but then, that’s my job as Lucy – to breathe and bleed intel from the front lines, just for you. You're welcome.To be on the same page, some definitions of compromise are:...more
Life is def too fucking short, dude #wordmore

He Didn't Take the Rejection Well, Let's Just Say That

This is an awkward post because it’s like a long and unpleasant – mostly just for me I hope – postscript to two other posts: “Yo, Dude. I’m Not Dutch” and “Just Talk to Me; Communications 101”. It’s also embarrassing because I have to out myself AGAIN as the fucking worst when it comes to taking my own hard won advice. Times two!...more

Just Talk to Me: POF Communications 101

So. Yesterday encompassed a “full range o’ dating” in which I messaged with my new favourite online guy Bourbon St., fancy dinnered it with the American on our second date and then sexed it up with Fable in my newly rommateless apt. All within like a 16 hour window. Honestly, even for me it was a first. And here’s the thing: when I reviewed everyone and everything, the most enjoyable interaction, pound for pound, was with the guy I haven’t met yet. ...more

Yo, Dude...I’m Not Dutch.

I had a weird experience times two guys just recently and I feel like I wanna share it with y’all because that’s how I roll. #obvs Now, you know I’m over 50 years old so not only does that mean I’m right next to almost fucking ancient but it also signifies that I come from a more traditional dating era. For example, just using that word is very Jane Austen of me though let’s face it, I’m actually Bridget Jones all the fucking way. ...more
And I AM fucking ancient I guess. I once met a guy for coffee and we were standing in line and ...more

Insecurity and Nervousness Squared or Just Narcissism Much?

The next guy I’m going to tell y’all about from my first year online I nicknamed Ian the Indian even though his name wasn’t Ian. Nor was he Indian. And if you’re actually surprised about either of those sentences, I have to ask: have you read ANY of my other posts? ...more

Rejection: A Dish Best Served at a Short But Intense Pity Party.

I’ll be very honest with you: when Daniel disappeared, I did not take it well. I was a fucking mess, a shit show of sadness, confusion and self condemnation. Man a fucking live. I was all like: “What happened? What did I DOOOO??” I was lightly but definitely devastated. Fyi. ...more
DatewithLucy yes--super sexist and all for the best.more

I’m a Liar Liar Pants On Fire.

I’ve talked about POF truth in advertising. I’ve discussed profiles – what to say and not say, what to do and not do. Throughout, I’ve continuously advocated honesty - emotional, pictorial and otherwise. And I’ve also mentioned, more than once, that I am, in fact, a LLPOF – hahaha POF! - because I no longer give my correct age until the very end of the third act....more
DatewithLucy  37---very nice!more

It’s No Big Fucking Deal Ok? I Swear.

 When I began Lucy many moons and first dates ago, it quickly became evident how so many of the situations, emotions and MEN I was writing about were universally accessible or known qualities. But probably not a lot of you get messages like:“The cursing older mature woman.. I love it.. hahha.. How did you spend your fuc**ing weekend? Haha”or some witty variation thereof on a regular basis like I do because well, I’m me. #sigh...more

Premonitions and the One I Would Do Over.

I’ve stated many a time I believe in sacred contracts – who, when and how long – and I stand by that. That means I also don’t spend much time looking back or wishing things worked out differently because I believe they work out exactly as they were supposed to. I may not be particularly fucking HAPPY about it. But....more

What Playing the Low to No Stakes Game Taught Me.

Now I'm going to reminisce more recently about my five month stint on a cougar site. Yup. I was that 52 year old woman on a date with a 21 year old cutie and we had no idea whether you noticed or not because we were too busy checking each other out while talking, talking, talking. And YUP, he was too young for me as I told him in my first reply but as he told me judging someone by their age is really a dickhead move so then we ended up meeting twice. And more. ...more
adelewishnot #whynot #yourekillingitmore