What I Didn't Know About Making Big Leaf Maple Syrup!

Our first batch of Big Leaf Maple syrup is very, very tasty...Maple Syrup!Some things I did not know about making maple syrup......more

Farm Manager Wanted for Vancouver Island Ecovillage

What an exhausting day! Though the bit where I slogged through the mud in the lower hog pen  trying to find out where the electric fence was shorting out was somewhat wearying (and worrying, I discovered said problem when I went down to do the afternoon feed rounds and found the boar, Pompadour, hanging out with Cora and the four boar younglings... wrong side of the fence!!), the exhaustion was a result of spending most of the day with the lovely folks from O.U.R....more

Selfie Meets Hurricane Ethel

A Farmer's Afternoon on the Town

If I ignore the parts of the day that involved hacking through thick ice on the various animal troughs with the back end of my trusty axe, today was a lot of fun. Too much fun, in fact, to try to include everything in one blog post....more

Evil Blackberries, Be Gone!

I'd sure like to have a word with the chumps who carefully packed seeds or canes or whatever they brought with them from the Old Country and then carefully cultivated new Himalayan Blackberry patches in land formerly unplagued by these monstrous beasts....more

Cool Writing Project at Local Middle School

A few weeks ago I started working on a lengthy project with some students at Shoreline Middle School. Kids from grades 6, 7, and 8 are working together to create a book that highlights all the cool, green initiatives going on at their school....more

Wordless Wednesday - Dogs and Hogs

Oh. My. Busyness. Thank goodness it is still Wednesday and I can get away with posting a couple of recent photos of the dogs and my wayward piglet bonding. Such shenanigans are over for the moment as I have fixed the hot wire, but the inter-species chit-chat was entertaining while it was going on![For regular blog followers, note this series was shot on the same day that Fritz Frizzle disappeared... you can see him scuttling off into the distance in the animated gif...]...more

Escape from the Farm

Dad and I snuck off the farm for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon to go on a photo expedition - first to a nearby marina in Brentwood Bay and then to the Institute of Ocean Sciences at Pat Bay. We both took lots of photos and stopped a couple of times for coffee and to warm up (it was one of those grey, damp days that wound up being chillier than you'd expect, especially by the water).The Institute of Ocean Sciences is a beautifully designed building thoughtfully sited on a stunning piece of land on Pat Bay. A seismic research centre and home to many ocean-research types, the building and grounds are open to the public.I was trying very hard to ignore my phone, but the messages kept coming thick and fast - five new sign-ups for our CSA Goody Boxes (yay!), a friend needing to borrow a couple of transport crates for chickens tomorrow, another friend wondering whether we have room in the goat barn to temporarily house a couple of goats for another friend, someone in the prairies calling to see if we can ship fertile Ridley Bronze turkey eggs, and two inquiries about hogs and pork.Egg vending machines could be a handy way around the fact our farm is located on a dead end road with virtually no drive bay traffic...At the second coffee stop managed to do some research on the feasibility of selling eggs through vending machines, coordinate a work session to finish up the last edits on the new book, and schedule a meeting with another farmer possibly looking to collaborate on a couple of projects for which I do not have space... Gads. My attempt to get away for a couple of hours was a bit ridiculous!The coffee shop at the Institute of Ocean Sciences - includes a lovely view past arbutus trees over the water...Suspended fish in the atrium......more

Fritzy's Near Death Experience...

Yesterday, after the eagle incident, I was a bit leery about leaving everyone unattended for fear the mighty hunter would return... Turns out, my instincts were right. I'm not exactly sure what happened at dusk, but here's my best attempt at piecing together the crime based on the slim evidence I have available......more

Bald Eagle on the Prowl...

Bald eagle making dastardly plans...I was at the back of the truck using the tailgate as a handy table on which to hack up soft pumpkins and squash to feed to the hogs, turkeys, d...more