Working at Home over 40 – Fast Track to Middle-Aged Wasteland?

Working from home, on your home, or partial telecommuting?...more

Are You Sure You Know Your Strengths?

As we enter yet another new year and another list of resolutions, many of us tend to focus on what we’re doing “wrong” or what we have to “do less of” or “give up"… [or insert vice of your choice] in order to lose the weight, stop smoking, find a new job, etc. ...more
@SabrinaBlogs Thanks, and nice to hear from you, Sabrina. It is a wonderfully helpful test - so ...more

Healthful Food Boom for Boomers = Healthful Boon for Manufacturers, Supermarkets, Retailers, Restaurateurs

Tasty. Healthful. Convenient. Economical. Think you can’t do all four? Think again....more

Baby Boomer Brains Process Ads Differently: New Research

Companies have been aiming their marketing to people over 60 in very specific but perhaps unsuccessful ways, based on assumptions that may not be valid....more

"Greypreneurs" Or "Seniorpreneurs" Leading the Way

This is a wonderful article, and I am not surprised by what it reveals:  "A recent Marion Ewing Kauffman Foundation study found that over the past decade, the highest rate of entrepreneurial activity took place among those aged 55 to 64, this ...more

Alpha Women - So Many!

This year both Prevention magazine and Adweek (an ad industry trade publication), published articles on over-50 women referred to as “Alpha Women.” Alpha women over 50 are often discussed in our media, but not everyone is in agreement as to what defines an “Alpha” woman. In fact, Adweek received complaint letters saying that marketers only wish women over 50 were as hip and happening as the magazine reported....more

Seeds of Doubt Lead To Seeds of Promise: How Stress Leads to Success

Seeds of Doubt Lead To Seeds of Promise: How Stress Leads to Success In this blog-post, we are focusing on why it’s good for you and never too late to: 1) take up new physical activities, 2) engage in new social activities and 3) pursue new intellectual challenges that can make a positive difference in your well-being – for the short-run and in the years ahead. ...more

What is "Poustinia?" Try a REBOOT!

Continuing our REBOOT theme for this month, one of my clients told me what she always does in September or October, and again at the beginning of spring....more

Experts we LOVE and Resources we NEED!

Here's a LOVING dose of reality: most women over 40 don't spend enough time, effort and LOVE on themselves. Without a personally-fulfilling endeavor that meets your own emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs beyond that of a romantic LOVE relationship, you're in danger of gasping for DARE. Whether you have small stressors or bigger issues, here are a few suggestions to help you get your DARE-Supply. At the end is a list of resources....more

Disconnect to connect!

So, my over-40 women friends, what is underneath the new myriad ways to connect: cell phones, text messages, Facebook updates and Twitter tweets? We humans have a need, a yearning for connection, which is surely the underlying attraction going on here....more