Happy Friday (or late Thursday, depending on when you're reading this), y'all! Fought tooth and nail to get through this week, and by the grace of God, I made it! Initially, my plan was to completely flake out on this Five-Minute Friday post, but when I saw that the prompt was rise, my spirit wouldn't let me ignore it ....more

May 2015 Nablopomo: Contrast

Nablopomo Prompt:...more

Blogher's NaBloPoMo May 2015: Bokeh & Sun Flare

Whew, this week is throwing me for a loop! Just as I think I've got everything semi-under control, another knotty mess pops up for me to unravel. Remaining calm and staying centered are not strengths I naturally possess, but they are getting a formidable workout as of late ....more

Reflecting on Mother's Day + Pics from Joy's First Birthday

This quote definitely sums up my life, these days....more

My Story Is Far From Over.

Bit of a twofer for this post, since I wanted to partake in Five-Minute Friday and BlogHer's May 2015 cycle of Nablopomo. Ambitious? Eh, for me, maybe, but I do believe it's just what I need to climb out of the doldrums and jumpstart my creativity ....more

What We're Reading!

Hi Folks! I've been blogging here at Living My Someday for quite some time, but I'm not sure if I've ever shared the fact that I adore reading! Books have been close companions of mine since I first learned to read; from that magical moment on, I've always had some sort of text on or near my person....more

12 Fantastic Gifts For Mom Bloggers & Vloggers!

Hey Everyone! Hope each and every one of y'all had a blessed weekend!...more

My Comforter

Happy Friday, y'all! Is it just me or did this week kinda fly by?! I'm not mad about it, but it does feel like I was scrambling the entire time ....more

10 Perfect Gifts For A Toddler Girl

Hey, All! Hope this fabulous Tuesday is finding you well! This very special post was inspired by my daughter, Joy, who will be turning one on Friday ....more

Hiding In Plain Sight.

It's Saturday, 'tis true, but Five Minute Friday is still going on, so I'm not too late! Hooray!...more