4 Easy DIY Home Decor Ideas!

Hey, welcome back! I hope you had an enjoyable weekend! Our was okay, but a bit marred by illness, so we stayed in for the most part ....more

Hiking at Red Rocks Park with Kids

Happy Friday, Everyone! I hope this post is finding you happy and excited for the coming weekend! Earlier this week, my family and I hiked around Red Rocks Park and even spent a few minutes at the Ampitheatre (one of the coolest venues I've ever seen in my life!) ....more

Life in Denver: We. Are. HERE!

We've officially been Denverites for a little over a month, now, but I must say it feels much longer! I say that because as soon as we got here, we hit the ground running exploring this fabulous city! And Denver, you have not disappointed us ....more

Wordless Wednesday: 2 Brothers, 3 Birds.

Ahhhh, it feels so doggone good to be back for Wordless Wednesday! Moving has definitely made getting into any sort of rhythm, um, interesting, but I'm slowly...more

Independence Day 2015.

Well, we did it, y'all. We are the proud residents of Denver, Colorado, a vision my husband and I have had for about five years! When one's dreams become reality, there's immense joy, of course, but also a bit of anxiety (for me, anyway) seeing the power of God bring something into fruition ....more

Wordless Wednesday: Cultivating Generosity.

As part of our gradual move toward a more minimalist way of life, we decided to part with a few of the outdoor toys we'd neglected to play with. In an effort to get the kiddos involved in the process, my husband invited the boys to wash each item and offer it to one of our neighbors. Much to my surprise, they enthusiastically accepted....more

10 Affirmations for Content Creators.

I am a big fan of embracing artistic expression. I believe all of us have a creative force within, yet so many are unable to—or are actively discouraged from—pursuing their endeavors. To me, that is a tragedy because the world needs you! ...more

Wordless Wednesday: A Hole In The Hand.

Last year, my husband and sons decided to do a few science experiments over the summer. All three of them enjoyed it so much, they've made it an annual event. Here's a graphic of their most recent exercise ....more

5 Ways To Support A Friend In Crisis.

When we're younger, the notion of friendship seems is easy. To the very young, it mostly consists of playing in the same area and learning to share toys. As we get a little older, connections deepen, but can remain stubbornly fickle ....more

Wordless Wednesday: Me and My Best Gal.

I make weird faces, sometimes....more