Wordless Wednesday: Dino Death MatchAny

This surprisingly brutal scene can be viewed in all of its glory at the Painted Desert Indian Center in Holbrook, AZ. I didn't realize how hardcore it was until after I'd taken a picture of my family in front of it (I'll share that photo in another post)! Any Mortal Kombat fans out there? ...more

Scenes From A Front Yard

In an effort to increase our curb appeal a bit, my husband bought a few plants to spruce up the front yard. The boys were thoroughly excited by the prospect of a) getting dirty; b) getting outside; and c) having the responsibility of watering said plants every day. Seeing as how the light was gorgeous, I naturally snapped a few pics of the endeavor ....more

Wordless Wednesday: Yes, It's Another Mural...

...because I somehow forgot to include it in last week's Wordless Wednesday post! It's too beautiful to just leave sitting in iPhoto, am I right? Artist: Gennaro GarciaFind this piece as well as many others on Roosevelt Row! ...more

One Weekend, Two Festivals!

Last weekend, we attended not one, but TWO awesome cultural festivals! The weather in Phoenix is absolutely perfect this time of year, so we jump at any opportunity to be outdoors. It was such a pleasure to see folks of all different hues, celebrating traditions that make them uniquely beautiful ....more

On Our Way

Man, oh man, what I wouldn't give for a plan, right now. To have one would be the balm to my tightly-wound little soul. Several months ago, the bottom dropped out of our lives like a trap door ....more

Wordless Wednesday: Murals.

So after days (weeks?) of slacking in the photography department, I finally got my hindquarters in gear and got out of the house with my Nikon. I wasn't sure exactly what I was going for, but my husband mentioned some nifty murals in the downtown Phoenix area, so that seemed like a great place to start. We had lunch first, so by the time we found the artwork, it was midday, making for difficult light for a newbie like me ....more

I Am Worth The Effort.

Hooray! It's my first time joining the "That's What She Said" Linkup hosted by Dean of Mrs. AOK and Courtney of What's Up With The Willems....more

The Purge Continues!

Happy March, folks! I hope this month finds you well! Over here, The Purge continues ....more

The Revival.

This week went by really quickly, right? I'm not complaining, but sheesh! Anyhoo, I'm happy to be hanging out with the lovely folks at Kate Motaung's for Five-Minute Friday ....more

The Breakthrough Has Begun.

I used to be so afraid of experiencing seasons of difficulty. I think that's a pretty common mindset because hard times are, well, hard. Frankly, being a human being can be downright painful at times ....more