The Revival.

This week went by really quickly, right? I'm not complaining, but sheesh! Anyhoo, I'm happy to be hanging out with the lovely folks at Kate Motaung's for Five-Minute Friday ....more

The Breakthrough Has Begun.

I used to be so afraid of experiencing seasons of difficulty. I think that's a pretty common mindset because hard times are, well, hard. Frankly, being a human being can be downright painful at times ....more

What I've Always Wanted.

It's Friday and I'm actually finishing this Five-Minute Friday post?! It's a winter miracle! If you have no idea what the heck I'm blathering on about, head here for details ....more

Wordless Wednesday: Beyond Blessed

Lots of changes are on the horizon, but these four precious souls right here are a constant source of love, strength, and security. Beyond blessed to be riding through life with 'em. Forgive the picture quality ....more

Wordless Wednesdays: The Yellow Sundress

This little number was a wonderful hand-me-down from my cousin and I couldn't WAIT to put Joy in it. After months and months of agonizing patiently waiting, it fits. She'd just woken from a nap and the light was shining down on her in a most irresistible way...I was compelled, what can I say? ...more

Simple Living Inspirations

Image via Gossipness With each day, we get closer and closer to the life we've always dreamed of. On paper, things don't look so hot, but spiritually? We're firing on all cylinders, baby! ...more

Everything Else Can Go.

One day, I'll get it together and post on an actual Friday—unfortunately, that day is not today! Still, here's what comes to mind when I think about the word keep. If you're not sure what the heck is going on, click this link to find out more about Five-Minute Friday fun!...more

WordlessWednesday: The Fog

We don't get a lot of foggy days here in Phoenix, so when we woke up to the gloriousness pictured below, we knew we had to document—and play in!—it. These were both shot with my iPhone, which is why they're not super sharp, but I love 'em, anyway. ☺️ Happily linking with two wonderful blogs on this lovely Hump Day: NC Sue of Image-in-ing and MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter! ...more

Heeeeeyyyy, February!

Lately, I've been greeting the start of every month with an air of triumph! By the grace of God, you made it through another month! Way to go, Dara! ...more

Worth The Wait.

Hey there! It's Five-Minute Friday (on a Saturday) time! I meant to do this yesterday, but just couldn't get my act together in time; thankfully, this community is full of grace, am I right? ...more