According to Queen, "You're my best friend"...

 Love you like a sister but better.Best friend forever I love you.LYLASBB. BFFILY.We were tagging back in the day my friends. Seriously ahead of the curve.  ...more

Just stick your fingers in...

Today I write about comfort foods. I have probably done this before. I know I have talked about my strange relationship with food.I am currently in a struggle with myself. I am horribly lazy and scornfully plagued by guilt because of my laziness. As a result...I am experiencing some food issues. ...more

Touch me...Heal me....probably not

Naming five things that heal my soul is like a chore. But I am a team player......more

Letting in the light.

 Rumi said that a wound is where the light enters you. I should be positively GLOWING!!! From the inside out...Oh, wait, maybe I am. Let me dim the lights....more

It's going to leave a mark.

  Does time heal all wounds?Actual wounds?Like to the flesh?...more

Afraid to let go...

 That damn FROZEN song just popped into my head..."Let it Go"...blah de blah...The question is have I ever been afraid to let go of my grief? Maybe. Don't remember....more


  Denial. Anger. Bargaining. Depression. Acceptance. DABDAI wish I had emoji’s right now. You know that big CHECK mark.....yes, I would use it. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 times. ...more

Process Group

What method do I use to get through a disappointment? First of all I need to clarify that by disappointment I mean a relatively small thing in the BIG scheme of life. Not death or a scary diagnosis. I mean not making a sports team or missing out on something I really wanted to do or see or go to....Clear?OK....more

Everybody hurts...sometime...

Yesterday I did not write. I was in pain. Physical pain.The topic was "do you take time to heal from pain or do you force yourself to keep moving forward"? I am pretty sure it referred to emotional pain. ...more

Going off topic..

I don't want to write about Ferguson today. It's Friday. Today the morning radio show I listen to talked about #ithappenedataschooldance. It got me thinking....In the 70's middle school was called junior high and dances were at night. Aside from the Prom and the Valentine’s Day dance, the other dances were just casual, Friday night dances. ...more