Normalizing extremes

"Bitch" is not an insult. It's how they talk to each other. That is just the beginning. I read a post today about the world my 12 year old daughter is growing up in. I am almost 100% sure that is why I feel completely sick to my stomach. ...more

Comfort Zones

Dear Grace,Let’s talk about Comfort. Comfort Zones. I was desperate to be a mother. It is a bit odd really because for so long all I wanted to do was work. Have a career. Make money. Live in NYC. My life was far from awesome. I was very uncomfortable when I met your daddy. I was used to a kind of treatment he was not capable of giving me. THANK YOU BABY JESUS. ...more

An award for Everyone, and everyone gets and award...

Disclaimer: I love award shows. Music awards, film awards, Tony awards, Academy Awards, Sports' Awards...etc. ...more
dani_stockham brainbodydoc read my blog for today if you can. #likeminded #minustheswearingmore

It only takes 10

 It took me 10 minutes to run (trot) from my house, down Fountaingrove Parkway, to Daybreak Court. It's about 1.2 miles. It takes me double, no triple that time to walk back UP.The analogy was simple.I have 2 middle school aged girls....more

If you never quit.....

Even though the events of last August were stunning and pretty "life" altering, I can't remember the date or the days that led up to it. I would have thought it would be burned into my brain....more
great post about kids in sports and yes its good to let kids be kids toomore

Homemade, handmade, hand-me-down

It is a statement that will send all 4 Phillips girls reeling!"I could totally MAKE that". Inside, aside from the first thought of, "well I just spent $$$$ on it so STFU", we are flashing back to a childhood full of homemade, handmade, hand-me-downs. ...more

I made up my mind...I think.

  I made up my mindI aint wasting no more timeHere I go againon my own... ...more
Ask him to help anyway. Seriously, daughters can take after their fathers and as one whom was ...more

Decisions Decisions

 Oh dear. Making decisions is never really an "opt out" situation around here. I am a woman. A wife. A mother. A business owner. All I freaking do is make decisions. One right after another. All day, every day....more

Making mistakes

   "I'll just keep on making the same mistakes, hoping that you'll understand"...Happy birthday Ed Sheeran and thank you for the lyrics....more

Decorative cook.

Somehow me making dinner turned into a part time job and it rankles my full time husband. He says he wants me to make dinner every night but with our life and our schedule, I am pretty sure he doesn't mean it. But he means it enough to say to other people that I "never cook". Which btw, it so far from the truth and quite frankly, it's a bit hurtful. I should mention that to him. When I want to argue, fuss and fight with him. Not today. ...more