Put up your dukes

I am going off topic. I have to. Life has interfered with my blogging prompts....more

A good night routine....

 Night begins at my home right after dinner. Dinner time can range from 6:00pm until after 7:30pm, depending on when my husband gets home, if he is barbequing, and if there is a sporting thing...practices etc......more

Routinely chained...

Monday we were asked about the being chained by our habits or released by them. Tuesday was about our morning routine and what we would change....more

Wishful thinking vs. Thoughtful wishes

Mary Martin, of the original Peter Pan fame, once said, "Stop the habit of wishful thinking and start the habit of thoughtful wishes".I have to think about this one........more

Seven times in twenty two days

 Olympian, Jim Ryun, said, "Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going". He would know. He ran in the 1968 Olympics. He is the first high school athlete to break the 4 minute mark in the mile during a meet. Yes, he made a habit out of running. And running fast. Well done, Mr. Ryun, well done....more

Make a habit of it.

 I read about a church that challenged the married congregation to have sex every night for 30 days in a row. "Sex" could be defined by the couple. I have a feeling that all the husbands were over the moon with this idea. I have a feeling that the wives were mixed in their level of excitement. ...more

Same, Same or more of the same?

The prompt for yesterday and today are about reading the same book or watching the same movie, daily or weekly for 10 months straight.I don't have the ability to do either of these. Soooooo....I am going to write about a habit that I discovered I have and that I am so fearful I have imprinted on at least one of my precious offspring....more

Go with what you know....or nahht

 I have 59 minutes to write this post. Question is "Do you need to find new music, authors or actors or do you stick with what you already know you like"?Music is a tricky one for me because I have young daughters. We listen to a Top 40 radio station in my car. Mostly Country or Classic Rock in Dad's car. ...more

Going off the Menu

  -Do you always order the same thing at restaurants or do you jump around the menu?-Well, well, well......more

Repeat the Change

Chhh-changes turn and face the strain...Do you enjoy repetition or do you always need change? I live in a home filled with habitual creatures. Whether the habits are positive or negative depends on the day and my tolerance level.My husband is about as set in his ways as you are capable of imagining. His entire day is built on repetition and rituals. From his morning routine to his route home from the office. Predictable and fully without flexibility....more
MaureenMcCloud  I may cry. You have complimented me in a way that fulfills my soul. I am filled ...more