Oh honey....trust me, I know crazy!

 I am writing about a crazy friend. No names. As the prompt said, "they already know they are crazy". I have lots of experience with crazy. I am not referring to crazy as in funny, irreverent crazy. I mean certi-fucking-fiable crazy. Diagnosed and shit.  Yea, it's like that....more

I need a word

In thirty-two days it will be 2017. I am so forward thinking right? Meh....more

Pet peeves

 Today I am prompted to write about what I have learned from my pets. ...more

Thanksgiving fails

T minus nine.Thanksgiving is 9 days away. This holiday is so heavy. Heavy with food. Heavy with gratitude. Heavy with football. Heavy with family. Heavy with feels.I think my Thanksgiving memories from my childhood are all jumbled together. I know that there was lots of cooking and lots of drinking. The older I got and more dysfunctional my family became, the more the drinking became the central theme. I am currently searching my brain for a single Thanksgiving touchpoint memory. I got nada....more

Week 2

I spent a handful of days not feeling like laughing. Luckily my husband was on a trip out of the country so he wasn't around to witness the mood or push me to snap out of it before I was ready. I'm probably still not ready but I have work to do. I am all about the work. I have been married to the same guy for 23 years. We have been together for 24 years. As you can imagine the past decades have afforded us many "funny" things. I am prompted to write about five funny things my relationship has taught me. Only 5? Meh....more

Exclusionary Tactics

I am a Feminist. We should all be Feminists. But we aren't.I am, as my friend said about herself, a humanist. I do not embrace exclusionary tactics. I am into inclusion. Having stated this on a public forum, I have to address the divisiveness that has pitted Democrats against Republicans, women against men, gays against straights, religious against atheists, and racists against every person of color. ...more

Double bladed knives

  If you go to culinary school or even take a class in culinary arts, the first order of business is learning about knives and knife safety. It is the foundation for all things cooking and baking. The prep is the key. Household kitchen knives are single bladed. Many lose their sharpness from dishwashers and lack of sharpening. An unsharpened blade can be more dangerous than a fully sharpened blade can be. ...more

Misogyny, Bravery, and Mental Health

I wish it was next Wednesday today. Then this vitriolic election would be over and I could go back to watching commercials about cereal and stomach problems. ...more

Flipped the switch

 Fourteen years seems like long enough to figure someone out right? Especially if you live with the person. More so if the person is of your own flesh and blood. At the risk of sounding like a certain Presidential candidate....WRONG.WRONG.WRONG.My baby is 14. As of yesterday at 8:45pm. Happy birthday Lea Jane. I love you forever and then forever again....more

"In my opinion..."

When someone starts a convo by saying, "In my opinion...” I usually say, in my head, "Did I ask for your opinion?"; but I'm a bitch so there is that.I love opinions. Mostly my own but I do like to hear what other people think. Well, the people I like, which is a low number because I don't really like people. I sound lovely don't I?...more