It's A Man's World....

...But it would be nothing without a woman...Construction is the last bastion of misogyny.  (Not the last)...more

Thanksgiving disasters

Today I was prompted to write about the one appliance I couldn't live without. Snooze fest.My radio show was chatting about worst Thanksgiving stories. And lo and behold. I have a few....more

I want to fight...and write

   Somehow I missed a prompt or two? It seems my days are melding into one big fat hairy dust filled day of busy work and lots of worry. I have issues....more

So funny I forgot to laugh...

 FINALLY! A post about being funny. I am a laugh riot. The funny one. Making jokes and witty remarks about anything and everything 24/7. You have a problem with that? Bummer. As my daughter says WAY TOO OFTEN...Sucks to suck....more

You calling me controversial?

Controversy.Controversial subject matter.  My take on writing about controversial subjects changes, or has changed over time. When I first started blogging, the things I wrote about were personal. I wrote about my life. My struggles. ...more

Blocks, Steals and Trickery

  Nope.Not blogging about basketball.Although I could. I love basketball. I gained a handful of Twitter followers recently due to my amazing Tweets during the Warriors' games. True Fact....more

Talents and worries. Bragging and banishing.




Trust me, I'm a professional

 Today the question is whether I consider myself to be a professional blogger.  Ha!Professional as in doing it for a living? Umm no.Professional as in I spend time working on my blogs, like it's a job, but a job I love? Umm YES....more

Finding my voice

 My voice. I think we never really know what our voice sounds like. Until we hear it recorded. Then we don't believe it really sounds like it does and we blame it on the recording or better, the recorder. It's universal. It you have an unusual voice, say too high pitched or super low or whatever...then you don't have a firm grasp of how other people hear it. Trust me on this one. ...more