What I know for sure...

When I first became a SAHM, Oprah had a daytime talk show. I watched it every day. A few years into her reign as the daytime Goddess, she started ending her shows with a few questions to her guests. One question was, "what do you know for sure?"Fast forward to my first time hosting Thanksgiving. I set my table with my china and crystal and hand crafted place cards. Additionally I had a side stable set up with small papers, pens and a fishbowl. I asked my guests to write a little something on the paper.First: What are you thankful for?...more

white, mom, wife, sister: seeking

These are complicated times. The issues facing our world are heavy. Every group is pitted against every other group and then sub-groups are formed to further the divisiveness. I am in many groups and at the same time I am struggling to identify with any group. Everybody wants to belong somewhere. ...more

The Blood Patch

Happy 15th birthday to my firstborn daughter, Grace Katherine. When I was in labor with Grace, I got an epidural. I live with the crippling pain of Rheumatoid Arthritis every day and have for 35+ years, but childbirth just about killed me. I was a mere 3 centimeters dilated when I got my epidural. Prior to it I was in mortal agony.  So the anesthesiologist came in and between contractions he gave me the epidural. Instant relief. ...more

Manipulation 101


The light, the flame, the love.

 I was in the therapist's office. Talking about my failures. Too numerous to mention here. She, in all of her wisdom, addressed my current nagging issue. I talked about how I am trying to teach my children that the "spotlight" must be shared and just because one child is shining, the other child is not dull.The problem is, somehow (?), my girls have turned the "spotlight" into a competition that has parental love, as the grand prize. My therapist used the most illustrative of metaphors to help me and I want to share it here....more

Parenting and what it is not

Today I will write about my relationship with my parents, and how it changed over the years. ...more

Is Your Teen Obsessed With Her Screen?

I have 2 teenaged daughters. They both have laptops and iPhones. I supervise them. For instance, the only iTunes account is mine, so if they buy a song, I know about it. I know their passwords as well. Despite all of that, sometimes shit happens. ...more
Yes, and I was shocked when I started seeing the number of texts each month on the phone bill ...more

Anything but that

My husband sings in the shower. He makes up lyrics to real songs. He personalizes the songs to our life, our family, our situation. On Sunday he was belting out a song to the tune of "California Dreaming". You know..."all the leaves are brown...."I walked through on my way to the closet. He stopped singing and asked if I wanted to talk about anything. Anything like what? I asked.The girls?Us?Religion?Politics?I said, "ummm....anything but politics"....more

Passion Police

 February is a month to blog about Passion. What you are passionate about? Who are you passionate about? What fuels your passions and stuff like that? Blah blah, love, passion, moon, spoon, June. Not feeling it. But I am only 5 days into the month so anything is possible....more

In a rut

It is the 27th day of January in the year 2016 and I am officially in a New Year's rut. My 2015 ended with my health being in a pretty crappy space and it interfered with my ability to embrace this New Year. I am still in a place of unknowing with regard to my intestinal distress but I had a GI doctor tell me that in the realm of patients seen at his practice, I am considered very healthy. As if this was supposed to make me feel better. Which it did not. It infuriated me. And that confused me....more