Thirteen starts

I am faced with a daunting task. I need to write my letter to my newly minted teenager. I am stressed. I have begun this letter at least 13 times. No lie. It always comes out wrong. Much like most of our conversations lately. I say something and you scoff or roll your eyes or fully dismiss me with a tone that bores right through me. ...more

Culinary Class 2015 vs Home Ec. 1975

In 8th grade I took Home Economics at East Junior High School in Tiffin, Ohio. The first semester was cooking and the second semester was sewing. This was not an "elective". It was required.I have a daughter in the 8th grade. She chose "Culinary" as her elective. In 7th grade she wanted to take Culinary but she had to wait until 8th to actually take it. Her 7th grade elective was Drama. Absolutely a prep for Culinary. She is a dramatic cook. ...more

Beloved dish...

  My head is swimming with things to say about this prompt. The very first thought that came to mind was about a beloved family dish from my childhood. (Get the F out)! No really. The dish is spaghetti and meatballs. Couple of reasons. Still with me? Don't care? Gotcha....more

...Hip bone is connected to the...???

Several months ago while I was waking up my daughter, she woke up a bit startled. She seemed out of it so I was very still as I waited for her brain to catch up with her open eyes. I had turned away from her for a second to push the button on her twinkle lights when I heard her say, in a soft voice, "hey mom, what is this"? I turned back toward her and saw that she was pointing to her protruding hip bones. I laughed a little and said, "Honey, those are your hip bones"! She proceeded to explain how they seemed to just "appear"....more
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Elusive Truths

 I ask the same question every day. I ask it several times. I get varying levels of truth with each answer.It literally breaks my heart. I have started rephrasing the question in an effort to give my pretty little liars a better chance of telling me the whole truth. However, they persist with the lies. ...more

My 9/11 Anniversary Love Story

In 1992, I went on a "blind date" with my department manager's son. She was against it but her daughter insisted. Boyd was unlike any man I had ever known. He was a bit wild. Slightly flamboyant and 100% sweet. I remember my sisters commenting on how tight his jeans were and how tight his black shirt was. I liked it....more
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Normalizing extremes

"Bitch" is not an insult. It's how they talk to each other. That is just the beginning. I read a post today about the world my 12 year old daughter is growing up in. I am almost 100% sure that is why I feel completely sick to my stomach. ...more

Comfort Zones

Dear Grace,Let’s talk about Comfort. Comfort Zones. I was desperate to be a mother. It is a bit odd really because for so long all I wanted to do was work. Have a career. Make money. Live in NYC. My life was far from awesome. I was very uncomfortable when I met your daddy. I was used to a kind of treatment he was not capable of giving me. THANK YOU BABY JESUS. ...more

An award for Everyone, and everyone gets and award...

Disclaimer: I love award shows. Music awards, film awards, Tony awards, Academy Awards, Sports' Awards...etc. ...more
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It only takes 10

 It took me 10 minutes to run (trot) from my house, down Fountaingrove Parkway, to Daybreak Court. It's about 1.2 miles. It takes me double, no triple that time to walk back UP.The analogy was simple.I have 2 middle school aged girls....more