How To: Breath Meditation

Breath meditation is an essential concept of meditation because many other meditations rely on you understanding this concept first....more

Where is Your Money Going?

Conscious Living, is also intentional living. Intentional means to do things on purpose.  Today, I want to discuss, 'spending our money with purpose, or intention.  When your money leaves your hands, where is it going, who is is supporting?...more

Do You Have Trouble Getting Out of Bed? Try These 5 Tips.

Far too often when my alarm rings, I blink my eyes open, think to myself, "I don't want to get up," hit the snooze button and fall back to sleep. Anyone else? I am just not a morning person at all. I always want a couple of more hours....more
Wow..that's a nice tip..Perhaps I can try these things out when I have time. I hope it would ...more

What Is Social Justice?

Social Justice is love. It is loving people right where they are and encouraging them to have a better future. Jesus neverdiscriminated against any race, religion, sexual orientation, handicap, etc. In fact, he gravitated towards the ones who were different from him. He sought them out, met them where they were, and he worked miracles....more

Scents of Fall- DIY

So, when Davie and I were registering things before we got married I told him we MUST have a Crockpot. I read all of these wonderful recipes and how easy it is, so I decided it was one of the necessary things.When I received my Crockpot at the bridal shower it was so excited! I dreamed of the wonderful things I could make in it....more
This is a great idea! I might try this next week :)more

5 Tips to Start Yoga at Home

Yoga can be intimidating. I know; I was completely intimidated by it at first. I started yoga because I saw beautiful poses on Instagram and wanted to try them. When I did try them, they turned out to be harder than they looked. So, I started practicing yoga at home, and today I want to share with you 5 tips that helped me establish my at home yoga practice. ...more
I sincerely believe it is best to do some beginner/basics classes so you can get the alignment ...more

6 Tips to Detox Your Body, Naturally

Lately, there have been a craze of detoxing your body.  It is true our body builds up toxins but drinking a shake for a week won't solve your problems.  Many of the teas and shakes are filled with laxatives which clean you out but are not a sustainable way to flush the toxins out of your body. Keeping up with a healthy lifestyle is a great way to keep your body running at full capacity and they aren't hard changes to make. Here are few changes you can make to support a healthy life:...more

Our Quaint Attic

Praise God for an answer to prayer!...more

5 Characteristics of a Farmer

"The farmer plants seed by taking God’s word to others." -Mark 4:14 We are doing a series on 'The Parable of The Sower' in Church for the next couple of weeks. My pastor is teaching on each of the soils and how to grow and develop as a Christian. Last night at Missional Community my pastor encouraged us to seek out what God was teaching us specifically about this parable....more