Christmas Muffins and the True Meaning of Christmas

No one knows the exhaustion of the holidays more than a teacher in the days leading up to winter break (especially teachers of smaller children).No one understands the anticipation and angst of Santa's arrival more than a Kindergarten teacher on Dec. 19.No one can imagine the crazed excitement of the Christmas countdown more than teachers....more

Amateurs Step Aside: A Target Story

“I am sooo not an amateur” I said to myself, walking into Target days before Christmas. I had perfectly practical shoes on, as I put Leslie Sansone to shame while I sprinted across the snowy Target parking lot at 8:00 am that morning....more

Who Are All These Amateurs in My Beloved Target?

As the jingle bells are ringing and there's an endless amount of rockin' around the Christmas tree, there is also something else in the air ......more
Off the subject really, but our local Target store is closing at the end of January. The town ...more

Evolution of a Buzz

Have you ever had one of those nights that landed you in a bar on a Tuesday night in the midst of crazed drunkenness?  The kind of crazy where everyone around is taking part in this secret tribe of togetherness with people that they hardly know?  The kind of drunkenness that ends with everyone singing a Grateful Dead song in unison without music? ...more

It Could Be Worse

It could be worse.It could be worse.It could be worse.I repeated those words in my own mind for months leading up to the heartbreaking news that I had just received. My baby, my first born, my son was in desperate need of another open heart surgery.  Except this time, his fragile, tiny heart needed a titanium valve to save his life. It could be worse....more

Parenthood is Like Being a Flight Attendant

Several weeks ago, while navigating and orchestrating a particularly hectic morning, I found myself saying the words, "Please turn off all electronic devices and remain seated in your room until I tell you it's okay to come out."  Now, these words were not spoken in anger or frustration, rather they were delivered in a calm, direct and to-the-point manner. They were words that needed to be spoken so that the arguing and bickering would cease at 7:20am and I could salvage what was left of my sanity.  ...more

Little Silent Girl

As I slowed my car to a stop for the red light, I noticed the car next to me.  The older sedan had noticeable dents and rust....more
My daughter is 3 and this was so sad to read.  It is so rare that you see a little child whose ...more

Hold on Tight and Don't Move

I was laying on the couch watching TV when all of a sudden there he was. Crawling into the little nook by my side. Although, now he has gotten so big that he barely fits in that little nook anymore. But he squeezed in there nonetheless. I wrapped my eager arms around him and we both smiled....more
terrilively Thanks for reading!more

Turning Into the Skid

Lately it seems that things have been a little out of control. A little off kilter.There has been sudden illness, a death in the family, childhood sickness that got a little scary and frustrating and some sensitive, flared tempers. Not to mention the severe cabin fever going on due the damn Polar Vortex that has hit the Midwest. Ironic, because when I think of the word 'vortex', all I can think of is something that sucks. And that's exactly what 2014 has done so far. Sucked....more