Your Knees Your Problem

Have you heard the fuss lately about the flight that had to land early because two passengers got into an altercation over seat reclining? It would seem that one passenger was employing this gadget called a “knee defender” that when used prevents the passenger in front of you from reclining their seat. The passenger in the affected seat was frustrated, asked for help from the flight attendant, refusal/words/throwing water ensued, and bam, flight landed ....more


I’m struggling to believe that the end of August is slowly approaching. Didn’t summer just start? Don’t we have many more weekends of barbecuing and sunscreen application? ...more

Daisy Q & A: Balancing Parenthood Between 2 Working Parents

Ok, so next up in the reader questions, Natalie asks: I’m interested in how you and your husband share parenting duties, especially with his weekend commitments....more

For Myself

Right around the time I found out I was pregnant, a good chunk of my everyday wardrobe was in major need of overhauling. During law school most of my investments went to suits and “business formal” clothes, then I found myself in a job where things are decidedly casual (I wear jeans to work nine times out of ten) and quickly my “everyday” was wearing out. Then I was pregnant so everything got boxed up or pushed to the side and I had brand new clothes to wear! ...more

Daisy Q &A: Traveling with Babies

First up in the questions from readers…..a reader...more

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

I always enjoy when bloggers I read do Q&A posts- letting their readers ask questions that they answer in a follow-up post or posts. I realized it had been years since I’d done that, so I figured I would toss it out there: questions? comments? ...more

Lady Lawyer/Wold Event Worrier/Fall Lover But Summer Embracer

Sometimes, when the headlines are dominated by bad news, it is hard to come over here and blog. It seems so trivial in the grand scheme of things- the happenings in St. Louis, Iraq, Israel and Gaza, Robin Williams, missing planes, planes being shot down….but here, let me talk about my life/dog/baby! ...more

Book Club: An Update

Whew. Summer got away from me on this one….and I realized I need to update the book club and start discussion on Middlesex. Please feel free to hop on over to Goodreads to discuss ....more

A Little August Futball

Suckers for punishment, B and Gracie (and the dog!) and I got back in the car on Friday and drove back to Michigan. This time we even brought the Namby Pamby. After hitting ever imagineable traffic hiccup and then pulling over frantically to deal with dog barf (thanks buddy for aiming DIRECTLY INTO MY HAND AND LAP) we pulled into the driveway at B’s parents house at 1:30 the morning ....more


After coming back from vacation I was more than ready to hit the kitchen and enjoy some homemade meals. We had a few definite wins this week so I thought I’d share. On Monday night we made tacos- so easy, so delicious- with our favorite taco topping ....more