Days Like This

This week has been a disaster from day one on, nothing went as planned. It is hilarious in its totality. No one terrible thing, but all together each day started off and spiraled quickly out of control ....more

Happy Holidays, Or Something

With the celebration of our 5th wedding anniversary, I officially feel like the “holiday season” has kicked off in our house. We have begun the mad, whirling decent into my most favorite time of the year; “Oct-Nov-Ember” as you might say. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas ....more


B and I were the only two single people in a large group of law school friends. Everyone else was coupled off, so we were always the odd ones out. Paired together at the dinner table, in cabs, in general ....more


Gracie was a little under the weather this weekend (a little cough and sniffly nose) so we opted to take it easy. Saturday morning we skipped swim class in an effort to keep her out of the not-heated-to-bathtub-temp pool and spare the other kids in case she was contagious. However...more

ClassPass: A Full Review

As I’ve mentioned once, twice, eleventy billion times, I spent the past 30 days trying out ClassPass (for free, but they didn’t ask/require/suggest I blog about it). I really liked it and I’ve had a lot of questions about it so I figured what better way than write a super long blog post all about it? I know, genius ....more

Another Mish Mash

Somehow it is already Thursday this week, a surprise to me since I could have sworn it was Tuesday, but here we are. Almost Friday! The weekend! ...more

Surprising No One But Me

A few months ago my skin started really flipping out. It went from its usual combination self to break out city and despite a variety of half hearted attempts at dealing with it, nothing really helped. So I ordered replacement Clarisonic brush heads for my Clarisonic that has been languishing in my bathroom drawer ....more

In No Particular Order

Things that make me happy: 1. Long, all day recipes that you make on a Sunday and that fill your house with amazing smells. 2. Wine nights with good friends. 3 ....more

Water Weekend

On Mondays I often begin writing a post discussing our weekend shenanigans before second guessing myself, thinking “nobody wants to read about *someone else’s* weekend) and then I go around and around wondering if I should even type out the itinerary, ever-dutiful. And then I remember, I blog for me, and so, yeah I’d like to remember how I spent my days, as unexciting to others as they might be. So! ...more

The Boots Are Made….

Since I’ve pestered y’all with enough “I’m getting new boots!” and “Do you have any boots recommendations?” and “I’m going to also get new snow boots!” I thought I’d fill you in on the progress. No affiliate links, it all goes back to Zappos. First, these bad boys are currently “out for delivery” ....more