Butterball Has a Hotline?

Oh man you guys. Thanksgiving. The best day of the year!! ...more

Random Happenings & Small Tidbits

Prior to Gracie’s tumble down the porch stairs, she could not be bothered with television in the slightest. She’d watch 5 minutes of Sesame Street and then go about her business. We put Frozen on once or twice as a treat and she was interested for 4.6 seconds and then moved on ....more

Holiday Shopping at Best Buy {Sponsored}

Sponsored content ahead! I don’t know about you guys, but I do a lot of my holiday shopping online – the ease just can’t be beaten. However, every year I always save a few things to go buy in person ....more

No Shame In My Stocking Stuffer Game

Listen, I know. I see the calendar,...more

About Last Weekend

Focusing on happier times, lets take a look at last weekend. As Chicago geared up for an arctic plunge (refuse to use the p-v-phrase, the one that rhymes with molar cortex) we spent the past weekend out and about without wearing hats, as one should do before the temperatures plunge and everything becomes frozen. Friday evening was spent just enjoying doing nothing other than...more

The Stairs and the Stroller

On Tuesday I took the day off of work to hang out with Gracie. Daycare was closed and after watching the Today Show for a little bit I had grand plans of a long walk with the dog, perhaps a trip to the zoo (Gracie had been asking to visit the monkeys), and while she napped, an episode of Serial while I wrote a blog post about our fun weekend. As we came back from our walk it started to sprinkle and I started to hustle to get us all inside ...more

Old Faithful

B and I recently set a goal of making it to the new year without relying on take out or delivery food. While we both know an occasional pizza night or order of pho might make its way through, we are trying to cut back on needless calories and spending, due in large part to the fact that the pizza man was over so often he was on the verge of making our Christmas card address list. I try to be realistic when I menu plan and there are a few nights of the week that I know I need something easy or else it isn’t happening ....more

So You Are Visiting Chicago…..

I’m often asked questions about visiting Chicago, which is something that makes me happy. I love nothing more than sharing bits and bobs of the city I love so much, and I want all of its visitors to have an amazing time at not-Navy-Pier and want to come back a million times over. Also, please buy lots of things at our 10% sales tax rate and help make our schools better ....more


Despite my late blog posts (ugh, man cold took me down hard) Gracie had a pretty awesome Halloween this year. We sent her off to daycare on Friday morning with her costume packed in a bag, ready for the daycare trick or treating and party. We had initially planned on leaving early but when we were hit with weather so extreme it made the national news (30 mile an hour winds with 60 mile an hour gusts and intermittent rain/ice/snow flurries) we decided we should stick around longer than planned ....more


After Gracie turned a year old I felt like the monthly updates naturally stopped (at least for us) so while I haven’t been keeping as many internet based notes, she is continuing to amaze us on a regular basis. I’m sure part of this is because when you are thinking about having a baby, and pregnant with said baby, you think about the baby. I bypassed any product or book...more