Merrily Merrily

I was not kidding last week when I said I had to fit many moments of yuletide cheer into one weekend in Chicago, and we did our very best to get it all done. On Saturday morning we woke up and rather than being lazy (Saturday swim lessons are over) we got ready and met some friends down at the Chicago Christkindle Market. If you are ever in Chicago while this market is open, I highly recommend it ....more

Ho Ho Ho

‘Tis the season y’all. I’m busy shopping and list making and triple list making and deciding what to do about Christmas cards (post cards? New Year cards?) and slowly organizing our trip out to Utah ....more

You Should Be In Pictures

A little over a week ago we had family pictures done with Claire of Knoten Photography here in Chicago. We met Claire through Gracie’s daycare- her son attends the same one- and it has been great to make some “family friends” to have playdates with! Claire and her husband have a photography business in addition to their day jobs, and we were so happy to have them come take some photos for us ....more

Zoo Lights 2014

Whew, Friday. We’ve had a great but very long week and I’m looking forward to some R&R this weekend, enjoying my Christmas tree and not making turkey and gravy. After the whirlwind that was Thanksgiving we got back to it- work, daycare, the usual ....more

Shopping for the Little Ones

Ahhh Cyber Monday. Here we are, filling up our carts to fill up our stockings/trees/menorahs. After extensive research (read: Google and other Mom-friends) here is what I’m going with for Gracie and my almost-six year old nephew……Amazon links are affiliate but you should shop wherever you want, duh ....more


I spent Thanksgiving being thankful. For family and good friends and a full house and overflowing fridge. For our ability to provide for our family and use a little something extra for those in need ....more

Butterball Has a Hotline?

Oh man you guys. Thanksgiving. The best day of the year!! ...more

Random Happenings & Small Tidbits

Prior to Gracie’s tumble down the porch stairs, she could not be bothered with television in the slightest. She’d watch 5 minutes of Sesame Street and then go about her business. We put Frozen on once or twice as a treat and she was interested for 4.6 seconds and then moved on ....more

Holiday Shopping at Best Buy {Sponsored}

Sponsored content ahead! I don’t know about you guys, but I do a lot of my holiday shopping online – the ease just can’t be beaten. However, every year I always save a few things to go buy in person ....more

No Shame In My Stocking Stuffer Game

Listen, I know. I see the calendar,...more