Rotisserie Turkey Breast, Dry Brined with Italian Spices

A Turkey breast is perfect for a smaller Thanksgiving, or as a backup bird if you need some extra white meat. (My mom always cooks an extra turkey breast on Thanksgiving. Actually, my mom cooks multiple whole turkeys AND an extra turkey breast ....more

Pressure Cooker Butternut Squash Puree with Honey and Sage

Butternut squash are a lot of work. Peeling the hard skin, seeding, roasting, pureeing - I love the taste, but I saved it for Thanksgiving, when I could face the extra work for a good side dish.Then I joined my CSA, and got winter squash every year in my fall share boxes. For a while, the squash were seasonal decorations, hanging out on my kitchen counter during the cold winter months ....more

PicOfTheWeek: Browns Tailgating with 36 hour Sous Vide beef short ribs

Short ribs, 140*F for 36 hours, then in the beer cooler for the trip to the Browns tailgate ....more

Grilled Salmon with Mustard Barbecue Sauce

The beautiful fall day I’ve been waiting for is here. Clear, blue sky; a carpet of colorful leaves on the lawn; a hint of winter in the air - just cold enough to need a jacket. It’s time for fall grilling ....more

Fall Cookbooks 2014

This year’s crop of fall cookbooks is one of the best I’ve seen in ages. Normally, I cut my list down to the five cookbooks I really want. Not this year - I had to have nine books on the list ....more

PicOfTheWeek: Slicing Flat Iron Steak

PicOfTheWeek: This is why I cook sous vide - flat iron steak, perfectly pink from edge to edge. (Recipe here: Sous Vide 24 hour Flat Iron Steak) ...more

Sous Vide Flat Iron Steak with Baby Kale Salad

FCC Notice: PolyScience Culinary gave me a Sous Vide immersion circulator to use in my blog posts; this is one of the recipes I used to test it for my review.Earlier this year, I had a geeky food talk with David Pietranczyk, PolyScience Culinary’s chef. He was manning the PolyScience booth at the IACP Food conference in Chicago, and I had a bunch of questions for him. After a demo a chamber vacuum sealer and a taste test of a chocolate pop from the anti-griddle, I picked his brain about sous vide ....more

Review: PolyScience Professional Creative Sous Vide Immersion Circulator

FCC Notice: PolyScience Culinary gave me a Sous Vide immersion circulator to use in my blog posts and for this review.PolyScience is the godfather of culinary sous vide circulators. They introduced their first immersion circulator, the Model 73, back in 1973. Did PolyScience know about sous vide cooking back in the ’70s? ...more

PicOfTheWeek: Fall Grilling

Time for some Fall grilling ....more

Turkey and Dried Black Bean Chili

Welcome goblins, settle down ghouls… it’s time for Halloween Chili.h/t my favorite Halloween album of all time Halloween Hootenanny.On Halloween night, I want a dinner that sticks to the ribs of my trick or treaters, a buffer from the high fructose corn syrup binge that is coming. I want beans, meat, and a little heat to cut through the sugar that’s on the way. And, I want a chili I can throw together during the afternoon, so I have time to answer the steady stream of witches and robots knocking on the door.And pass out some more high fructose corn syrup ....more