Cooking Dinner Every Night Is a Chore

It’s easy to cook celebration meals. They’re fun! Working on a leisurely Sunday dinner, a cookout in the back yard with friends, or a holiday feast - these all remind me how much I love to cook.Weeknight meals? ...more

Please Support the Grill Canopy Kickstarter

The Grill Canopy is a KickStarter campaign for a better grill cover. Easy on, easy off, rests in a bracket that attaches to the side of your grill when it's not in use.Even better? It was designed by Canadians ....more

Pan Grilled New Potatoes

I love roasted new potatoes, creamy on the inside, with browned, crisp edges. Summer is new potato time, when they start to show up at the farmers’ market and in my CSA box. I already have the grill lit - it is summer after all - so I like to pan-roast new potatoes on my grill.My CSA started sharing new potatoes this week, finally ....more

PicOfTheWeek: Making Hamburger Patties

I know, I know, I can do it by hand. But my lumpy, misshapen hamburgers don't look good enough for blog pictures, so I broke down and bought a hamburger press ....more

Rotisserie Chicken with Tex-Mex Rub

I'm working on my next cookbook.Whoops. That's supposed to be a secret. But I'm getting so close!Rotisserie Chicken Grilling is coming soon - I'll let you know the details as it gets closer to release ....more

Ten steps to Rotisserie Grilling

I love my rotisserie. It turns out better roasts than any other method I’ve tried.Get it? Turns? ...more

PicOfTheWeek: Spice Rubbed Chicken

PicOfTheWeek: Spice Rubbed Chicken - testing recipes for my next cookbook. (And, you know, making dinner.) ...more

BBQ Beef Short Ribs on a Kettle Grill

BBQ short ribs are taunting me, popping up all over the Internet. I don’t know how I missed barbecued beef short ribs on my last trip to Austin. Maybe because I was so late getting in the line at Franklin’s BBQ…but I also went to Rudy’s, Sam’s, Iron Works, and the Salt Lick at the airport, and I must have been too focused on brisket, because I didn't have short ribs at any of them ....more

Caffè Tonic

Intrigued / grossed out by this. RT @TastingTableNYC Meet coffee’s new mate. Tonic water.@Francis_Lam via Twitter My first thought: Espresso and tonic water? ...more

PicOfTheWeek: Wood Smoke from the Grill

PicOfTheWeek: Smoke escaping from the kettle. As Jamie Purviance said, "White smoke is good; ...more