Three’s the charm: Ichthyosis Awareness Month 2015!!

Happy Ichthyosis Awareness Month!!! For the month of May,...more

What Keeps You From Seeing God? a guest post by Kelly O’Dell Stanley

I first connected with Kelly O’Dell Stanley because she has the same literary agent that I do, and I really liked her blog and writing style! I was intrigued as I began reading Kelly’s new book, Praying Upside Down: A creative prayer experience to transform your time with God. And in all honesty, I have found it to be quite fascinating how she approaches praying, faith and even life in general, from an artist’s perspective ....more

What a daily hour-long bath is good for…

Ever since we’ve had our new MicroSilk bath installed in Brenna’s new bathroom, it’s taken her long daily bath time from a two-person job to a man-to-man defense against the overproducing skin. Evan and I tend to alternate this duty as much as possible, giving the other parent a bath break for the day… which can also be a bit of a sanity-saver, as Brenna’s bath is lengthy...more

Stitch Fix, Spring Edition!

I have a confession: we didn’t run the 10K that we had signed up for this past weekend. And I have no regret....more

How being a ‘health advocate’ has changed me

Before Brenna was born, I was fairly timid. I’ve always been on the shy side, and I like to observe instead of jumping right in. Being a reporter in my early career was often a struggle for me, for as much as I loved the writing, the approaching and questioning didn’t come naturally to me at all ....more

For The Kids: IlliniThon 2015

As I announced that after being tube-fed for a year and a half, Brenna was now weaned from her tube and eating completely by mouth, hundreds of college kids erupted into cheers and applause- and then laughter when Brenna lit up and started clapping right along with them. That room full of college students didn’t sit down for 12 straight hours this past Saturday as they danced and played games at IlliniThon 2015, an annual event that...more

Friday Favorites, April 17

“Mommy, I wanna wear these shoes,” Brenna declared as we headed outside to play this week. “They fit me,” she insisted. I’m calling bluff on her sizing calculations ....more

New milestones  for spring

Just when I start to say on a regular basis “nothing comes easy with this girl,” Brenna proves me wrong once again. Because the thing that causes frustration for parents everywhere has come pretty easy for her – potty training! Can I get a fist-bump over here??? ...more

How ordinary moms can do extraordinary things…

“All it took was for my best friend’s mom to mention that a local charity (which serves the poorest of the poor in our community) had some funding cut and would no longer be able to provide needs to their clients like toilet paper. And suddenly, my group of friends jumped on board to host a huge fundraiser to collect toilet paper for them. In our first year, our ‘TP the Town’ event collected $2,400 cash and more than SIX THOUSAND rolls of toilet paper! ...more

Caring For Vs. Catering To

We are currently living with a threenager. A threenager, if you were wondering, is a three-year-old with the drama and attitude of a teenager. Like this, for example ....more