Saying something is more important than what is said

I see the posts every time I scroll through Facebook or Pinterest, with bright, clearly labeled graphics that jump out as people share them across social media. “10 things not to say to parents of preemies.” “5 things you should never say to someone who is grieving.” “8 phrases no special needs mom wants to hear.” If there’s a group or a role or a label, there is an article for you: moms, dads, grandparents, those dealing with death, special needs parents, teenagers, toddlers, NICU parents, mothers who have miscarried, people with depression, veterans… and the list goes on and on. What not to say,...more

How we’ve modified our home for our daughter’s skin disorder

When we moved into our new home in the fall of 2014, we not only stepped in ready to settle into a new community and school district, but also motivated to transform our house. We had lots of updates we wanted to make, and keeping Brenna’s physical needs in mind during the remodeling process was top priority. Brenna is very small for her age and struggles with fine and gross motor skills, and her...more

Introducing my new blog design and name

In the past couple of weeks,...more

Friday Favorites: January 29

Relaxing fireside is the only place I want to be for the next two months… Happy Friday! Here’s a round-up of some of my recent reads, articles that I enjoyed or was challenged by, and some of my favorite family moments… Apparently, I’m thinking about time management in the new year, because two of the first books I finished this year were What the Most Successful People Do on the Weekend and Time Management Mama. I was in the middle of too many books for a couple of weeks, and now I’m slowly starting to complete...more

Equipping my daughter to choose her own reactions to stares and questions

I wanted to insert myself into the conversation happening a few feet away from me, to explain and to defend, but I held back. I craned my neck a bit,...more

{Celebrating Beautiful} Embracing the Ordinary: a guest post by Becky Kopitzke

In blogging for the last 4 years, I’ve written about many different topics, but one theme that has remained constant has been my focus of...more

One year of school for Brenna: what has worked and how we prepared

One year ago, I held onto her sweet little hand and walked her through the doors of her new school. Brenna began that first semester with a two-day-a-week schedule, as we wanted to ease into everything. We knew her little body would be exhausted (and were a little worried about what that might do to her immune system), and functioning in the school environment with her rare condition was completely new territory for everyone involved ....more

Why you SHOULDN’T “type Amen and share” posts of sick children

If you’ve been on Facebook at all, you’ve probably seen those pleading posts, featuring a very sick child or a...more

My Favorite Books Read in 2015

Since I set a goal of reading 24 books in 2014 and hit 30, I set a goal of 30 books for 2015… and ended the year at...more

My 2016 Goals…what worked for me in 2015 and what I have my sights set on this year

The week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve always excites me because of the opportunity to plan and think about what I want to work toward in...more