Moving into our new home!

Yesterday afternoon, we stormed our new home with cleaning supplies and several willing family members ready to carry, clean, unpack and organize.And after 5 weeks of excitement and waiting, we spent our first night in our new home!So much will still be a work in progress, but it honestly feels like a completely different house with simple changes like paint, the new addition of Brenna's bathroom and an upstairs laundry room, and some newness in the kitchen. Before and after of the living room/family room Brenna's new bathroom is what she is most excited about. Whenever we talk about the new house, she will exclaim "bathroom!" (There has also been lots of talk about using the bathroom, so *here's hoping* that this will be a good motivator for potty training.) And oh yeah - our MicroSilk bathtub is installed and ready for lots of soaking and exfoliating baths! ...more

Back to School!

I looked at my summer calendar... blinked ...and landed on mid-August.This week, Connor started school again, and I'm left wondering where summer went. How has it already been three months since he dressed up in his St ....more

Dear Parents: Will You Talk To Your Kids About Differences?

Dear fellow parents,We do a lot of preparing for a new school year, don't we?My oldest is still in preschool, and yet I feel the rush already - back-to-school events, shopping for school supplies, new shoes, haircuts, getting my camera ready for the first day of school.There is shopping to be done, schedules to be coordinated, sporting events to drive to. There is so much ...more

Friday Favorites: August15

I admit that I've kind of been a storm cloud lately, as we're hanging in transition while living with my parents and waiting for renovations to be done on our new house…not to mention preparing for school to start on Monday, grieving after a hard week of losing Evan's grandpa, and other life occurrences. I don't do well without order, so I've been trying to take a deep breath and maintain some level of patience and sanity! A round-up of some of my favorite things, reads, and events this week… 1 ....more

New meanings

A couple of months ago, I had a quick minute when the kids were occupied in the late afternoon and I took advantage of that time with a frantic, end-of-the-day cleaning session.As I put away laundry in Brenna's room, my eyes settled on her big pink picture frame that hung above her changing table. Aquaphor smudges almost completely covered the bottom part of the frame and even extended up onto the picture itself, from where Brenna had reached up and grabbed at the frame. I smiled so knowingly, so lovingly, that in that second, I recognized a new feeling in my personal journey since Brenna's birth ....more

{Celebrating Beautiful} Empowering TinySuperheroes: a guest post by Robyn Rosenberger

In blogging for the last 2.5 years, I've written about many different topics, but one theme that has remained constant has been my focus of...more

See you soon, Poppy Harold

He didn't like the sound of "Great-Grandpa," so he became Poppy Harold to our children.But Great-Grandpa would have suited him well, because he was a great, great man.When Evan called me with the news on Monday, I wasn't much for comforting him over the loss of his grandfather. Because I felt like I had lost my grandfather too.Poppy Harold became the grandpa I never had, as mine both passed away before I knew them. He was quick with a smile that would crinkle around his eyes and his standard greeting: "How ya doing, Court? ...more

Motherhood: an overwhelming privilege

I was at dinner on the first night I arrived in North Carolina for She Speaks, deep into conversation with my new friend Megan. We had an instant connection, and we didn't mess around much with the small chat, but as writers, we dove down deep into our stories.And then she asked me something."What's it like to be Brenna's mom?"I knew it wasn't a surface question that I was supposed to answer with a general "things are good!""Overwhelming," I answered after a minute."And a privilege."Indeed, it is my overwhelming privilege to be the mother of these two beautiful children that God has entrusted to me. And it is an overwhelming privilege to care for my daughter, day in and day out.In the beginning of Brenna's life, I prayed a lot for her life ....more

Modifying our new home

Every day I am thankful for the opportunity not only to move into a bigger house in a fantastic school district, but also to be able to change that house a bit to fit our family's needs. And especially Brenna's needs.Our new home is big enough for us to be able to convert one of the bedrooms into a bathroom especially for Brenna. The square footage won't be the most impressive, but it will be hers, created only with her in mind.The over-the-top features of my dream bath won't be showing up in Brenna's real bathroom (maybe someday we'll add in a TV!), but the best parts will.The MicroSilk tub has been ordered and is on the way, and I can't wait to experience what other ichthyosis families have been raving about.We are having a shortened toilet installed for her, so that she won't struggle with climbing up onto a regular sized seat as a child.Everything in her bathroom is white and easy to clean to minimize germs and hopefully reduce infection risk.We're getting a towel warmer to keep her nice and cozy after baths, since her skin cannot do that.And her new closet will be a small walk-in, leaving ample space for us to store all of her towels, washcloths and other bath needs ....more

Transformations in our first home

This morning, our footsteps echoed and the kids' squeals bounced off of the empty walls as we walked from room to room, and then finally out, looking back, driving away the familiar route from a neighborhood that is no longer ours.Today, we walked out of our first home for the last time.And, as I think back to when we first bought our house seven years ago, right at the time we were getting married, I am reminded of all of the transformations have occurred in this home.The transformation into a new wife... unsure about how to cook, how to keep a house running smoothly, how to budget properly, how to build a new family.A first-time mother… who lived in a haze of postpartum blues for months, but who loved fiercely. A grieving mother......more