Back to school for Brenna

Even though it has taken a while for Brenna’s incision to heal, she has thankfully felt like her old self ever since coming home from the hospital. And finally, over the past weekend, her incision took a huge turn for the better! With Brenna on the mend, we were so glad that she was able to start her new school year on time ....more

One year in our new home

It’s been a year, but I still say “our new house.” It’s been a year, and we have done SO much to this...more

Kindergarten for Connor

When he woke up yesterday...more

Home from the Hospital

When the surgeon told Brenna she could go home yesterday, I wish I could have bottled up the radiant smile that Brenna gave her and released it to the world. Brenna...more

Day 7 at the Hospital

We are on Day 7 of our hospital stay, and I’m so hopeful that we’re near the end. Brenna has become so anxious. She whimpers the second the medical staff, any medical staff, enters the room and asks what they’re going to do ....more

When surgery fails – try, try again

When we first felt that the front of Brenna’s dress was wet on Sunday morning, we thought that surely she must have just spilled something...more

Love the Give: making a big difference in little ways

I think we can always make a point to give, no matter how hectic life is, no matter how much we “have on our plates.” And when we specifically take steps to slow down the rush in our lives, it leaves us open to being able to give even more – not necessarily in bigger ways, but more often. I’ve found that this kind of frequent giving can fill us up so much more than any other activity. This past June, my friends and I joined forces for the second time to host an event we created to aid a local nonprofit ....more

{Celebrating Beautiful} What Actually Matters: by Ginger Newingham

In blogging for the last 3 years, I’ve written about many different topics, but one theme that has remained constant has been my focus of...more

Closing up

Almost three years to the day that Brenna had surgery to have her gastric feeding tube placed in her tummy, we walked into the surgery center to have that hole...more

Friday Favorites, July 31

We spent the day in Chicago yesterday seeing some specialists for Brenna – namely a pediatric dermatologist that is an ichthyosis expert, and a rheumatologist, to get more opinion on her arthritis in her hands and feet. Brenna was a total ham for the medical staff, jumping and dancing and laughing. Both kids behaved so well during our long appointments, and then we got deep dish pizza! ...more