On dividing energy between siblings with different needs

It was a lazy Tuesday morning, and Brenna was cuddled among blankets on the couch watching her favorite show. I followed Connor upstairs to help him get ready for the day, when he told me he was tired and wanted to lie down. He was just getting over a little stomach bug, so I tucked him in, and he asked “will you lay with me?” I almost defaulted to my standard “not right now, I need to get ___ done.” After all, Brenna was downstairs by herself, there is always something to be done around the house, and...more

The Big Tube Wean: nearly a year later

I thought to myself the other day that I should update on Brenna’s oral eating and gluten-free diet…and then I remembered when we actually started this whole tube weaning process and realized something: it’s been almost a YEAR. In February 2013, we forged ahead with a plan to get Brenna to eat by mouth. At that time, she was taking one or two small sips of water from a sippy cup and maybe 4-6 tiny bites of foods like pizza sauce ....more

I’m just as much of a superhero mom as you would be if it was your child

Mothers of children with special needs are often heralded as pretty special themselves… being called supermoms, and “chosen especially by God,”...more

Friday Favorites: January 16

“Hi!” Brenna waved to the reflection on the side of the bath tub. “Who is that?” I asked, and she exclaimed “A baby!” “Noooo,...more

Brenna’s First Day of School!

I sat down on the couch with Evan nearby on Sunday afternoon, crafting a letter to send home to the other parents of children in Brenna’s class explaining her skin disorder. And as I...more

Snow Day: a do-over on starting preschool

This week, Brenna was all dressed with no place to go! Brenna got to experience her first “snow day” on her first day of school. With wind chills dipping into the negative 20s, schools around the area have been closed much of the week ....more

To my daughter, as she begins preschool

My Beautiful Girl, Tomorrow you are supposed to start preschool. I say “supposed to” because the projected temperatures for the day keep dropping – the high right now is a brisk zero degrees F – and so I suspect that your first day of school may end up with a school cancellation notice plastered across the news channel. But that would be par for the course ....more

My 2015 Goals – figuring out this year as it comes

Last year, I set a lot of goals. I reached a lot of those goals, and I also abandoned some of those goals when my priorities changed. I ran a 5K in under 35 minutes ....more

This year – looking back and moving forward

Three years ago tonight, we held our 2-week-old baby girl for the first time, marking a momentous celebration from 2011 to 2012. (And we joke that she hasn’t let us put her down since ) One year ago, we were hoping and praying that she would soon learn to move...more