Word counts, and words that count

My brain is getting squishy. Writing a book is stretching me in all kinds of ways. Mostly good, as it’s been one of the most exciting, albeit challenging, tasks I’ve taken on ....more

Serving Up Lunch with Step2’s Mighty Table and Chairs – and a GIVEAWAY!

When I saw Step2’s fall products, I knew exactly what our kids needed – the Might Table and Chair set. This very simple item – didn’t even need to put anything together! – has provided extra seating for little friends at lunch time and has gotten our Play-Doh and our arts and crafts projects off of the kitchen floor ....more

Under water

Brenna and I had just returned from the library last Friday and were about to cozy up on the couch to read a book when I ran to the bathroom…and stepped into a huge puddle of water as I pushed open the door. I flipped the light on to reveal one soaked bathroom – water all over the toilet, sink, and especially the floor. I ran downstairs and found a large puddle of water there, and then I ran up to our second story to be met with standing water in the hallway, puddles of water in the laundry room and Brenna’s bathroom, and soaked carpet in Connor’s bedroom and our guest bedroom ....more

Friday Favorites, September 18

“It’s getting a little dark, isn’t it?” I mentioned to Brenna as I was making us lunch. She shuffled over to the window and peered out. “Yeah… it looks like it might rain today.” Old soul Here’s a round-up of my favorite events, reads and moments recently… When I saw Go Set a Watchman on my library’s shelf, I snatched it up and flew through it ....more

Lingering effects from Brenna’s hospitalization

Brenna is no stranger to the hospital, but so many of our hospital visits and stays happened in her first year of life. This past August, when she was hospitalized for 8 days and underwent two different surgeries, was the first time in her life where she was old enough to comprehend what was happening. Which also means she was old enough to be fearful and anxious ....more

Celebrating SIX for Connor!

He’s very bright and inquisitive and sensitive. He loves the outdoors and exploring, but he’s also a homebody. He makes up games for hours, loves to read and do puzzles and figure out how things work, flies through academic endeavors ....more

{Celebrating Beautiful} “Your Ways Are Not Mine”: by Kelly McIntosh

In blogging for the last 3 years, I’ve written about many different topics, but one theme that has remained constant has been my focus of...more

Stitch Fix, back to school edition!

Talk about a pick-me-up: my most recent...more

Adjusting to school

It has surprised me (though I’m not sure why I didn’t consider this before) that this whole “school every day” business has left us struggling to adjust. This past summer was something of a free-for-all as we let bed times slide (reaaaally slide) and slept in, taking mornings late and slow for the most part. And I had every intention of beginning to set a new routine with earlier bedtimes, but then Brenna’s surgery issues and hospitalization stole most of our August, and we were thrown into the school year ....more

The Way We Use Everyday Toys to Build Motor Skills

When I first began working with Step2 a couple of years ago, I thought it would be so much fun to get a few new toys to try out, and over time, I also fell in love with the company and their values, particularly their focus on families and inclusion of all kinds of differences within our children. What I didn’t expect, however, was how much Brenna’s fine and gross motor skills would improve by simply playing with all of the Step2 products and how much her therapists were able to incorporate our toys into her therapy sessions. Brenna, frankly, would tend to not want to participate in therapy exercises...more