Let’s All Say #ThanksTeach to Support Education!

When I heard that Connor’s Kindergarten...more

Championing for the Cause

You know what they say about life… Carpe Diem! Or, in this case, Carpe DM. As in “Dance Marathon”! ...more

The perfect Mother’s Day gift. You’re welcome.

“Is it about your story?” I am often asked this about my upcoming book, A Different Beautiful (which is now available for pre-order!) Yes, of course, I share my story, but it is about so much more than that. It is about many touching stories with the common theme of discovering a different kind of beautiful in life, the...more

Friday Favorites: April 15

I suppose I might...more

Why I Have Let Go of Mom Guilt

Feeling guilty is what we’re supposed to do as moms, right? At least, that’s what seems to be implied at every turn. Guilty for working full-time, guilty for staying at home ....more

The newest Children’s Miracle Network Champion Ambassador of Illinois!

From the beginning of Brenna’s life, we have been open about sharing. Ultimately, we have wanted to create a culture that is more educated about and more accepting of differences, and...more

Our new Step2 Extreme Thrill Coaster – and giving one away!

So when we first got our Step 2 Up & Down Roller Coaster a couple of years ago, I was certain that my kids would lose interest quickly. And considering they play with it almost every day still, I will gladly admit that I was very wrong. (This happens a lot.) Now, two years later however, at age 6, Connor has pretty much grown out of it physically… so we were really excited when Step2 sent us this newly released Hot Wheels Extreme Thrill Coaster to try out...more

Friday Favorites, March 25

We were so thrilled to finally start seeing some spunk come back to Brenna after her recent bout of sickness. We’re still doing some tests (more lab work scheduled for this afternoon – UGH!), but I am so encouraged by the improvements she is showing, and I’m hoping that means she is on the upswing. Here’s a round-up of some recent favorite reads and moments… I’ve been on a Young Adult novel kick lately, finishing up If I Stay and Emmy & Oliver...more

Ups and Downs with Brenna’s Health

Last Monday, Brenna was diagnosed with a skin infection – her first since last summer – and started on an antibiotic. But on Wednesday, she awoke from her nap with a fever, and again woke up after going to bed for the night with a fever. Both came down with ibuprofen, but the trend repeated on Thursday too ....more