Merry Christmas, from our home to yours

May you be overcome with joy and peace this season. May you celebrate Jesus’ birth with the ones that you love. May you also remember, in the midst of joy-filled celebration, those who are grieving, who have no home, who have no food, who are desperate, who may be...more

Sleep in Heavenly Peace: giving with Step2 this Christmas

For both 2013 and 2014, I had the extreme honor of being chosen as a Step2 Blog Ambassador… which means our family...more

To Brenna Helen Marie, on your 3rd Birthday

My Beautiful Brenna, Earlier this week, we were getting ready for the day, and I asked you for a kiss. You pointed to your face and replied “I got my Aquaphor on.” I don’t know what your little three-year-old mind meant exactly by that observation, but I quickly reassured you that I love your Aquaphor kisses. My sweet girl, I don’t care if you have a 5 inch-thick coating of Aquaphor on, I will kiss that face I love so much any time, any day ....more

Who I Was Three Years Ago

We had put up a few sparse Christmas decorations, excitedly anticipating the arrival of our baby girl soon after Christmas. I had made a couple of freezer meals, and I had bought diapers, and I had washed pink clothes hanging in the closet. I am a completely different person now than the mother standing in this picture, who had visions of so many things dancing in her head about having a daughter…so many things that weren’t important ....more

To School, She Goes

This week, we wrap up our final therapy appointments and fill out final reports with Early Intervention, the birth to age 3 program that Brenna has been a part of for the last couple of years. And we say goodbye to our wonderful therapists, as we take on a whole new therapy team…within the local school district. In January, Brenna is going to walk through the doors of the elementary school… backpack on, personal folder for art projects and paperwork, cubby with her name on it ....more

Our Favorite Christmas books about Jesus

We love Christmas stories around these parts – we have a basket sitting by our fireplace packed full with our favorite holiday books. And don’t get me wrong, Santa gets his spotlight here and I definitely...more

Friday Favorites: December 12

One day while giving Brenna a bath, I needed Evan, who was downstairs, to grab something for me, so I bellowed out “HEY EVAN!!” Well, Brenna thought that was funny. And now sometimes when she wakes up after nap or at night, she can be heard from her bed calling out “HEY MAMA!! HEY EVAN!!!” Here’s a round-up of some of my...more

Celebrating Christmas with Signing Time

Clearly, Signing Time and Baby Signing Time are some of our favorite children’s products – as we featured them in our big Favorites giveaway last week! I asked Signing Time to participate in the giveaway since we’ve loved their videos and CD since Connor was born, and it’s really the only show that Brenna wants to watch. Then they said, “would you like to give away a Christmas Collection too?” And I said “Christmas Collection?!” The Signing Time Christmas Collection was just released last month and offers the same kind of engaging songs, cute story lines, and of course, lots of American Sign Language that the other Signing Time products are so popular for ....more

On Doors Open to Serving, Saying Yes and The Little Drummer Boy

I always say I’m going to keep Christmas simple. That I’m going to finish my shopping early. Not stress ....more

Choosing to see the beauty beyond the challenges

I often get emails from people affected by the birth of a baby with ichthyosis, but it is usually a parent writing me. This one was different. It was a nurse ....more