Can You Tell Me How To Get To Sesame Street?

This weekend, we had the honor of rubbing shoulders with TV's most famous.And the kids were pretty tickled by it. Sesame Street Live was in town, and a local radio station, WDBR, offered tickets to the Children's Miracle Network for a CMN family. Apparently Brenna's love for Cookie Monster and Elmo popped into their heads, so we became excited show-goers, along with receiving Meet and Greet passes - a dream come true for my Sesame Street fans ....more

Sliding out of Summer

It's no secret that I really don't like summer anymore.Summer is usually not a friend to Brenna. The heat can be unbearable and often forces us inside because Brenna can't sweat. The pool water is too cold for her ....more

Getting Handy with the Step2 Home Depot Handyman Workbench!

Moving into our new house has kept our to-do list long, not only with unpacking, but also finishing up little projects here and there from some of the renovations and remodeling we had done. When Step2 sent us the new Home Depot Handyman Workbench, which is a Toys R Us exclusive, the kids couldn't get it out of the box fast enough....more

Digging out of boxes

We just got hooked up to the Internet today in our new house, so I've had a forced hiatus from blogging since last week. Which has been a pretty necessary break as I'm still pretty buried under boxes and consumed with cleaning and unpacking. I also threw an out-of-town trip in the mix, with a weekend get-away with my childhood friends that we've had in the works for several months and I didn't want to miss it, despite moving the day before ....more

Moving into our new home!

Yesterday afternoon, we stormed our new home with cleaning supplies and several willing family members ready to carry, clean, unpack and organize.And after 5 weeks of excitement and waiting, we spent our first night in our new home!So much will still be a work in progress, but it honestly feels like a completely different house with simple changes like paint, the new addition of Brenna's bathroom and an upstairs laundry room, and some newness in the kitchen. Before and after of the living room/family room Brenna's new bathroom is what she is most excited about. Whenever we talk about the new house, she will exclaim "bathroom!" (There has also been lots of talk about using the bathroom, so *here's hoping* that this will be a good motivator for potty training.) And oh yeah - our MicroSilk bathtub is installed and ready for lots of soaking and exfoliating baths! ...more

Back to School!

I looked at my summer calendar... blinked ...and landed on mid-August.This week, Connor started school again, and I'm left wondering where summer went. How has it already been three months since he dressed up in his St ....more

Dear Parents: Will You Talk To Your Kids About Differences?

Dear fellow parents,We do a lot of preparing for a new school year, don't we?My oldest is still in preschool, and yet I feel the rush already - back-to-school events, shopping for school supplies, new shoes, haircuts, getting my camera ready for the first day of school.There is shopping to be done, schedules to be coordinated, sporting events to drive to. There is so much ...more

Friday Favorites: August15

I admit that I've kind of been a storm cloud lately, as we're hanging in transition while living with my parents and waiting for renovations to be done on our new house…not to mention preparing for school to start on Monday, grieving after a hard week of losing Evan's grandpa, and other life occurrences. I don't do well without order, so I've been trying to take a deep breath and maintain some level of patience and sanity! A round-up of some of my favorite things, reads, and events this week… 1 ....more

New meanings

A couple of months ago, I had a quick minute when the kids were occupied in the late afternoon and I took advantage of that time with a frantic, end-of-the-day cleaning session.As I put away laundry in Brenna's room, my eyes settled on her big pink picture frame that hung above her changing table. Aquaphor smudges almost completely covered the bottom part of the frame and even extended up onto the picture itself, from where Brenna had reached up and grabbed at the frame. I smiled so knowingly, so lovingly, that in that second, I recognized a new feeling in my personal journey since Brenna's birth ....more

{Celebrating Beautiful} Empowering TinySuperheroes: a guest post by Robyn Rosenberger

In blogging for the last 2.5 years, I've written about many different topics, but one theme that has remained constant has been my focus of...more