Hearts at Home National Conference 2015

There were stage curtains and beaming lights and microphone systems, almost overwhelming me as I stepped backstage at the 2015 Hearts at Home National Conference...more

Sharing my story within His story

Brenna was two or three days old when a relative came to us and said, bluntly, “I haven’t talked to God in years… but I’ve been praying for Brenna.” It was in that moment that I knew: I knew that God’s purpose for our daughter and for our family was to bring people to Him… and I knew that we were meant to share, and to keep sharing. You probably can’t tell by my blog, but I had always been pretty private about my faith and my relationship with God. There were even years that I really struggled with those things, and I experienced some cynicism with the church ....more

Gaining Allies

One Wednesday morning, I pulled up to Brenna’s school to pick her up, and she emerged, holding her aide’s hand as usual. A little boy from her class also followed her out, and was greeted by his own family member picking him up. “Bye Brenna!” he called to her, and I whispered a reminder to her: “what do you say?” She turned to him, and softly said “bye!” as well ....more

Life Lately

We managed to get through the entire winter season without any more than a cold (well, and Bell’s Palsy)… and then when the weather shifted to spring, both of my kids start throwing up. Of course. It hit Brenna first, and naturally had us quite worried ....more

The Frustrating Days and the Fulfilling Days

Thursdays are our one day of the week without anything recurring on our schedule. Thursdays give...more

Sharing stories of courage and resilience: Harlequin in the news

In last few weeks, there have been several stories about people affected by Harlequin Ichthyosis in the news, worldwide. Mui Thomas and her family stepped out in their very first interview ever last week, sharing about how her parents...more

Friday Favorites: March 6

A couple of weeks ago, we registered this big guy for KINDERGARTEN! Connor is so excited to be attending the same school that Brenna goes to in the fall… And I’m pretty excited about having them both in school every day, only 2 minutes from our house Here’s a round-up of some of my favorite reads, links and moments lately… In February, I finished Speak: How Your Story Can Change the World...more

“Is he sad?” Or, how my daughter is learning empathy from her own needs

With her dry and itchy skin, Brenna loves to have her back scratched...more

Decision fatigue and daily skin care

Lately, I’ve been reading with interest about the phenomenon of “decision fatigue,” and the more I read, the more I feel...more