AirLife Memorial 5K Run

Saturday morning was our practice race for the Team Challenge Denver crew. A chance for all the racing newbies to practice eating, drinking, and standing in the port-a-pottie line. First rule of racing: nothing new on race day. Second rule of racing: immediately get in the line for the potties and then when you’re finished, get in line again....more

My Crohn's Disease Trigger Foods

I remember as a kid not wanting to eat anything. ANYTHING. With my Crohn’s Disease everything that went in was much, much worse coming out. You’re welcome for that TMI, as well. And my apologies if I’ve now turned you away from my writing but Crohn’s Disease isn’t pretty....more
crystalware Sometimes fried foods bug her, too -- but, she's a southerner as well so I think ...more

How I Lost the First 10 Pounds

Last month I decided to use money as a motivator and signed up for my first Diet Bet challenge. I had my ups and downs but in the end, I lost 10 pounds in 28 days. People that I hasn’t seen in months commented on my weight loss which was such a great feeling!...more