What A Mess!

Oh, my gosh, the pictures you are about to see scare me and are really gross! So please view at your own risk!For the past year I have pretty much worked seven days a week.  Not every week, but most of them. I worked for Bath & Body Works part time, at a major retailer as a vendor on Monday's and Friday's, and I babysit my grand daughter the rest of the time while her mother attends nursing school.  Cleaning has not been my strong suit for the past year. Oh I vacuum, do dishes, and clean up, but basic in depth cleaning just has not happened....more

A Major Roadblock To My Blogging.

I had a dream for this blog when I first started it.  I assumed I would write it and throes of people would love it.  I would get commercial sponsorship, a book deal, and get to write about all the amazing new products out there for women.  The words would flow from me like a dam....more

Me Being Me, My Frugal Self

Tuesday was one of my babysitting days. My mom came over and we were discussing my husband’s and my frugal ways. She mentioned that she didn’t think a lot of other woman would be willing to do the things I do. This really made me laugh because I think deep down the majority of people think that my penny pinching husband is behind most of what I do . Well that just is not true....more

What Did You Do Last Week? We Drove Through 11 States

The past week was spent on a family trip to Michigan.  The primary reason was to bury my father’s ashes on the family plot at Crystal Springs Cemetery in Benton Harb...more

The Move Is On

A brief note, the posts for a while will not be my normal food or saving money type of posts.  I stated in my last post things have been crazy for the last year. I don't think it is fair to expect you, the readers of this blog, for me to just pick up like nothing happened.  I think you deserve an explanation and to be completely honest, I need to get this stuff off of my chest.  Please bare with me and things will get back to normal. ...more

Hello Again,

It has been a series of ups and downs since my last post.  Where did the time go?  I stopped writing this blog as I was getting discouraged.  I came into the blog with a burning desire to help others as I went on the journey to find how to live happily while spending less money.  I also had a burning desire to earn a living off the blog.  No, I never expected to become as awesome as Jill from One Good Thing By Jillie.  I did want to earn enough off of the blog to take the place of a job for me....more

Making Your Own Velveeta Is Easier Than You Think

Editor's note: The #Cheesepocalypse is nigh, at least that’s what everyone’s been saying on Twitter. It turns out that there is indeed a shortage of Velveeta—and just when the Superbowl is a few short weeks away. Kraft Foods has confirmed that its supply of Velveeta is low. But don’t despair, we’ve got this DIY Velveeta recipe from our archives, so you don’t have to go without. --Jane ...more
I am excited to try the homemade Velveeta! A lot of my friends use Velveeta, but I'm a "real ...more

This Blog Isn’t Quite Dead Yet.

I decided to take a break from writing this blog. The short time period turned into a three to four month long break.  This was not exactly what I planned....more

New Orleans Vacation Installment Two

The second day of our New Orleans vacation found us waking up in a very nice hotel room with an amazing view.  As always I could not sleep. I woke up and attempted to blog about yesterday's post and had no wireless signal....more

New Orleans Vacation Installment One.

It has been a tough time for the last few months to attempt to write my blog.  I make everything by myself and use the funds from a percentage of my pay from a part time job to pay for the trials. The job has been more off than on so it has been harder for me to purchase supplies. I have also been having a tough time writing.  Between the Peri menopuase and just feeling at loose ends since coming back from New Orleans I just haven't written lately.  I also have had trouble not speaking my mind about a few controversial news items....more