When We Are Strong

For the next few months, I am taking part in #womenslives, a campaign partnering Public Radio International and SheKnows Media...more

Fall Finds Under $25

I adore fall. I always have. Even living in a climate that doesn’t really see the true beauty of the changing season, I anticipate the end of summer and beginning of cozy autumn like a kid on Christmas Eve....more

5 Best Places To Travel In Your 30s

They say that life begins in your 30s. Gone is the awkward uncertainty of your 20s. Your 30s are a time for you to revel in confidence and embrace adventure – grown-up-style.In honor of what will hopefully be one of the best decades of your life (and a million times better than your 20’s), here are five places you should absolutely visit in your flirty thirties....more

The Soul of Southern Style

 I traveled home this weekend for a wedding—back to my first home. The muggy, slow, deeply Southern one. Walking into my mama’s house has always been a cathartic experience. The same smell, the same comfy couch, the same bedroom from my childhood....more

Jungle Living In Thailand (What I Learned When I Gave Up Running Water)

In the summer of 2005, I packed my bags and boarded a 747 bound for Bangkok. At the tender age of 20, I signed up to spend a summer in Thailand, teaching English among the Kui people of Northeast Thailand.What I learned went far beyond the teeming streets of Bangkok and touristy beaches of Phuket — it was a lesson truly realized only when I abandoned my perception of comfort and fully embraced my new home. In a nutshell, it was soul-shaping.Here are a few of the lessons I learned from my time living in Thailand’s Sisakaet Province....more

Recipes from My Mama’s Kitchen: Dark Chocolate Pecan Pie

   My mama is a bubbly Southern lady, gracious and a little bit sassy. Like any good Southern woman, she’s developed a treasure trove of recipes over the years, a collection built up from grandmothers, great-aunts, fellow Junior Leaguers and the like. When it comes to desserts, Cindy B. never fails to impress. Her Dark Chocolate Pecan Pie pecan pie is absolutely one of my favorites. It’s the kind of dessert that impresses and yet is so effortless in throwing together, it can easily become one of your faithful standbys....more

7 Moms Who Dared to Do It Their Way

This week, I’ve gotten on a serious mama memoir kick. These short memoirs (I read ‘em each in an hour or two via Shebooks.net) had me up laughing, commiserating, and crying my eyes out. Here are a few of my favorite tales of bold motherhood—one for each day of the week! ...more
Thank you for reading my story, Pulling Rabbits From a Hat.  I just came from taking my mom on ...more