Spring Beauty: Peaches and Cream

Usually at this time of year my skin is dewy and flushed as I’ve just rolled out of hibernation and into spring.Summer is just now changing to fall here in South Africa. It’s an odd feeling to look in the mirror and see myself with what is probably the deepest tan of my life, and also see that I am, in fact, wearing my winter pajamas. But how can this be? That, my friends, is fall in SA....more

Little Black Dress vs. Little White Dress

Everyone has their favorite little black dress. You know the one- It’s the dress for when you want to look fabulous, have nothing else to wear, and you know a few spilled drops of wine are imminent, but they will go unnoticed. Rejoice!The LBD is great. It’s easy, and you can get away with not ironing the thing! It’s safe. Or so you think....more

Moroccan Oil Light Review

My hair is fine, super-straight, and prone to breakage. My hair is also soft and downey like a little baby child, so it doesn’t take much to make it go all limp and sad looking. When I heard that Moroccan Oil had come out with a ‘light’ version for fine hair, I wanted to get my hands on some!...more

5 Tips for Solo Female Travel

Traveling alone as a female is not as dangerous, scary, lonely, or {insert negative adjective here} as you’ve heard it is on TV, or from your albeit well-meaning relatives. Or at least…it doesn’t have to be....more
Me and My Merrells  I was updating this post as you must have been reading it! You must be so ...more

Mastering the Smokey Eye and Other Very Serious Matters

  I’ll begin this post by revealing one of my guilty pleasures…I’m addicted to watching makeup videos. There, I said it....more