Black + White

I tend to be a black or white person in many areas of my life, I either like you or I don’t, I tend to be either happy or sad, I’m either really into a project or simply don’t want to do it. ...more

Hot Layer

Hey darlings! ...more

Matchy Matchy

Happy Monday lovelies!! ...more

Smell the Roses

Lovelies, I’d be lying if I said 2014 wasn’t kicking my ass (pardon the language)!! ...more

Copper + Gold

I absolutely LOVE summer (I’m a summer baby!), but around this time, I start to look forward to fall (even though Texas stays pretty hot until winter, lol). ...more

Yellow Flowers

Hey there lovelies! ...more

See Your Awesome

A few weeks ago, I was talking on the phone with...more

Impromptu Sparkle

Happy Monday lovelies!! ...more

My Body Is Fabulous

The YBIF series, on my blog...more

Orange Monochrome

Lovelies, the other week, I went to do the nails of my best friend’s mom, and she requested that I bring pinks and oranges (she ended up picking the green I grabbed at the last minute, lol). ...more