Let’s DIY Together!

Thanksgiving is upon us, which means Christmas isn’t too far behind! I don’t know about you, but I love the winter holidays, for a number of reasons, one being tree decorating. Much like my style, I want my tree to be unique, and what better way to make our trees unique than with handmade ornaments! ...more

Still Tickin’…Still Shoppin’

HEY THERE Lovelies!!! ...more

Jogging Lessons

Ok, so it’s been a bit TOO long since my...more

Imperfectly Perfect

I remember growing up being surrounded by amazing women, young and old, who seemed to be so cool, so fabulous, so comfortable in their own skin. ...more

Color Ministry

Lovelies!! ...more

Living Golden

I pulled up to church on Easter Sunday and a pal of mine said, “You look like you’re living life like it’s golden,” as a play on my gold skirt and the Jill Scott song, as he knows I am a Jill Scott fan. While it gave me a good little laugh before church, it […] The post Living Golden appeared first on ....more

Shopping Like Friends and Family!

OR at least, one, lol. I’m a big Shopbop fan. Though some...more

*Eff* Inadequacy

As I mentioned in my first post of 2015, I’ve really been struggling with feelings of inadequacy lately. Let’s be real, more like for the last year, lol. ...more

Just Me…

My name is Rocquelle. ...more

Practicing What I Preach