Arroz Apastelado Costeño (Sticky Rice from the Coast)

Rice is a staple in Colombian cuisine and such a versatile ingredient. You can make desserts, side dishes, main dishes and even drinks using rice. I love rice and must have it in my pantry at all times, so if I run out, that means it’s time to go shopping! ...more

Learn How to Start a Food Blog in a Few Easy Steps!

I have some very exciting news for anyone who has ever been interested in starting their own food blog! We have decided, after many years of food blogging, that it was about time we shared what we’ve learned with others. So, I have put together a couple of tutorials that will help you through the […] ...more

Ensalada de Palmitos y Maíz (Hearts of Palm and Corn Salad)

Hearts of Palms (palmitos) are a vegetable that comes from the core of the stem of certain...more

Picillo de Pescado (Salted Fish with Tomato and Onions)

Picillo, also known as Pisillo, is a traditional Colombian dish from Los Llanos Orientales. This region covers most of the area of the departments of Arauca, Meta, Vichada and Casanare. Picillo is also a very popular dish in Venezuela, while each country has it’s own variations, and can be made with dried meat or fish ....more

6 Delicious Recipes to Make with Corn

Corn is the perfect food to eat this time of year. Nothing is better than simple grilled corn with butter and salt, of course, but if you are looking for different ways to enjoy corn this season, then try one of these recipes. Buen provecho! 1.See the recipe: Arepas de Choclo con Quesito (Colombian Corn […] ...more

Esponjado de Café (Colombian Coffee Mousse)

Last week I was craving a creamy coffee mousse known as Esponjado de Café in Colombia. Esponjado is a traditional and popular Colombian dessert with many variations such as lulo, curuba, orange, lime, passion fruit, coffee and more. Esponjados are usually made with egg whites, whipped cream, condensed milk and your choice of fruit ....more

Crema de Alcachofas (Artichokes Creamy Soup)

Colombian main dishes, especially at lunch time, usually consist of a bowl of soup, meat, poultry or seafood and a side dish like rice, potatoes, yuca, plantains, avocado or a small green salad. I grew up eating soup for lunch every day and I always find comfort in a bowl of soup. I rarely tire […] ...more

Simple Labor Day Menu

I hope you enjoy this holiday weekend, relaxing with friends and family, while eating some great food! Here are some tasty recipes for your Labor Day menu. Buen provecho! ...more

Mistela de Café (Coffee Liqueur)

Mistela is a traditional Colombian drink made with Aguardiente, (a Colombian alcoholic drink), syrup, herbs, spices, fruit or coffee. It’s very easy to make, you just need a little patience. There many variations of Mistela in Colombia depending on the region ....more

Asado Huilense (Huilense-Style Roast)

Asado Huilense is a traditional pork dish from El Huila department located in the southwest of Colombia. This dish is very popular during Las Fiestas de San Pedro (St Peter’s Festival), a religious celebration introduced by the Spanish conquerors. It is usually held in Neiva, the capital of Huila, in late June each year with […] ...more