Torta de Café (Coffee Flavored Cake)

For most Colombians, no day begins without coffee (cafecito), while no meal ends without it, and it’s offered to guests any time of the day. We drink it black or with milk, the latter we call ‘café con leche’. I can’t imagine starting a day without coffee! ...more

Pasta with Cuban-Creole Shrimp

Today’s pasta recipe is a fusion of Italian and Latin American food that was inspired by a traditional Cuban dish called Camarones Enchilados. There are different variations of Camarones Enchilados, every family making their own recipe, but it’s usually made with shrimp cooked in a tomato sauce with onions, garlic, cilantro, cumin, oregano, green pepper, […] ...more

Cilantro-Lime Rice and Chicken Soup

As the leaves fall and the weather cools and I start wearing boots, coats and hats, I also start craving more of those warm meals that are easy to make and require nothing more than a little stove top cooking. This Cilantro Rice and Chicken Soup is a dish I often make and is quite […] ...more

Pineapple Roasted Pork Loin

This is a sponsored collaboration with Dime Media and the National Pork Board. The recipe, pictures and opinions are 100% my own. Pork roast is a signature dish in Colombia and other Latin American countries during the holidays, every country making its own variation ....more

Hot Chocolate in Coconut Milk (Chocolate en Leche de Coco)

What’s not to love? For me this is heaven in a cup. Hot chocolate made in coconut milk or...more

One-Pot Creamy Pasta with Bacon and Chorizo

I like to keep my weeknight meals simple, quick and delicious. With two busy boys, our evenings are filled with activities, so there’s not often time to create complicated dinners. Barilla Pronto Pasta makes those weeknight meals easier and faster to prepare than ever! ...more

Plátanos Calados (Plantains with Brown Sugar Syrup)

These plantains are simple, quick and easy to make and delicious. In Colombia Plátanos Calados or Plátanos en Tentación are eaten as a side dish or dessert with fresh white cheese. Buen provecho! ...more

Gooseberry Preserve (Dulce de Uchuvas)

Uchuva or yellow gooseberry is a typical Colombian fruit. It is small, round and a little tart and is used in sauces, desserts and salads. When my grandmother made dulce de uchuvas, she served it with fresh white cheese, similar to the farmer’s cheese in United States ....more

Arepas de Plátano Verde (Green Plantain Arepas)

I am often asked the same question, “what is your favorite Colombian dish?” My answer is always the same, Arepas… I love arepas! When I’m craving Colombian food or missing home, I usually make an arepa with butter and cheese. It’s comfort food at its best! ...more

10 Potato Side Dishes

Potatoes are a versatile ingredient that compliment many protein based main dishes. I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for delicious side dish ideas. Regardless of the type of protein you are serving as your main course, beef, pork, chicken or fish, you’ll need side dish options ....more