Our Choice to be One and Done and Why It Works For Us

 It started around six months after Maddy was born. “So – when are you guys going to have another?” Truth be told, I was still struggling with becoming a new mother, returning to work full-time, coping with the sleepless nights but most of all, my body was still...more

I'm Totally Fine With My Child Being Average

A few weeks ago, I was reading through a few posts on a parenting forum I frequent where a conversation had sprung from a parent who was completely delirious and devastated that her child doesn’t seem to have a future as a "gifted" child. What kind of prospects could she possibly ever expect to have? What kind of life and future could she really obtain if she has to live her life as an “average” child? Um ... WTF. Seriously? ...more
Love this outlook! Yes, I will be perfectly fine if my kids are average - as long as they are ...more

Fact: All Moms Are Working Moms

Dear Working Moms, Today, you’re all on my mind. Whether your office is in a professional building or in the comfort of your own home, I’ve been thinking about you. Whether you’re a married mom or a single mom, whether you dress up in a suit to go into the city or slide on your yoga pants in the morning to take care of your kids for the day, it’s important to say: We’re all working moms.  ...more
Absolutely!! :-)more

To the Boy Who Said My Daughter Isn't Pretty Enough to Play With

I knew immediately when I picked Maddy up from school yesterday that something was wrong. The happy-go-lucky, funny and vibrant little girl that normally greets me at the end of the day was replaced by a more reserved, shy and quiet statue. Instead of running to the car with glee as she normally would, she walked quietly by my side as if we were taking our last steps off the plank. ...more
What did you tell her after she told you this?   AHAHAH Ethan  F* you - you little shit ahahah ...more

Five Simple Ways to Show Love & Appreciation

The season of manufactured, retail-induced love is upon us and while I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day, I do like to flip the switch on ol St. Valentine by using the “holiday” to tell the people I love most how much I appreciate them and love having them in my life instead of focusing on the material aspect of Valentine’s Day. Along this line, it takes a little effort to be creative in showing love and appreciation when you’re looking to spend next to nothing on gifts, trinkets, etc....more

Five Blog Trends That Need to Die in 2016

When you’re a blogger, everything you do, think or feel becomes consideration for a blog post. Make a great dinner? Blog about it. Do a cool craft with your kid? Share it. Have an opinion on the latest hot topic? Write about it. When you’re a blogger, creativity is at an all-time high. You’re constantly thinking of ways to keep your readers engaged, entertained and wanting to come back for more. As a blogger, I’m pretty much up for trying anything to keep my little space interesting as long as it fits my niche and style....more

WTF! I Found My First Gray Hair

So first off, WTF. Seriously body, WTF? I’m not even 40 yet. Almost, but no. No, no, no. This shouldn’t be happening. You owe me a really great explanation for this shit. One minute, I’m a care-free, fully brunette babe, and the next minute... BAM! Grandma. ...more
I went to middle school with a girl who had tons of grey hair. The old folk say it's a sign of ...more

10 Indoor Activities for Kids for Bad Weather Days

Let’s be honest right off the bat: who the hell really knows what to do with a toddler or preschooler all day indoors? Better yet, raise your hand if you’re one of the parents who feels like throwing yourself off a cliff when you wake up in the morning and see that you have ten feet of snow outside or that you’re stuck inside with a sick kiddo?...more

My Word for 2016: Selfish

10 Creative Ways to Give Back to Others This Christmas

Christmas is an exciting time of year, especially when you have children. It’s so much fun to celebrate the holiday through their eyes and experience the magic of Christmas as a child yourself all over again. Having said this, I also think with all our joyful celebrations, we can easily lose sight of the true meaning of the holiday season. ...more
This is a great list! I would also add, "Let someone who seems frazzled (or is shopping with ...more