4 Disappointments I'm Thankful For

During this time of year, we’re always encouraged to take stock of the things we’re thankful for, and the positive blessings we have in our lives, like family, financial stability, children and jobs. But what about showing gratitude for the things in our lives that may be challenges, disappointments and let downs? How do we handle those? ...more
Totally agree.  Except on the 'arguments with spouse' point, sadly, ours are never productive IN ...more

When Did Making Our Kids Cry on Purpose Become Entertainment?

I knew they were coming. They do every year at Halloween, and every year, I’m forced to bite my tongue and try my best to scroll through and ignore the endless amounts of videos that parents, entertainment and news sites post of parents picking on children by pretending to eat all their Halloween candy while leaving said children in a puddle of tears and hysterics and every year, I shake my head and wonder ... ...more
I totally understand what you are saying. My kids learned to depend on me and that wasn't by ...more

I'm Sad for the Roanoke Victims, But I'm Also Sad for Bryce Williams

It has been a long, exhausting and sad week for Roanoke, VA, to say the very least. I met my spouse in Roanoke. Our daughter was born in Roanoke. Most of my friends and news/advertising/marketing colleagues still live and work in the Roanoke Region. I lived there for eight years and when I think about my time in Roanoke, it holds so many beautiful and fun memories and despite the horror that has occurred there this week, which is the way I will choose to remember it....more
I applaud the courage to share your thoughts. In situations like these, your point of view is ...more

All Moms Are Working Moms: An Open Letter

Dear Working Moms:...more

Why I Will Encourage My Daughter to Join a Sorority

Let’s get one thing straight about this post from the get-go: this isn’t going to be a mushy discussion where I reminisce about girlfriends or how “I didn’t go to college to find a husband, I came to find my bridesmaids” type of shit. Gag. #cuethenausea    What I will discuss are solid reasons why I will encourage my daughter to join a sorority....more
Just had this convo today with my twin girls as we drove past the soro/frat houses for ...more