You’re Doing It Wrong: Forget “The Other Woman.” Revenge is not right.

Starring Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and my boyfriend’s celebrity crush Kate Upton, “The Other Woman” garnered crap reviews but brought in $24.7 million at the box office as of April 27, according to Forbes. ...more
survivelivethrive  I totally agree! Revenge doesn't teach us anything. It's much more fruitful - ...more

You’re Doing it Wrong: Doing it all because “you do it better”

As a relatively new cohabiter - my boyfriend and I moved in together late last year - I have vivid memories of those first few weeks, figuring out who does what and when and how. I’m a pretty tightly wound person, to say the least, and boy did I have ideas about what needs to be done and where things should go and why-is-that-so-dirty-did-you-fix-that-yet? ...more
M's first reaction: "I have one question...What is a baseboard?"more

You're Doing It Wrong: Stop trying to change him

Many people, myself included, love a challenge. Tell me I can’t name all 50 state capitals or put my elbows together behind my back and I’ll jump at the chance to prove you wrong. Give me an words-written-per-hour goal and I’ll do my best to double it. I imagine the thrill of a challenge is among the reasons people run marathons, attempt souffle or decide to get multiple dogs for their one-bedroom apartment. Then there are the people who, upon meeting and subsequently dating someone, take up the challenge of changing another human being....more

We're Doing It Wrong: Bashing ourselves among friends

I was watching Inside Amy Schumer the other night, and in one of the segments, Amy ran into several girlfriends on the street. They each complimented each other, and the compliment recipient immediately fired back with a self-deprecating rebuttal.-------------------------------------“Amy! Hi! I love your hat!”“Ugh. Are you drunk? I look like an Armenian man ...”-------------------------------------“Ms. Jessica! Congrats on your big promotion biotch!”“I’m gonna get fired in like two seconds ...”------------------------------------...more

Snooping Through Your Partner's Email Should Be A Crime

“He was acting so weird, and he wouldn’t tell me what was going on. I kept asking him if something happened at work or something, and he’d say no and go back to Breaking Bad. I just knew he was off.”“Maybe he was just tired?” (Or it could be that Breaking Bad is just a fucking great show)“Maybe. But I checked email on his phone after he fell asleep and…”No. Stop. You’re Doing It Wrong....more
This should NEVER be a crime!  A person should go to jail for something so interpersonal, or ...more

You're Doing It Wrong: Setting out to settle down

It's no surprise that reality TV is full of "You're Doing It Wrongs." It's like shooting (dead) fish in a barrel. But some of these cringe-worthy moments hold true in life as well. On a handful of occasions I've heard this from someone who is about to (re)enter the dating circuit:"I feel like I've reached a point where I'm just ready to settle down with someone."You're doing it wrong....more
claresmilliken Heya - well the explanation will take more than 140 characters, hah. Email me ...more

You're Doing It Wrong: Your workout routine does not merit a Twitter update

Everybody's a marathon runner these days. It seems that as we all get further away from our college days, many people double down on their fitness efforts. CrossFit is a huge, seemingly masochistic craze; I can't go a day without a daily deal email offering me personal training; and black leggings and bright colored sweatshirts are clearly the new powersuit....more
Karen Ballum  I also care about my friends' training updates, to a certain extent. But I also ...more

You're Doing It Wrong: Your phone might be keeping you single

The scene: A Chicago bar during a college football game. A couple in a booth, accompanied by a male friend. Minutes later, a girl walks in solo and sits with the group, bubbly and smiley. (Said girl, I might add, is pretty damn cute.) ...more

You're Doing It Wrong: Financing furniture in your 20s

Anyone whose ever walked into Crate and Barrel with any semblance of a budget is familiar with furniture sticker shock. Crap is expensive. You want $899 for a chipboard nightstand? A nightstand in a cute-as-hell shade of blue with just the right amount of distressing, but still, money doesn't grow on trees, especially when you're in your 20s.Back to Goodwill you go, if you know what's good for you. You can whip a belt at a dresser to get that worn-in look you crave, and a little paint does wonders....more

You're Not Getting Married, So Why The Wedding Pinterest Board?

I'm the first to admit that Pinterest is one of my go-tos when I just need to zone out with hair tips, oatmeal recipes, and DIY art ideas. While initially hesitant to use it, I now think of Pinterest as a place to find inspiration and tricks for making life easier and more organized. It allows users to indulge fantasies too, which is what brings me here today.Ladies, please stop posting wedding stuff on Pinterest. ...more
claresmilliken I know, right?! Me too! But honestly, my tweet was in jest. I'm partnered and our ...more