Friday Favorites

Happy Friday peeps.  I have a folder in my inbox where I collect all of my favorite things that I find around the interwebs each week, this week the folder was bursting with goodness. Enjoy....more

Increasing Your Influence with #INSTAGRAM

 These days you can't travel too far on the interwebs without running head first into a hashtag (#). In this post I am going to talk about the importance of having a hashtag strategy for Instagram. This is important stuff whether you are a blogger seeking a wider audience or a creative looking to grow your business....more

SEO Basics and a Toast to YOAST

 Other than, "where do you get your hair done?" The second most common question that I get asked isHow can we make it easy for people to find my website?Great question. There are a lot of websites out there and what is the use of having one if no one can find it. Right? Right....more

Make Gorgeous, Easy Graphics for Your Blog with Canva

People, please sit down, because I need to tell you about something awesome. People of the web, meet CANVA. Canva, meet the people of the web. Canva is an online tool where you can make beautiful web graphics -- without fancy graphic design software. Canva is fantastic. All bloggers should finish reading this post and then scurry on over to Canva and begin creating your first blog post graphic. But really it isn't just for bloggers.  It is for anyone who uses any form of social media. ...more
Ooohhh...been using CANVA for some of my blog posts...loving it!more

3 Things You Should Do If Your Domain Expires

 Earlier this week one of Clapping Dog Media’s most-favorite-clients-of-all-time-in-the-history-of-ever received some very unfortunate news…Their domain expired.Wait, what? How? And who is to blame? Where is the justice! And didn’t they get like spammed with emails begging them to renew? What is going to happen?...more

What's in a Name? mom.NINJA?

There is some exciting news in the land of domains and URLS. The WWW and our friends at GoDaddy have released a whole lot of awesome domain extensions....more