KideCals review

We’re had a great opportunity to check out Kidecal name labels and at the very end of this post you can win a set for yourself! The girls have been going to daycare since Peanut they were 12 weeks and one of the rules is that all items sent in must have their names on them. ...more

Taylor, 16 months

I think the more accurate title would actually be 16.5 months, but we’re close enough. ...more

Peanut’s post as we start a “new school year”

Dearest little Peanut-butter, We continue to be in complete awe with you. ...more

Sunflower maze #WordlessWednesday

Happppy Wednesday (there goes the wordless part)! If you are wondering if she always walks with such pride and vigor, the answer is yes. ...more

Poconos Vacation – the Zoo

Our family took a little vacation to the Poconos in August to relax and enjoy some time together before the new school year and what becomes the busiest time at our work. Unfortunately, the week we decided to go to the Poconos happened to be one of the coldest and gloomiest weeks there. ...more

Taylor, 15 months old

Our dearest little spitfire, I have yet to run out of terms to describe your absolutely delightful and incredibly outstanding personality. ...more

Toys that span the 3 and 1 age group

You know what I love? ...more

Toys that span the 3 and 1 age group

You know what I love? Toys that make both of my girls giggle and it just so happens that the toy that Bright Starts sent over for a review is one of those toys! I was so giddy when we were picked for Bright Starts toys because they all looked like something my girls would love....more

I never want to forget

The little...more


Sometimes it just hits me like a ton of bricks. ...more