BabyBrownSugar 2014 Ultimate Baby Holiday Gift Guide

When it comes to...more

Shop LoveBrownSugar Limited Edition Collections

It’s almost here! We are 3 days away from this weekend’s #ShopLoveBrownSugar Holiday Pop-Up shop & celebration in NYC!...more

LBS Chic: Stylish Joggers

We love our skirts and skinny jeans at LBS, but sometimes a carefree outfit is what we need on a busy day. Especially with the temperatures dropping, comfy clothes are essential to getting through the winter with both your style and sanity in tact. Joggers are a great way to get a stylish look without any hassle or discomfort ....more

You’re Invited! NYC Shop LoveBrownSugar Holiday Pop-Up

If you guys follow my handle @LoveBrownSugar on social media, I’m sure you’ve probably seen all the buzz about my upcoming #ShopLoveBrownSugar Holiday Pop-Up Shop event this Saturday, December 13th. In case you didn’t know, I’d like to cordially and formally invite all of you lovelies who are based in NYC or the Tri-State area to come out for the blog’s 5 Year Anniversary celebration at The Dumbo Loft (155 Water St, Brooklyn, NY). This event is SO incredibly special to me ....more

LBS Feature: How To Maintain Baby’s Hair

Hey guys! I don’t typically share a ton of news about on here (working on doing more, I promise) but I am...more

BBS Chic: How To Maintain Baby’s Curly Hair

A few months back, Cadence and I had the opportunity to film with the lovely folks at I was called in to interview with Beauty Editor Deena Campbell about how I maintain Cadence’s hair! It’s actually something I get asked ALL the time whether I’m out in public with her or after posting her pics on social media ....more

10 Under $100: Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Sporting a modern take on the traditional ugly Christmas sweater is the perfect way to usher in the holiday season. Like mistletoe, warm cocoa and snowball fights some things never go out of style – a holiday inspired sweater is one of them. ...more

LBS Beauty (Holiday): Evening Holiday Look Using Neutrogena Makeup

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend a holiday beauty bash with the folks at Neutrogena. While there, my makeup was expertly put together by celebrity makeup artist Amy Oreseman and she perfected a really beautiful nighttime look using the following products: Though nothing beats the hands of an expert MUA, I knew it wouldn’t serve any purpose for me to attend and receive products if I can’t show you guys how to get a similar look! What I love about Neutrogena in general is that they make great products that really take care of your skin and provide you with a great foundation ....more

3 Combos of Blush and Bronzer For Brown Skin That Glows

Winter is slowly approaching and that bronzed glowing skin you had a few months ago has totally faded by now right? This is the perfect time to fake a glow with your makeup routine. Healthy glowing skin starts on the inside by eating a balanced diet and drinking plenty of water ....more

4 Stylish Outfits for Holiday Parties

Black Friday has passed us by. And now with the holidays rapidly approaching, it’s time to shift our focus from coupon codes to dress codes. Didn’t get what you had your eye on this past weekend? ...more