BBS Reads: Stephanie Fleary’s Chocolatey Brown

Second grade teacher Stephanie Fleary is combating colorism in our community with a strong serving of love and support. The Brooklyn native created a children’s book called Chocolatey Brown...more

10 Under $100: Baby Bathing Suits

Summer is a great time for the whole family to show off their style! From backyard barbecues to full-fledged family vacations there will be no shortage of ways to spend quality time with your children this summer and invariably a great deal of them will involve water. Prep your little one for pools and beach side play with these options for baby bathing suits for this summer season ....more

On the Market: The Honest Company

Concerns about the ingredients allowed in the products that enter our homes have made their way from consumer reports to store shelves now that actress Jessica Alba and her partners have turned a first time mother’s fears into a formidable fortune. Now valued at a billion dollars by Forbes magazine their venture the Honest Company provides personal care items and cleaning supplies that they deem both effective and ethical. Lack of transparency regarding the ingredients permitted in the products we use on a daily basis is a major issue ....more

BabyBrownSugar Ambassador: Falasha Delimon

I’m Falasha Delimon, a Brooklyn girl I hope you want to get to know. I have many life roles from mother, to wife, to daughter, to sister and friend, to all out career woman. My life can be summed up in two phrases: beautiful chaos and comfortable mess ....more

BBS Reviews: Stonyfield YoToddler

When I first started transitioning Cadence over to whole milk from breast milk and formula, I was very particular about the type of whole milk I wanted to introduce into her system. I knew, because I had kept her solid food diet mainly organic, that I wanted to maintain her diet with organic foods and dairy. My first choice for the whole milk transition was Stonyfield Organic Whole Milk ....more

Celebrating Father’s Day with Warryn and Erica Campbell

P&G is highlighting one of the greatest foundations of the family by recognizing fathers with the #MyBlackMan campaign. This campaign is dedicated to highlighting the men who are keeping our community strong including Superbowl Champion Russell Wilson, actor Taye Diggs, and Producer Warryn Campbell. Every family has a foundation and for the Campbell family it’s a commitment to celebrating good food, self-respect, and fatherhood.We spoke to Warryn Campbell and his wife, Grammy Award winning gospel singer Erica Campbell, about grooming practices, family traditions, and continuing a long legacy of respect ....more

3 Lessons My Father Taught Me + Why He’s The #BestDad

I don’t share intimate details about my family life here on LoveBrownSugar that often. Most of my family shenanigans can be seen over at BabyBrownSugar or on my Instagram, but I would be remiss if I didn’t share with you all how important my Father is to me during this Father’s Day season. Though I’ve never had a super duper close “BFFs for life” type of relationship with my Dad, I can honestly say I’ve learned so much from him throughout my life ....more

Confessions of a Shopaholic: Weekender Bags

Summer is the best time for a short getaway. From family celebrations to last minute Living Social steals this is the season for spontaneity. Weekender bags are an awesome choice for a quick trip ....more

LBS Beauty: 6 Beach-Approved Makeup Tips

It’s finally starting to feel like summer over here on the east coast. I don’t know about you ladies, but we are excited and ready to hit the sand! One of the challenges many of us makeup lovers have to deal with is finding the “appropriate” makeup look for the sun, sand and water ....more

Get Like Me: Essence Editor and Boss Bride Founder Charreah Jackson

The life of a magazine editor can seem like a constant swirl of glamour but behind every celebrity selfie and television appearance there is a ton of teamwork. We visited entrepreneur and Lifestyle & Relationships Editor Charreah Jackson at the Essence offices to talk about the power of relationships, the importance of pursing your passion, and never forgetting about the people you serve. Name:...more