Dove Launches #LoveYourCurls Book To Celebrate Curly Girls

So ever since my friends over at Dove sent me information about their latest #LoveYourCurls campaign, I’ve been absolutely obsessed with it. It all started with this super cute video with young girls giving their opinions about their curly hair: It’s a fact. Growing up, curls were the least-desired style ....more

The 2015 New York Baby Show & #MomTrendsLounge

This past weekend I was invited by the lovely folks at MomTrends to come out and experience my very first New York Baby Show. MomTrends curated a really awesome blogger lounge for us mom bloggers at the expo including everything from beauty touchups from the GlamSquad service (really cool new app that literally allows you to order your own personal glam squad including hair, makeup, and nails directly to your home) to fun giveaways and products provided by brands like Happy Family and hatch things. To kick off the expo, MomTrends...more

5 Maternity Style Essentials On A Budget

Just because you’re pregnant and your waistline is growing doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style! Here are 5 maternity style essentials you need and a few of our favorites on a budget. 1. Dresses, Dresses, Dresses ....more

BabyBrownSugar 1K Freshly Picked Moccasins Giveaway

There are so many reasons to love moccasin company Freshly Picked. They are the cutest little shoes and they look so adorable on every kid from babies to toddlers. When Cadence was only a few months old, I propped her up in a leopard print cardigan and put her first pair of Freshly Picked moccasins in Butterscotch on her feet ....more

Dove Salon Day Hair Cut Dairies + Giveaway

A few weeks ago Christina & I had the pleasure of getting our hair styled by talented celebrity stylist Cynthia Alvarez at the Dove Salon Day. I had been considering getting a short tapered cut for a few months. My hair long natural hair had gotten boring and and required a lot of maintenance ....more

5 Easy Ways To Color Your Hair At Home

Coloring your hair is a great way to add a bold or a subtle change to your overall look. However, whether you are going darker or lighter both transitions can cause damage to your natural hair such as dryness, breakage or texture change if done incorrectly. The key to switching up your hair color is to moisturize your hair before and after the treatment ....more

Why We Love The Play Like A Girl Campaign To #BringBackPlay

I still remember stepping outside my house in my Queens, NY neighborhood and being excited about bike-riding, playing “Duck, Duck Goose” or jumping double dutch with my friends just steps away from my home. Recess was always my favorite time of the day. Outdoor play was always an integral part of my childhood and it scares me sometimes to think that my baby girl Cadence lives in a world where most child’s play now happens in front of a digital screen ....more

5 Tips For The Perfect Braid Out

The braid-out is a simple style that can truly transform the look of your curls. This style is perfect for both transitioners and long time naturals. The perfect braid out...more

Beautiful Textures Texture Manageability System Update

Last April, I wrote a hair review of Beautiful Textures’...more

LBS Chic: Printed Romper Realness

So in case you guys didn’t know, I’m a new Official Contributor at People StyleWatch’s new fashion hub I posted the announcement HERE back in March, but in case you missed it just wanted to remind you guys to head over there weekly to check out my style posts. You can find my posts by clicking my author page: LoveBrownSugar ....more