Henna as a Natural Hair Dye

 I have been dying my hair for years. I have been many colours, natural and unnatural. Yet as I am getting older I have started to develop some wispy grey hairs and I am not ready to embrace this, so whilst I attempt to regain my natural dark brown colour after being purple, red, blue and black I also want to cover up those few little greys....more

Leaning In and Falling Over: Failures of Mainstream Feminism

After I graduated from university, full of inspiration and dreams for the future, I tried "leaning in." I did all the stuff you’re supposed to do. I tried "networking." I revised my CV a million times and sent it off everywhere. I slept on my sister's floor for seven days so I could do a work experience week that pushed me to my health limits and left me out of money. I did a course for unemployed graduates (again pushing my health to the limit) that promised a work experience opportunity -- which never materialized. ...more
Thank you both for your supportive comments, I'm sorry for the late reply but I've been a bit ...more

TUTORIAL: Super-Easy Animal Print Nail Art

I love nail art. It's a great, creative way to dress up any outfit, and despite what you might think, it's actually really easy! You don't always need special tools or equipment or the artistic skills of Michelangelo squatting on scaffolding under the roof of the Sistine Chapel. This animal print nail art design can be done with regular nail polish, no special brushes, and only minimal patience. ...more
We thought your nails were the Sally Hansen strips at first glance, really professional looking! ...more

It's #timetotalk about Mental Health

It’s #timetotalk today, highlighting issues of mental health. Here are a few things I feel it’s #timetotalk about:...more

Going Silicone and Sulfate Free Helped My Curls!

A rather long post on haircare and how I've found what works for me!   ...more

The Ideal of Fakery – Nipple Flowers, Cameltoe Cups & Other Bizarre Fashion Problem Solvers

 This is in a different vein to most ‘fakery’ and body image posts, I am not going to opine about surgery or make up or airbrushing (well maybe airburshing a bit) but comment on a new-ish trend that is dedicated to shaming people whose clothing choices give away the scandalous fact that they have a human body underneath and not some bizarre barbie action man plastic smooth areas. It’s body image ramped up a level to the point where the ideal seems to be to not have a body, at least not a living, breathing human one....more
The idea of people preferring that human body be covered is not because they are ashamed of the ...more

How to like clothes, not hate yourself and what it all has to do with everything

How to like clothes, not hate yourself and what it all has to do with everything.originally posted on ahotbath.co.uk...more

The Untold Mysteries of Women's Clothing Sizes

Clothes sizes, they should be so simple; a number based on the measurements of the clothes, you pick the one that most closely matches your body size and it should more or less fit. However the reality is far more misshapen!As anyone who has tried to buy women's clothes in the last century will tell you sizes seem to vary widely, from shop to shop, style to style and in some cases even the same style in the same shop. It seem to me like it's getting worse with the rise in 'fast fashion' and dubious ethical and quality standards being shunted aside for quick profits....more

Armpits for August - fuzzy logic

I have decided to give Armpits4August, a campaign to get women to gorw their armpit hair out for August to promote acceptence of our bodies as well as raise awareness and funds for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, a go and it has spurred me on to thinking about body hair and self image, and of course low self esteem and self hatred, all courtesy of beauty standards all of which are intertwined into a big shit sandwich....more