Bring It On, CoSchedule

When I mentioned my 1st post about my favorite Wordpress plugins, someone mentioned CoSchedule in the comments. I had never heard of this plugin, so I didn't realize what I was missing. You see, I was a pretty big user of the Wordpress Editorial Calendar. It was a great addition to my blog and helped me keep things on schedule. I loved it. Then I found out about CoSchedule and my mind was blown. ...more

How To: Meal Plan

I don't know about you, but getting in the kitchen after a long day of work just doesn't appeal to me.  It used to not bother me at all, but recently, I just can't seem to find the motivation to want to cook dinner.  I will go and buy everything at the grocery store that I need.  But I can't get myself to actually cook the food. ...more
Hi, I just shared my meal planner for six hectic days of the week. You can have a look at them ...more

Writer's Block? Here are 30 Blog Post Ideas

Do you ever need a blog post in a pinch?  I know that I do.  Today, I want to share some blog post ideas to help get your creative juices flowing. ...more
Thanks for the tips! I'm new to blogging and am constantly trying to think of new ideas, this ...more

How Do You Know You're Depressed?

A few years ago -- OK, probably 5 years...but who is counting? -- I suffered from depression.  The strange thing for me was that I never realized I was actually depressed.  It wasn't until an ex-boyfriend mentioned something to me that I realized I needed some help. ...more
I have always said that I am socially awkward. I like to be around people, I want to be around ...more

The Beauty of a Long Engagement

I want to talk about the benefits of having a long engagement.  ...more
Excellent article with many great points.  Although the "Long Engagement" may not be for ...more


Like most people, we were watching the Super Bowl last night.  What a sad day for Payton Manning.  I mean, the Broncos team didn't even show up, which made me sad.  I personally like watching the game for the commercials and the halftime show.  I mean, what girl really cares about the game?  Especially when you aren't fans of either team playing. So we were watching and a new Coca-Cola commercial came on.  I had no idea that one commercial could anger so many people. ...more

Beauty of a Short Engagement

Last week I discussed the beauty of having a long engagement.  Just because a long engagement is working for us doesn't mean it is for everyone.  I want to spend today to talk about short engagements.  They deserve some love too, right? I am clearly not an expert of short engagements, but I do believe they are perfect for some couples. You get married quicker. ...more

How To Clean Your Keurig


Finding Balance

When I started blogging many moons ago, one thing I didn't really understand was how much time and effort went into blogging.  At the time, I was just blogging because I thought it was fun and wanted a way to document my life.  I didn't care if people read it or was more for me to just spill my guts. As time when on, I realized, Hey...I like doing this.  Let's make this blog thing happen.  I changed my blog name, got a custom domain name and got a new design.  This was also the time that I started spending more time blogging and in front of the computer in general. ...more

Easy Healthy Homemade Smoothie

I want to share an easy smoothie recipe that I came up with, in the spirit of the new year.  It is chock full of delicious fruits and veggies and tastes good too.  Don't let the green color fool you.  I promise it is delicious! ...more