Count Them, Know Them, Join Them--Just Don’t Forget Them!

Women living with Metastatic Breast Cancer need Awareness too!...more
angellealbright Novartis “Show the #advancedBC community that they count. Sign up to be counted ...more

"I Have Stage IV Cancer and I'm Getting Married. Help!"

Most women have suffered great angst over planning their wedding day, and some even suffer from something called "post-wedding blues," but can you imagine what it would be like to be diagnosed with cancer in the midst of planning this special day?...more
Amazing Story. You did a great job for those women to provide Chemo Beanies. You are the ...more

"Cosmosis": Can it Kill You?

She saw me getting better, and my journey gave her the courage to finally decide to go get checked. She admitted to us that she had known all along, but was paralyzed with fear to even go to the doctor because she didn't think she could muster the strength to deal with this seemingly unsurmountable obstacle.  She feared losing her beautiful hair, her breasts, and even her marriage, as she had first-hand experience with a friend's husband who did not stand by her....more

One Person Can Change the World: I'm Living Proof!

Everyone knows someone, who knows someone, with cancer. It is a hard thing to go through, or watch someone you love go through, but knowing there are folks out there sacrificing their own lives to save others brings me great joy. If he had given up on his dream anywhere along the way, I wouldn't be here now. ...more
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