Seven Years

In college I was dating this boy named Dan. Well not really dating, more like I was infatuated with making him my boyfriend after getting my heartbroken. Dan and I hung out everyday and "studied." We went to the coffee shop, smoked cigs, and I tried my damnedest to make him laugh and kiss me ....more

Food Extremists

Food extremists have been on my mind lately. After watching a friend's restaurant get annihilated on Facebook for possibly using buns that weren't vegan, I started to lament on the reality of food extremism in today's culture. Last week I noticed a very thoughtful status update about our restaurants' vegan and vegetarian offerings on a local vegetarian Facebook page ....more

Screen Time Tickets

In our house we barely have time to breathe let alone watch hours upon hours of shitty TV. The minis love them some TV. They are especially prone to crappy (but harmless disney shows) and 'smart shows' aka nature/history/documentaries ....more

Butterfly Farm

The girl and I are in upstate New York filming a short film on a butterfly farm. ...more

Life Experience

One of the things I enjoy most about parenting is the ever-changing landscape of our life. Every day our family creates a new story together and the experiences we create are invaluable to my happiness as well as the minis. A month ago, I received an email from a film student at NYU ....more

A Bizarrely Fun Weekend

I know it's Tuesday and the weekend has technically been over for two days but I needed some downtime. ...more

Fête Paradiso

We found ourselves at an amazing French carnival last weekend.. ....more

Road Trip to NYC

Off to New York City this weekend with my sweet little Lou for an ALL GIRL adventure....more

Italy Cures All

Instead of going into the long sordid details of how the past 6 months have been the most trying of our professional lives and the people we thought we trusted most ultimately stabbed us in the back, I won't....more

34 Things I've Learned in 34 Years

I turned 34 on Saturday. Ho-Hum.Celebrating 34 with my ladies!I guess I'm a thirtysomething now.  As I pondered the crows feet quickly forming around my eyes I began to think of my life's  moments passed. I have no doubt lived a very full life. Wrong turns, mistakes made, love found and love lost have made up the majority of my years, and I wouldn't change a moment.  ...more