My Blog Was Hacked

Hacked By A Trumpster?...more

Donald Trump, Perverted Men, and Me

Donald Trump, Perverted Men, and MeFrom my earliest recollection, I have always wanted to keep my body covered. It was instinctual. A little voice inside my head kept me in the modest zone. It was revolting to me - even before I knew about sex - that a man might look at my body and objectify it. The thought of a man looking at me in a sexual way made me want to vomit. It still does. With the passing of time, I have had little blips of memories of certain times in my childhood. But like the sun trying to peek out from behind the clouds, the memories are never fully exposed....more

What Being "Fat" Is Like For My Daughter

Disclosure:  I was shocked when I visited Facebook last night and read my daughter's status update.  My shy, anxiety-ridden daughter,  who has struggled with her weight her entire life, came out of the closet, so to speak.  She started off by stating that she was afraid, but that the time had come for her to put it out there.  Yes, she admitted publically for the very first time that she is has fat.  She then linked to a beautifully written blog post and laid it all on the table.  A summary by me...more

DIY Dorm Room Headboard

DIY Dorm Room Headboard with VideoMake a DIY dorm room headboard so your baby's pillows won't fall off the bed! Last year, we used a huge piece of cardboard to keep Erica's pillows from falling. However, this year we took a road trip before we moved Erica into college. We rented a huge SUV so that we would be able to go to Home Depot to get supplies to make her a headboard. The final result didn't turn out anything like I planned it in my turned out better than I imagined!...more
What a great idea! I bet she loves it!more

Two More Suicides: An Open Letter to My Daughters

This is just such a moving and important message from a loving mother.more

The Passing of Time is a Beautiful Thing

I don't want my baby girl to ever know that after I said goodbye to her and I watched as she walked along the ivy-covered gates back to her dorm room, I cried uncontrollably. Even though I had already decided to stay in the city for nine days so that I could make sure she was settled, I don't want her to know that I cried so hard it hurt my throat. I don't want her to know that I could barely order my food that night because I couldn't speak through the sobs.   ...more

One Tradition that Must Never Die

Family tradition is what drives me.  In fact, as I write this, I am sitting at the kitchen table in the room where my mother was born, in the house that her grandfather built in 1898.  ...more

How What I Learned from My Friend's Suicide is Helping Me Cope with the Death of Robin Williams

It's so ironic to me that my last post was about a definitive movie from my daughters' childhood and how that movie helped me decide to peel back my layers and write about things that really matter to me.  I mentioned that one of my upcoming posts would be about my friend's suicide.  All day today another quote from a different movie from girls' childhood resonated in my head: "Genie! Of! The Lamp!" ...more

The Most Important Lesson I Taught My Daughters I Learned from Halle Berry

When I hear the name Halle Berry, I immediately think of three things: her gorgeous face, her adorable pixie cut, and her messy break-ups. She is often in the press for her impeccable red-carpet looks, her cosmetic company endorsements, and her roller coaster of a love life. However, when it comes to giving parenting advice, her name doesn't appear on any lists that I know of. Nevertheless, one of the most important lessons I ever taught my daughters is a lesson I learned from Miss Halle Berry herself. Funny thing is, I doubt that she even knows what a perfect example she is. ...more

How Cutting Class Helped My Daughter Decide What College to Attend

When it came to selecting colleges, Erica just wasn't feeling it.  It was late September/early October and she really had no dream school or tingly feeling about going to any certain place.  It wasn't for lack of trying.  We have been touring colleges since the girls can remember.  Most of our tours weren't official; we just visited whatever institutions just happened to be in the area we just happened to be passing through.  We had t-shirts and decals from Harvard, Princeton, Yale, NYU, get the idea.  We laughed when Adrienne was accepted to Duk...more